Should I eat breakfast before or after exercising?

Josephine U.
I always do before – I usually get cramps when I work
Out after eating. I also find since I’ve gotten in the habit of working out first thing in the morning, I’m more likely to get it done because I have no excuses or other things in my schedule!
Vito X.
I think after exercising because I can drink water to Kickstart my body but if I eat a meal I may feel sluggish and unable to freely run or otherwise.
Florentina E.
It depends on if you wanna build muscle or wanna lose weight. If wanna gain muscle you should maybe drink a protein shake before or eat a light meal with a lot of protein. If you wanna lose weight you should eat afterwards so you burn fat. But you shouldn't work out on complete empty stomach.
Asta W.
For me personally, I prefer to exercise before I tuck into a healthy breakfast. I make better breakfast choices after a workout because I want to keep the health streak going and need to nourish my body instead of just filling my stomach. I also train much better on an empty stomach.
Oscar O.
i like to eat before, this allows me to complete my morning routines and fully awaken, obviously tailoring my meal towards my exersize,
Shawn F.
I recommend doing it after. While you exercise it's important to feel your body and enjoy the movement. And empty vessel is best for most workout.