I’m rarely home every day in the week, and therefore I find it hard to keep fresh food, because it often gets old before I eat. What do you suggest I can eat for my breakfast?

Victoire U.
If I am in a pinch like that and need to grab something out, I’ll go to Starbucks and get their protein breakfast tray or their egg bites.
Taiara Z.
Something that I eat to get me through a afternoon or at least hold me till I can get some actual food is apples and peanut butter. Now it may not seem like much but if you stick with the right amount of it you’ll get protein, fiber, minerals, and vitamins all in the same package. I love peanut butter so this holds me really well. I hope this helps but try eating some fruits if your allergic to peanuts.
Walter U.
To be honest, I had the same problem till I found Waffles. I put them in toaster. One day with Nutella, one day with cream, one day with jam and etc. So this can be an option with milk. You can put honey in your milk if you warm it a bit. You can also get protein bars for afterwards, somewhere in afternoon, when you get hungry. I hope that helps. Wish you best luck! ( don’t forget fruits, ALWAYS EAT FRUITS )
Billy N.
Frozen fruit is a life saver. You can also prepare breakfast burritos that freeze really well. I usually have instant oatmeal with frozen fruit and nuts. Throw the fruit in with the liquid before you microwave so it gets defrosted and squishy.
Rose U.
I suggest prepping food early it's fairly easy to do and makes sure you are eating healthy. For example make overnight oats or cut up furits ready to go, smoothie prep there are so many ideas online
Jacqueline W.
Yogurt with raisins and low sugar jam, Apple, scrambled eggs. These ingredients are good for 1 week or more and I stock my kitchen on the weekends 🙂
Maxence T.
Keep some nut butters at home (hopefully you’re not allergic to nuts). Then you can always pick up a banana or some apples from somewhere on your way home. I loved a banana, sometimes two, with a spoonfull of peanut butter! Yum!
Josefine A.
I have quit eating breakfast food in quotes but when I was eating grits eggs and toast to start my day off on the right foot so to speak I really enjoyed that first most special meal of the day.

Dry goods are the best foods to have on hand if you’re wanting to fix meals over time from food stocks. I suggest either hot cereals like quick or slow cooking grits/oatmeal. And to change over to dry cereals like your dry flake or bran cereals gives you a variety. Dried fruit on your cereals hightens flavor like your dried apricots, raisins, etc. Canned fruits are also stored easily over time.

You might also want to shop for these dry food items at a discount grocery store like Sam’s or Costco to save unnecessary shopping trips and have your food items accessible over time.

Your freezable perishable items like frozen straws berries and blueberries can also be used over time and if you might want protein with your hot cereals you can use frozen veggie meats such as your tofu products as well as your canned veggie meats that can be bought at Walmart and Kroger and many other stores as well.

