I have a slow pace and it usually takes me 2 hours to start breakfast, does it still count as breakfast or should i try to do it within an hour of waking up? What are your guys` suggestions?

Sarah B.
I think it's okay to take some time to eat breakfast. Some people even have digestion problems eating right away… And in my case, I don't even always wake up hungry! I think as long as it's your first meal of the day, and it's close to waking up, it's alright. I'm not always ready to immediately cook something, so in those cases, I'm going to get bananas and trail mix. Try finding easy things to eat without making a strain on you right after sleeping. 🙂
Ria P.
I think it counts at breakfast whenever it is not in relation to when you wake up but in terms of when it is in your day. I count it as brekfast if it is the first meal I have eaten up to 11:30am.
Ricardo T.
I think it's perfectly fine not to have your breakfast until later if that suits your personal rhythm. As long as you hydrate, I think you're okay.
Kenzi Z.
Im the same way. I would recommend having an apple or a premade protein drink, like some of the bolthouse drinks, when you first get up and then youll have more energy to make a bigger brunch. Having multiple small meals a day is better for your metabolism anyways
Ma Line P.
I also have a slow pace but, It's definitely still counting as breakfast, first meal of the day. The most important thing when waking up is water , I'd say
Amandine Y.
I'd say it depends on what you're doing on those two hours, if you're not doing anything but using the internet and staying in bed then yes you should make it earlier, but if you're being productive before then I don't see an issue. That is unless you're noticing energy level issues.
Mae C.
I think so. If you consider it your breakfast, than it’s your breakfast, especially if you have a lunch and dinner later.
Tristan N.
I'm starving when I wake up …and if I leave it till later then sometimes I dont eat breakfast at all…if u have the luxury of leaving it till later and it works then why not
Silke U.
It's better to have breakfast everyday at the same time…so even if you have a slow pace. Just try to eat small peace of cheese, fruits or one egg. You will see soon you willing to eat more
Lewis Z.
It’s my understanding that breakfast should be eaten within an hour of waking up since the body has been without food since dinner the night before. This has the potential of putting the body in starvation mode which will prevent weight loss.
Signe P.
Given their reasoning for the breakfast routine, maybe having a spoonful of peanut butter and an apple shortly after getting up would meet their goal better.
But overall, I think the most important thing is to train yourself to keep up with these routines, whatever they are, and whatever works for you.
Good luck!
Charlie O.
i think as long as you’re starting your day off good it dosent matter what time. just make sure you’re listening to your body and giving it the energy it needs
Malou W.
I am never hungry right after I wake up so I usually have some lemon ginger tea and wait until I get hungry (about an hour) and then I have my morning eggs on seeded sourdough bread toast.
Hana T.
I similarly like to have breakfast later (once I get to work). I’ve been trying to munch on a small handful of nuts first thing to get some energy and protein into my body. Then I eat a proper breakfast a bit later. It’s been working well for me and sometimes, if I have a piece of fruit with the nuts, I don’t even need anything else when I get to work.
Kelly T.
I think it still counts as breakfast, but you might want to try making it eating something quickly after you wake up because 2 hours is a long time to wait. Try getting your water and an orange or just make toast. Something that's fast and small. It'll get your appetite going when you get in the habit. Think of it as breakfast part 1, then make something more substantial a little later as breakfast part 2.
Olivia Y.
I always try to eat breakfast as soon as possible after I wake up. Even though I’m not particularly hungry and the thought of food makes me feel a bit nauseous, it sets you up for the day and kickstarts your metabolism.
Dan O.
Due to 7-8 hours of sleep, our body is deprived from water and food. So, when we wake up, first thing is to drink water to rehydrate ourselves. Then we have to feed our body for the day long activities. That is, energy. So it's better to have a healthy breakfast as soon as we wake up instead after 2 hours.
Sarah G.
I feel like starting your breakfast sooner is the key to quicken your pace in the morning.
Nil S.
First off, breakfast isn't what you eat or when. Break fast is when you end the "not eating". However, you don't mention why it takes you 2 hours. Is it that it takes you longer to do each habit, or you have too many habits to do first thing in the morning? Either way, it might be better for you to eat shortly after you wake up. This would give you more energy (especially brain energy) to complete everything else that needs to be done.
Acilino Q.
First of all, good on you for making a positive change! Even if breakfast starts late, the MOST important thing is that your taking steps and you’re following through, so well done!
I wouldn’t put too much pressure on yourself to make a massive change to your bodies already known rhythm! That said, starting your day off earlier rather than later with a good breakfast means 2 more hours of your day are filled with the brain and body fuel you need to get a strong start to your day!
My recommendation, would be to make small slow changes and give yourself time to adjust 🙂
Maybe start off with having breakfast 1.5 hours after you wake up instead of two, and see how that feels to start! Asking things like, what kind of changes did that difference make for you? Did you gain some productivity? How’s your body feeling?
From that! I’d encourage you to keep adjusting your breakfast time to earlier in the morning (but only as feels right to you!) until you’re able and excited to start your day off with some fresh fuel! 🙂
My second recommendation: would be to try out some “overnight” breakfast recipes! I love a good overnight chia parfait, or overnight oats in my slow cooker!
If it’s the initial work it takes to actually make the breakfast in the morning (which I totally get cause I’m NOT a morning person! haha ) maybe putting in the “work” at a time that’s more natural to when you already feel productive during the day or evening would make an early breakfast feel more attainable and natural to you!
Lastly, and maybe this was the place to start! (Haha)
If making breakfast just feels like a straight chore, I’d recommend taking the task of ‘breakfast’and breaking it down into smaller compartments, for example: “cutting fruit”, “waiting for cooking to be done”, “the smell of fresh breakfast”, etc – and associating each smaller experience/task of “making breakfast” with either a positive or a negative feeling (trying not to pick neutral :)) I find this REALLY helps me to better understand the more specific “why” to why I don’t want to do something as well as a new appreciation for the things I actually quite like! I’m usually surprised to find it’s not the whole task I hate, it’s something much more specific! From here, you’ll get a clearer image of what you can change to eliviate the ‘negatives’ from the process. If it’s prep, maybe find a simpler recipe, or try and overnight one! If it’s the time it takes or the waiting, what’s something fun you can you do while you wait that makes you look forward to that time? For me, it can often be the obstacles between me and breakfast that actually make me least motivated, like my kitchen being a disaster haha. I found that the simple change of having a kitchen space that was clean, organized, and I enjooooyed being in, had me waking up actually excited to get cooking! It wasn’t the cooking at all – it was the fact that my environment was stressful and unmotivating! Haha
Aaaaanyways, I hope some of this helps! Overall, keep up the good work, and don’t be hard on yourself if it takes a few tries! Falling forward, is still a forward motion 🙂

Cheers to you and your journey!

Ava 🙂

Ilan Y.
I never ate breakfast. One lage cup of coffee did it for me. So now I really had to think how to motivate myself to eat breakfast. I concluded that preparation of everything possible the day before works. And strickt process: get up when the clock rings – drink water – make the bed – go to the kitchen and eat breakfast. I am still not in the phase where I really want breakfast but I simply eat without thinking. Maybe you could try with a strickt 15min routine immediately after egtting out of bed and then go back to the slow mode with coffee, shower and other things? Anyway good luck! I can see the struggle and you are not alone.