Which is better for breakfast? Fruit, or vegetables?

Arquibaldo C.
I eat veggies more than fruit, and for breakfast I usually like something savoury unless it's cereal and I don't eat cereal with fruit so I think veggies
Isaac I.
i like vegetable more than fruit becausee i don't like to eat sweet things in the morning especially fruits but it's okay in yhe afternoon or after dinner.
Ginny F.
I would say fruit. Certain fruits have potassium and apples for one wake you up in the morning. When you bite in, it makes me feel more awake and focused, it gives you energy. Oranges give you vitamin c to jelly keep you immune system fighting off sickness. Veggies are good for snacks in between meals or paired with meals.
Andr S P.
Personally, I rather food because is more fast and easy to eat, and also, for me, more flavorfull.
However, in a more rational perspective, a little bit of both would be right.