Lloyd P.
I spend a lot of time traveling with work and when we get home there's not usually a lot of food in the house. I make overnight oats because I just need to make sure I get milk and fruit on my way home. 1 part quick rolled oats, 1 part milk and I add cinnamon, banana and maple syrup to taste.
Olinda Q.
A best solution would be an oatmeal that is just up to 10’ to cook and some eggs that are able to survive in a fridge for quite a long.
Amalie N.
I find chia pudding a great option. I use vanilla unsweetened almond milk to soak the chia seeds in and I keep frozen berries to add to it too
Catherine O.
I have eggs and ham every morning. Both keep in the fridge for weeks. Bread keeps longer in fridge too if you like toast
Charlene Z.
Overnight oats, mixed with water, yoghurt and frozen berries. Only thing you need to take care of is yoghurt. Oats survive in the cabinets, berries survive in the freezer and you know where water comes from. 😛 Mix those in a bowl before you go to sleep, put it in the fridge and it’s ready in the morning.
Charlene Y.
Are you able to project at the beginning of the week which days you’ll be home? I’ve found that bananas stay fresh the longest and so I grab a few to add to one-minute oatmeal. I add a tablespoon of peanut butter, raspberries if I have them, and a few drops of maple syrup when I need a treat. Eggs with a slice of avocado are also a nice standby, especially if you keep a loaf of sprouted grain bread in the freezer in order to add toast without worrying about a whole loaf going bad. Happy progress! You’ve got this!
Thea U.
An organic granola stays good a while in a tight container, and you can top with canned peaches, or any fruit, and eat with yogurt or milk/favourite milk substitute
Odila F.
If available you can buy rava idly mix, you read instructions & take a cup of mix add curds, after 3-5 minutes you can steam cook. I also used microwave, you need only 1.30 minutes to cook
Juliete E.
I find frozen fruits and veggies along with some nuts or seeds last a long time and make delicious nutritious smoothies.
El A N.
You might want to try food that can keep for longer periods of time. Homemade granola bars, oatmeal, healthy cereal, and smoothies all come to mind. You can also try meal prepping if you have some time on the weekends.
Suzanna E.
My two favorites are:
1- eggs and toast
Eggs keep a long time in the fridge and I put the bread In the freezer and it seems to toast up just the same.
2- steel cut oats -I bring to a boil then turn off, put a lid on, and sit on the stove overnight.
3- soup- this is my go- to breakfast, actually.. I batch cook homemade soup once a week or so and freeze it in old cottage cheese and salsa containers. All I have to do is run it under hot water for ten seconds then heat on low while I’m showering. Yesterday it was minestrone. Today it will be tomato-basil, and next week I’ll make a Thai red chicken curry.
Paul E.
In my experience, frozen breakfast burritos, oatmeal (in the cup so you don’t need to use a bowl and can take it on the go), and smoothies prepped the night before are great options for a quick breakfast. For the smoothie, place anything you want (fruit, nut butters, greens, protein powders, etc) into a plastic bag and then put in the freezer overnight. Then in the morning, you’ll have proportioned fruit to throw into the blender w some water/juice/plant mylk to blend while getting dressed. The oatmeal was a favorite when I was in high school and now I love good breakfast burritos.
Paige O.
I drink up'n'gos as they last a long time and can be had on the move. The black ones are high protein and keep me fuller for longer. When I don't have any up'n'go, I eat 2 boiled eggs, as they can be prepared 2-3 days in advance.
Peyton U.
Breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day. It’s a strong message to say this is important enough for me to make an effort prepare on a weekly basis with food that will last the week . Foods including fresh fruit/ oatmeal egg & smoothie tale getting up earlier shopping weekly and prep work but by doing those things your are saying: “I am worth the effort”. Enjoy the fabulous 😉
William Y.
Eggs! They keep for a good amount of time and are quick and easy to prepare. A staggered supply of unripe avocados could be good too.

I have a keto recipe for these egg puck bites that kept well and were delicious also.

I also like to have a cup of frozen blueberries, macadamia nuts, and kefir. Kefir keeps pretty well.

You could go the healthy breakfast smoothie route and freeze your ingredients, that would keep well too.

Gonzaga F.
Porridge or oats with chia or flux seeds is a great option. You can make it worth coconut, oat or dairy milk, or even water. Adding honey is great if you want a sweet breakfast.
Lukas Q.
I suggest cooking a good protein source, such as eggs, ahead of time and keeping them in the fridge available to be reheated each morning on the go
Janos Y.
-eggs last forever!
-try frozen vegetables if you can’t keep fresh
-prepare breakfast ahead and freeze it, defrost the night b4
Bobby T.
U find the the breakfast that sustains me the best is eggs. They keep well and you can buy just ‘1/2 dozen if you need. Scrambled eggs with cheese melted in them it smashed eggs with garlic and asparagus are quick and delicious. Asparagus in a jar with an inch of water in the bottom keep fresh for a week or more.
Vando Q.
I suggest eating cereal with refrigerated soy milk because the soy milk can list for 2 months at a time. You can also try hot cereals prepared on the stove or microwave. Additionally I would suggest frozen vegetables that you could add to eggs or something quick like that!
Jeanette T.
Oatmeal with your favorite condiments like nuts and frozen berries. Another great option is overnight oats with coconut milk or other types of plant based milks that don’t need to be refridgerated. I love overnight oats especially because you prepare it the night before, which is great if you are short of time in the morning. Top with frozen berries. Or how about a smoothie with frozen fruits or berries, protein powder or nuts and plant based milk?
Florent T.
Find a healthy protein bar or delicious protein shake to grab and go. Also eggs take a while to go bad if you have time to make breakfast. If you want fruit buy frozen, you can even add it to the shake.
Alizee Z.
You could do leftovers from the night before.

