What are your recommended easy to make breakfasts?

Silas B.
I cut up small pieces of yams & sliced onion, saute. Then scramble two eggs, don't cook on high. With fresh fruit & Juice!

Brier O.
For me I usually make a quick smoothie or bananas/apples with almond/peanut butter. Or some eggs and toast! 🙂 I also recommend a bagel! Hope this helped!!

Suzanne J.
I cook up cut yams, lite onions. Set aside. While I scramble two eggs, as they cook I threw in the items I'm warming & top with grated cheese! Quick & easy

Isha X.
I think oats will be better for a breakfast…bcs when eating another daily breakfast ,I would feel more pressurised,heavy and hungry …but when I started oats…I would make a little energetic and It doesn't felt hungry until the lunch breaks arrive . So now I recommend Oats for a healthy breakfast 😋.