What is the best source of protein?

Albus Q.
I don’t know much about protein and honestly don’t try that hard to make it a part of every meal. I do think it’s important, though. I like to eat eggs which I know has protein. I’m not much of a meat eater, though.
Sarah N.
I live in India, so the source of protein for me, available easily is paneer( cottage cheese), sprouts or daal( pulses)-we simply boil them and mix them with some chopped onions or cucumbers- and eggs of course. I’m more of a picky eater so I have like about 50g of raw paneer daily and sprouts or daal four times a week as evening snack and eggs as mid day meal pretty much daily.
Ludmilla E.
Go to Walmart and for 19-20 dollars buy a protein shake serious Mass. Its the shake body builders use. High protein and 1600 calories per serving. I used this as a meal replacement while homeless because it gave close to all the calories I would need for the day.
Telo W.
Protein comes in many forms, not all animal. Foods that are high in protein include lean meat, but also fish, pulses, eggs, cheese and vegetables such as broccoli.
Irene U.
The best source of protein differs from person to person, however that answer is a bit of a cop out 😜. If you are an omnivore studies show that red meats (in particular when they are cooked rare or medium rare) and soft, fatty meats (ie: pork, lamb, etc) are extremely good for sourcing protein and we get more protein than from almost any plant based alternative, per weight consumed. However not everyone eats meats and honest, with the way our planet is challenging us right now this is probably for the best. If one is a vegetarian the best places we know to source protein are beans and other legumes like various nuts and a few tubers if I recall correctly. If you are a vegetarian and would like a detailed list I would Google " nuts, tubers, and legumes that are high in easy to digest protein content". Best of luck! 🤍
Storm W.
In my opinion the best source of protein are different kinds of meat ,but of course it won't be easy to eat meats for breakfast, so we can use beans or lentils as a source of protein , they also have a lot of fibers and make you feel full with small amounts. Eggs and dairy products also are a very good protein sources for breakfast.
Ritthy Z.
Protein comes from many sources. It could be the obvious one of meet poultry and fish or it could be eggs, cheese or nuts
L Vian O.
Eggs, because they are, not only, really good, but they are also very satisfying. But be careful because a lot of eggs are not healthy, so eat them with moderation. Good Luck.