Alternatively, peanut butter and jelly on toast is a good one. You get protein and fruit and all the ingredients are shelf stable

Renee Z.
I always keep some frozen fruits in the freezer, so that I can go for a quick smoothie – raspberries / blueberries with a spoon of peanut butter and bit of water / milk and chia.
Karla F.
Scrambled eggs with chopped onion, olives and a fresh tomato when possible. Top with nuts and hey presto. I keep my scrambled eggs from Sunday to Friday.
Also, egg muffins are a great alternative, and you can add whatever you like to them: spinach, bacon, cheese. Mine keep for a week too.
Soooo… I prepare all my breakfasts on Sunday. Beginning of the week, banana, nuts, porridge and yoghurt, and end of the week: eggs. Hope this helps.
Alexander N.
Boil eggs for the whole week and keep in the fridge. You can eat milk with healthy cereal and a boiled egg each morning. Or some sliced bread with fruit jelly and peanut/almond butter.
Kay G.
Keep a package of healthy unsalted nuts with you and look for a banana at the hotel convenience store or the cafe at the corner the night before. And have them with some tea instead of jumping straight ahead to coffee.
Nascimento P.
My favourite thing to eat is eggs! They last forever and you can spice them up with just about anything. I like putting cheese, pepper, and garlic salt on mine!
Ludovico C.
I have a similar problem so I store walnuts and almonds for the times that I don't have time for breakfast or oatmeal that doesn't spoil and just get a few apples or bananas that I know I can eat.
Raul T.
I would suggest that you consider oatmeal with nuts and dried fruit in it as garnish. You may also make breakfast bars using dates, your favourite nuts and seeds and even cacao nibs and have it handy for when you are out but still need a healthy breakfast. Buy food in smaller quantities more often and shop only when you know that you are going to be in for the next 2 days. Good luck! I appreciate that you trying your best to keep up your healthy habits.
Erik Q.
You can write down the breakfasts you absolutely love on a piece of paper. Then determine how long they take to make. Select the quickest options and remember, it's ok to repeat the same thing as long as you like it and the effort is minimal. This is the key to keeping up.

I suggest these options that have worked for me:

1. Hard Boiled eggs
(make early in the week, keep in fridge grab 2 each morning and season differently each day to keep it new and refreshing)


2. Fast until Noon and then eat

(Great for your digestion and metabolism. Research intermittent fasting for more benefits)

The best of luck to you and
my best regards,
Randilynn M.

