I have some strategies for eating a great breakfast but I like to mix it up. What are some of your strategies?

Adosindo Q.
one of my strategies is to eat the same thing everyday. that may sound wierd but for me it is very hard to eat different things and textures in the morning I'm not very hungry in the morning so if I were to eat oatmeal one day then a piece of avocado toast the other day I would feel sick the rest of the day so I stick to eggs and toast with a side of berries and I didn't eat berries before but fabulous said that the natural sugar in the berries can provide u with some energy so I am trying it and so far I've been great.

Celina E.
Well, first of all, I like to mix cheese and yogurt but cheese I eat is very different so it's hard to tell. And eggs but I like to mix egg with salt and pepper and sometimes with potatoes.

Elena A.
Great breakfast means for me a blend of taste and perfect match of nutrients. I prefer my breakfast being the best source of energy for the day. Probably every morning I like starting from portion of eggs and vegetables or it might be cereales with portion of protein powder. Also healthy pancakes work for me well. But before eating the main dish I like drinking a huge glass of water. It might be even added a piece of lemon or a slice of cucumber inside. It's my everyday strategy which I follow nometter what.