Please give me some breakfast ideas that don’t include smoothies, eggs or oatmeal. Thanks!

Karen U.
I enjoy fresh oranges with yogurt and nuts.
I prepare the orange the night before and keep it in the fridge ready for the morning. Then breakfast is simple and quick. I like the combination of citrus sharpness and soft yogurt and crunchy nuts.
Jason Y.
I like to start my day with a well balanced parfait! Yogurt has some really nice stomach settling properties that set me up well for a relaxed day, I add granola and some cut up fruit for protein, and sometimes I sprinkle in a few chocolate chips as a special treat!
Connie E.
I'm an Indonesian and Fried rice is always an option. You can add a protein like frozen meatballs, shrimp, or leftover chicken. Then add vegetables like bok coy. You can also add toppings like shredded cabbage and sliced cucumber.
Darrell U.
Honestly for me when I'm doing my breakfast:
1.i normally eat a slice or two piece of French toast with avacodos and a cup of green tea or coffee.
2.but if I want to eat something that I know will keep me full through out the day, I'll either steam some veggies and have some protein to go with it like-grilled fish or chicken. That is how I normally eat on a daily basis, so let me know if it helps you. Thank you for coming and ask this question, have great day.
Bye bye hope you have fun!
Tulika E.
Hey! I have some breakfast ideas for you that are quick, healthy and fun too. You can absolutely make a fruit salad if you have them at home. You just need a variety of colourful fruits to make your bowl look appealing and cute. You can decorate with black pepper. Or you can go with a cup of milk/coffee simply with a toast/bagel for a quick yet filling breakfast. Hope it helped! Have a good day!