Ella T.
Keep frozen berries in the freezer that you can easily add to your yogurt or toast. You can also freeze vegetables although the they will lose a lot of vitamins in the process. And try to stop by your local store every time you go home, buying only what you need for your next meal.
Clyde Q.
Oatmeal is healthy and it doesn't expire that quickly. You can also keep some eggs in the fridge and eat them however you like (I suggest hard boiled in the morning).
Addison E.
I suggest meal prepping fresh food that can last, and planning accordingly. This may mean eating meal prep food that may go bad before the end of the week first, and eating other food later. If you want fresh food, you could make overnight oats, than put some fruit on top!
Noah C.
Bananas are a good fruit to take with you on the go, and if they go bad you can use them in pancakes or banana bread when you have time! Another good quick breakfast food is nuts and dried fruits like dates or apricots, and if you're commuting (sitting down for 10 minutes or so) you can throw them in a little yoghurt!
Neivana S.
Hard boiled eggs you can take to work and put in the fridge. And For fast protein I like the pure protein drinks. They have low calories and 30 g of protein which help me get through my morning
Frida W.
For breakfast I make a banana and protein shake smoothie. I also sometimes keep nuts and protein bars or other things I can grab and go, in my pantry. I hope this helps.
Thomas U.
Option one: 2 Eggs sunny side up, avocado/ half, cucumber or red bell pepper
Option two: steel-cut oats with raspberries and banana and some walnuts or almonds crashed on top
Karla W.
Do u know what is breakfast?????
It means breaking the fast which u holded since night.
A breakfast should be like a king means it should be a heavy meal. You can have –
1)Boil eggs (Depending on ur need and do not eat so many eggs in summers )
2) omlet
3) Roti/Chappati (If u r a Indian or its available)
4)cornflakes,milk,fruits (if u r fatty)
5) chilla (It can be made of oats,suji,basen,jowar,makki
6)oatmeal ( go through a perfect recipe)( and if u r thin or lean)
8)sausage with bread
9)protein shakes (after workout)
10)protein food (boil soya beans,panner,cheese chappati or sandwhich,eggs)
Mary S.
Frozen fruits have the same amount of vitamins as fresh ones. You could keep pieces of frozen fruits in the freezer and easily blend them into smoothie with some milk/almond milk and maybe spices
Donald G.
Frozen foods are your new best friend. For a busy person, fresh fruits often spoil before they can be eaten. Frozen fruits and vegetables, are always waiting for you, suspended in freshness. Even better… there are frozen smoothie mixes you can find, which contains fruits that are already chopped and ready to throw in a blender. Little to no nutrition is lost in the freezing process. Find smoothie recipes online and conveniently drink your fruits and veggies.
Cassandra Y.
I suggest getting bags of frozen berries and a big bag of plain quick-cooking oatmeal, maybe some honey. You can heat up the berries in the microwave and add a bit of honey, oatmeal, and some hot water. These ingredients take FOREVER to go bad, but they are still healthy, quick to prepare, and filling!
Gloria U.
Use fresh containers they are amazing at keeping food fresh. Look for ones with vents in the lid.

I also recommend meal prepping and freezing it in portions. Then you can just take out what you need 🙂

Filippa P.
I make a lot of smoothies for breakfast and I can use frozen fruit so it doesn’t go bad quickly. If you buy fresh fruit and it’s hitting its peak, just freeze it and use in a smoothie later. I try to use spinach and vegetable/green juice in my smoothies as well so it’s not as much sugar. Also oatmeal with granola and dried cranberries is really good, throw a pinch of honey on there 👌🏻
Amelia P.
Keep a smaller amount of fresh food in your fridge therefore less waste. If you’re on the go, get up a few minutes early and make yourself a peanut butter and banana toast. You’ll get your protein from the peanut butter, your fiber from the bread, and your first serving of fruit from the banana.
Sara C.
Find things that contain protein that have long shelf dates, like nuts or granola bars. There are also many ways to keep your food fresh longer. To keep your meat fresh, you can put it in the freezer. To keep your produce fresh, seal it tightly in a Ziploc bag and put it in the fridge. You can also look up how long food lasts past it's "expiration date." For example, eggs last a month past their sell-by date.
Constance U.
I like to keep yoghurt and muesli (summer) or oats in winter. The single serve yoghurts have around 2 weeks of fridge life, while oats and muesli keep well in the pantry. Another idea is keeping some bread for toast in the freezer. Once you toast it, it’ll taste as good as fresh.
Bob J.
Eggs keep well if you buy fresh. Canadian bacon also lasts quite a while. You can prep smoothie packs and egg cups for the freezer.
Nicoline Z.
Get bags of frozen blueberries- layer with oatmeal. Microwave. Top with yogurt or cottage cheese and sprinkle with cinnamon
Idalina N.
Overnight oats, they can keep in the fridge a couple of day just use fruit like berries instead of apple for example as berries keep for longer. It’s a tasty and healthy breakfast, just take your jar of premade oats from the fridge in the morning and you’re good to go 😊
Mikkel U.
Great question! Whenever people talk about eating healthy, they forget that junk food has the advantage of non-perishability. Look for healthy foods with a long shelf life — like a can of vegetable juice or frozen vegetables.
Ben O.
So if you are not at home often try to fetch something while you are going home from the grocery store and also buy some fresh eggs, veggies and fruits in limited quantity so that you are not keeping it for long storage in the refrigerator. Have with you a list of go to healthy recipes to make it fast.
Emily C.
You can get a smoothie with some extra vitamins added, you can get a cooler with dry ice to keep fruit cups in . The thing is that , we always take care of our cars
Marilyn T.
You can buy peanuts and dry fruit from the store, it does it's job of keeping your stomach full until you can eat properly.
Celestine E.
– Overnight oat
– Chia pudding
– Guacamole with toast bread and poached egg
– Smoked salmon, sliced avocado, poached egg, salad with bread
– Prep smoothies pack with any type of milk
– Granola with milk or smoothies (make sure the granola is sugar free)
– Whole wheat bread with sugar free and banana slices and a cup of milk or coffee
– oat porridge with egg with veg

