Are meal replacement shakes OK for breakfast?

Liva G.
I just want to say first that I am not a dietitian or anybody educated in the topic, so take my answer as a personal opinion Rather than a piece of advice or knowledge. As I think that shakes may be a good source of nutrition I do not use them as a replacement for a meal. I would rather focus of getting the most out of regular breakfast than replace it with a shake. But if you like them and they bring you enough nutrition I think there is nothing wrong with a shake for breakfast.
Irene Z.
I drink a protein smoothie every morning. It satisfies me and keeps me content until lunchtime so I say yes. I know some people don’t think this is real food but it nourishes me and us working well for me. If you are talking about Ensure or something like that I’d say it would be better if you were preparing your food as that time, even if it’s quick, does make breakfast more if a ritual.
Tutjana Amani J.
I believe so personally. Meal replacement means exactly that. If you still feel peckish after have a fruit or nuts or something light…. they help keep you fuller longer but I dont think they're supposed to fully replace a meal if that makes sense
Elien U.
I don't see why not. So long as you don't skip breakfast and it has all the needed nutrition in it, I don't think it matters what you eat or drink.
Frieda T.
It really depends on the components of the shake. Some meal replacements shakes are manufactured as such, flavored to mimic a yummy milkshake, but is more processed. These shakes mentally can mess up your relationship with food, encouraging a likeness to sweetness and convenience rather than nutrition. A better option would be a homemade green smoothie. Green smoothies base is typically some water and a dark leafy green like spinach or kale. And than often an array of fruits and a little bit of chia or flax seeds. Green smoothies achieve multiple things. 1 – hydration! Dark leafy greens have a lot of water in them, so these smoothies start you off right by getting you hydrated. 2 – nutrition! You can get close to your daily recommended dose of vegetables and fruits with a green smoothie. 3 – superfood! Green smoothies are super because they are packed with stuff that will aid in digestion, aid your metabolism and boost your energy. You can find a ton of recipes for delicious green smoothies online. I recommend prepping them the night before so they’re ready for you to grab and go in the morning!
William Q.
I use shakes at lunchtime instead. I think that a larger more protein heavy breakfast sets me up for the day. I only have a liquid protein shake at lunchtime, I can cope with better with a piece of fruit as well.
Tiffany Z.
I would say yes as that is what I do since I am currently participating in thrive's 3 step program. In that program you drink their shake mix either everyday or every other and to me they are very filling so I drink them for breakfast instead of eating a meal.
Ember Q.
I would say yes. A good breakfast is decided based on what you are trying to accomplish in your personal health and fitness journey. So if it’s a meal replacement shake or a bowl of oatmeal with sliced bananas. To each their own.
Ashley J.
Yeah as long as it gives you protein then it should be good, check the nutrition facts and if it sounds good use it and see if you feel hungry or fatigue throughout the day, if you do it's not enough
Ginger N.
Yes, as long as they are natural (chemical-free), have a protein base, and include a small handful of dark leafy vegetables such as spinach or kale. You won't even taste the spinach or kale unless you want to add more; it's according to your taste.
Mabely O.
Yes, but I would make my own shakes/smoothies from fresh or frozen fruit/veggies/seeds and portion out for a few days at a time or keep frozen for longer. Store bought meal replacement shakes, although convenient, can have a lot of preservatives, sugar, and sodium. The powders I sometimes keep on hand are plant based like Vega or Garden of Life as they are easy to digest and you can find low to zero added sugar options.
Frieder U.
No . I prefer having breakfast like a king .. no shakes although I never tried it , and I don’t mind trying it in 1 condition, ha ring a meal with it 😅
Bartosz C.
I think it depends what do you shake 🙂 if it yogurt with oat flakes and some fruits in my opinion it is healthy and nutritious meal.
Kathryn Z.
In general food make with fresh ingredients are healthier, but meal replacements can be a good choice if you're pressed for time. I'd check the ingredients to make sure that it has plenty of protein, and not too much sugar or refined carbohydrates. That way it'll fill you up and keep you fuller longer.
Nicol Q.
In a rush, a meal replacement shake is definitely better than no breakfast. Past that it is honestly up to you. As long as it has plenty of protein and vitamins to help you start your day and feed you and your brain, it should work great!
Lisa X.
Meal replacement shakes are a portable and convenient option for an on-the-go meal. They may be an effective way to reduce your calorie intake and lose weight. However, be sure to choose a meal replacement shake that is high in protein and low in sugar and artificial ingredients.
Bernedette C.
as long as your body likes it I can't think of a bad reason. I personally don't do that. I like a little bit of fiber in my morning food
Kaspar F.
Yes. I just began drinking the slim fast keto friendly banana and cream shakes. I love them and believe they are helping me a lot with weight loss, if a protein bar can be a good breakfast, I believe a shake can as well. Thank you!
Joshua O.
No. I find that meal replacement shakes have a lot of empty carbs and unnecessary additives. A better alternative is a protein shake/smoothie. One of my favorite smoothies is packed with fruit, spinach, superfoods (flax, chia, hemp hearts), oat milk, and protein powder. It’s fast filling and gives me tons of energy in the morning.
Bevin U.
I think what is most importqnt is that the meal provides ample nutrition for yourself. So yes, meal replacement shakes are OK.
Amanda Y.
I think they are. Especially if you tend to not eat anything for breakfast, something is better than nothing. I found they opened me up to eating in the morning and now i eat breakfast a few times a week and the other days I drink ensure.
Germo X.
I don't think they're bad, but I'm not sure if they can fill you the same way a meal would either. That's only my thought though, I haven't researched much about those, so take it with a grain of salt.