What is the best time to have my breakfast?

Zainuba N.
It depends on more than one thing, when do you wake up? Do you work or study? For me i love to eat my breakfast at home before i head to work and i prefer it to be protein and healthy fats ( no sugar or carbs at the begging of the day)
Kurt F.
Usually, I have my breakfast in the morning, preferably before I start working for the day. I'd have finished all my get-ready stuff prior to eating my breakfast. And after breakfast, I'll give myself 10 to 15 mins of rest for the food to settle.
So the time may be anywhere between 8 to 9.30 am
Ava I.
The best time to have breakfast is after I’ve done some other things in my morning routine. Eating right after I roll out of bed isn’t appealing. I’m more likely to eat after completing other task.