Friedrich Karl B.
There was a period I didnt have access to a kitchen while travelling for work. Scope out the area and locate a place where you can get eggs the way you like for example. I bought apples, bananas and nuts and kept them at my desk. Planning is everything.
Kenneth Q.
Apples and eggs take weeks to get bad. Oatmeal and nuts takes month. Cheese and butter can be kept in a fridge for quite some time. I have pre-cut baguette in the freezer – sized to fit my toaster (I'm French 😬). Bacon and sandwich bread slices can be kept in the freezer as well.
Terrance T.
I buy low sugar yogurt or smoothies that already come in a bottle along with an apple or a banana. If the bananas start going bad, I cut them up an freeze them to make with a smoothie the next day.
Karla Z.
Cereals are the best answer here. And if you want fresh fruit with it maybe freeze it and defrost what you need each day
Suzanna Z.
Lots of healthy breakfast foods are shelf stable. Try oatmeal with peanut butter and a little jam–high in protein and fiber, and the whole grain in the oatmeal combines with the legume in the peanut butter to make a complete protein. I also like peanut butter toast on whole grain bread for this reason. I store it in the freezer and it doesn't go stale or mold.
Ritthy B.
frozen fruits and veggies! I just started getting into frozen veggies and it’s amazing because they never go bad and they’re easy to add into eggs or a smoothie. I love kale in my scrambled eggs
Uriel C.
Plant-based protein powder, almond milk, and a banana are a great go-to for me that don’t leave my stomach upset and get me a TON of vitamins, minerals, and the macronutrients I need for a well rounded breakfast
Danielle U.
Hi I would buy limes, apples, nuts, cinnamon and oats. These you can keep for two weeks at home before they loose all their vitamins. Press one lime in the morning and. Drinking with hot water. Blend one hand full nuts with 300ml water into nutmilk add agavesirup if you like and chop two apples and put the milk the apples and the oats into one bowl. Bon Appetit
Arianna S.
Soft boiled egg, eggs have a long shelf life. Sliced wholegrain Bread kept in the freezer ready to toast. Carrots and Apples kept in the fridge
Sandro E.
You can prepare raw foods in the evening then give someone cook four you if you busy but can get home.

If you work at outside you can choose easy but enought benefite breakfast , like rice with boil egg .

Christian P.
Breakfast is a very important meal so you definitely don’t want to skip it. Have always stuff available that don’t go bad easily like eggs and cereal and almonds, rice cakes that way there is always something you can come up with for a good and healthy breakfast
Clara Y.
My wife and I just found a pretty cool healthy option. We spread peanut butter on a chocolate rice cake, slice a banana onto it and drizzle honey over it. One is a solid snack and I've comfortably made it to lunch with two as my breakfast. Oatmeal flavored with cinnamon and honey is also really good and nonperishable. I read a tip on here a bit ago that also suggested buying raw almonds, pumpkin seeds, and some others.. putting them mixed together in a big jar or something and then just grabbing a handful if you need an energy boost on top of breakfast or if you have zero time to make a healthy option it'll be far better than nothing. Hope this helps