Any recommendation menu for breakfast?

Visalakshi I.
Idlies with any green chutney is the breakfast aggregated by W.H.O. grind a hand full of coriander leaf, 1/4 coconut,
4 green chillies, 2 cloves garlic, 1/2 inch ginger, 2 shallots for easy (no cooking) and healthy green chutney.

Kipenie W.
I have avocados, like a quarter mashed into a spread for my toasts with bacon strips or eggs and toast and some juice, any fruit that is packed with vitamin C.

Connor U.
making overnight oats is an amazing thing to have at breakfast!
Mine is from one banana, oat milk, oats, chia seeds and frozen blueberries.
No sugar needed! In the morning I just take it out of the fridge whilst my tea is brewing and sprinkle some ground cinnamon on it.
It's such a relaxing heavenly way to start the day 🙂

Mathilde B.
I like to have protein for breakfast. If I don't I get tired mid day. So, I'll eat a protein bar, shake, or eggs in the morning.

Anacleto C.
Hard boiled eggs, (I like to make them while I'm working on my other morning routine things so they're ready by the time I sit down to eat), one of a variety of the chobani Greek yogurts, and coffee. It doesn't sound like a whole bunch, but with all the protein it gives me energy and doesn't make me feel weighed down

Olivia N.
For breakfast prepare an egg the way you like best. Grab whatever fruit you have available and plate it nicely with the egg. Take the time to make yourself a nice meal.

Gaspard T.
Every Sunday, I sauteed peppers and onions with chopped up breakfast sausage and put it in a muffin pan with cheese and add scrambled eggs and that's my breakfast for the week.

You can substitute the sausage for bacon or even other cold cuts or you can go meatless. You can also change up the type of cheese, and sometimes I use spinach and feta instead of peppers, so it never gets boring.

Turner Z.
Smoothies are a great easy choice and there's so many options. But, my staple is eggs. A couple of over easy eggs over toast with avocado or saurkrout is great. Eggs with potatoes if you have more time. Or make a frittata out of last night's leftovers! Eggs are versatile, cook in a couple of mins, and are easy to dress up with a couple of additions. (Like cheese!)

Delicia N.
A good breakfast for myself, that gives me a great start is a bowl of plain oatmeal, I add a small amount of sugar. I eat a piece of fruit, usually a banana. I usually drink 100% real fruit juice to help wash everything down.

Mathilde F.
Oats are really good, but if you are lazy like me and you don't want to wait 15 mins for your oats to cook or if you are in a rush you could use this recipe
– 1/2 cup of oats
-1/2 cup milk
– a pinch of cinnamon
-a teaspoon of honey or sugar or maple syrup (or any syrup)
– then mix it and leave it to sit for two mins
-it begins to look like a porridge
– and two tablespoons of yoghurt (any yoghurt of your liking)
-top it of with fruit and peanut butter
(The recipe isn't mine)

Diane J.
Blueberry or banana oats, and not the prepackaged stuff with added sugar. Buy wholegrain oats, add fresh or frozen blueberries (brain food), sprinkle some extra boosts such as chia seeds, LSA, amaranth (whatever nuts/seeds are in the pantry) and your choice of (dairy free) milk.

Christina E.
For breakfast i useually eat 2-3 slices of bread with topping of choice (honey, cheese, choco,…). From time to time an egg (baked or boiled) for when i have more time. And of course every morning with my breakfast i drink a cup of Coffee or tea.

Eva I.
My breakfasts are usually:
1)Fruit or veggie smoothie (whatever you want! w/ protein powder) and an egg in a nest with spinach and cheese.
2) Grain bowl with all of your favorite nutritious toppings
3)Omelet with goat cheese and greens
4) An egg with any toppings topped with a tortilla that is then rolled up to make a delicious “egg roll”

Domitille N.
I would advice for something light but filling such as a green smoothie or a porridge. I don’t digest well, so I always get something warm in the morning. With a tea, always! I also make every two-three weeks some homemade granola bars, so when I don’t have time for breakfast I get one of them.

Raymond F.
I have a few options that are my go-to:
1. 1 cup of full fat vanilla Greek yogurt with 1/2 cup of ancient oats granola, a little cinnamon, a sliced banana, a handful of blueberries, sliced strawberries, and a little honey.
2. Honey Bunches of Oats cereal with skim milk when I'm feeling less motivated but need to eat breakfast.
3. 2 whole wheat english muffins with a little butter and 3 scrambled eggs.

I hope this helps. I've noticed eating breakfast makes me hungrier throughout the day, but I also feel more energized. Good luck, friend!

Wesley G.
I like to combine some carbs and protein so for me I like to have something like a croissant and some bacon for breakfast. Occasionally I'll have some calcium as well like coffee or just some milk with Milo.

Sebastian Z.
Lately I have been making a mixed berry smooth which is delicious and nutritious. Gets me going for the day with its refreshing bite and it's super easy to make.

Kaley X.
I like to have this stuff called keto chow. It's a low carb protein powder. The banana flavored one mixed with coconut almond milk tastes like a milkshake from DQ.

Dee I.
A side of fruit cup with one of the following: 1) Smoked Salmon with capers and low fat cream cheese or greek yogurt on toast; 2) egg (sunny side up or scrambled), turkey/chicken sausage or Turkey bacon with toast; 3) healthy breakfast bowl

Tobias P.
I have microwaved instant steel cut oats then add a dollop of vanilla Greek yogurt with turmeric, cinnamon, and add organic blueberries, strawberries, cranberries and walnuts. I usually switch up the fruit and nuts each morning.

Andrew Y.
Thank you so much for your question. My only recommendation for a breakfast menu is balance. My advice to eating a healthy breakfast is make it a good habit even if and when you fail reflect make the adjustment and move forward. Thank you for letting me share.

Lucie C.
I usually eat something sweet, for example oatmeal with some fruits or a yogurt with some cereal. If I want something salty I take a sandwich or eggs with some bread.

Troy X.
I saw a video on YouTube where you can make this quinoa breakfast bowl with blueberries, almond milk and vanilla yogurt. Look it up and try it. It was yummy!!

Ava J.
A fruit like an apple is perfect and some wheat and seeds as sesame seed and flaxseed are great and tasty instead of boxed cereals full of processed sugar.

Adam B.
I like to have a variety of nutritious goodies for breakfast, on lazy days I'll have a smoothie or if too cold for that I'll have quick oats with almond milk and sprinkle dry fruit and nuts that I've premixed with like cinamon and maybe add some honey.
Then on days where I have a little more energy and time ill poach an egg or two and have it over some greens like fresh spinach and accompany it with whatever I feel. Some days avocado and goats cheese ($$$ though) so often black beans and pumpkin cut up and fried with cummin and cinnamon.
If I end up with toast I make sure I have some healthy spreads like peanut butter but buy one that's just peanuts no added sugar and maybe some sliced banana on top.

Tha Se Z.
Put your butter on a slice of bread then toast it in the frying pan. Once its crispy add cream cheese and Slamon or avo or both!

Adriana P.
I love blueberry (and sometimes chocolate) pancakes with bananas and apple on top as well as honey, shredded coconut and chia seeds.

Bertolino P.
I'm personally on a plant based diet, which I lost a heap of weight on! I therefore don't eat any animal products like dairy, meat or eggs. I usually go for two slices of toast, one with peanut butter and one with vegan cream cheese or Vegemite for vitamin B12. You could also try smashed avo for protein. Sometimes I'll go for brunch instead, tofu and rice is great for that!

Juan S.
I have eggs every morning in some shape or form. They're the best breakfast food for so many reason: you can prepare them to many different ways, you can pair them with lots of different foods, they're easy to make, and you've got another 10 eggs or so to try again if you mess up. It makes for a great meal, but is also a reliable meal to cook for people like me, who are not the most knowledgeable in the kitchen.

Darryl S.
I usually have some yogurt with honey, berries and granola. It’s full of protein and healthy fats and most importantly tastes good.