Does a protein bar and banana ever work?

Ian O.
Yes but for a short period . The protein bar has many ingredients in it plus the banana is a great combine but you will need more protein and calories to get full up to lunch or your next snacks . You should add liquids may be drink chocolate and milk or and healthy smoothie. You will be fine.
Jerry P.
This feels like a good summer or spring breakfast for me – sugars that I can use for quick energy, potassium, protein and carbs. In the winter, I prefer something warmer, but also enjoy grab-and-go foods so that I can make more time in the morning to stretch, meditate, watch the news, or play with my pets.
Tristan Z.
Yes, as long as you check the nutrition label and ingredients list to be sure you're getting high-quality protein and no hidden simple sugars.
Rick J.
Not for long! I'll have one before the gym to tie me over and then have my 'proper' breakfast when I get home
Carole E.
Yes. This would be perfect. We always have both, and it is simple enough.
Frances J.
No. Korean women are given an incredible amount of guilt over breakfast. It must be prepared hot every morning. It is essentially just mini dinner. Rice. A soup or stew. Steamed egg. Grain tea.
Hilda P.
I personally haven't tried protein bars. Fruits are definitely a great start to the day. Don't hesitate to have any fruits for breakfast and it's important to have a good breakfast that keeps you energetic throughout the day! Sometimes, when one is crunching up on time in the morning, fruits are the best to have. Never skip your breakfast, but grab a banana or apple or guava or anything and also pack some for your mid day snack. Bananas are good in flushing impurities from our bodies and different varieties have different properties.
Anton P.
I’m not sure what you mean. Do you mean to keep you full until lunchtime? If so, yes I think so! It would depend on how early I woke up though. If it was at 7am for example, I’d probably have a small snack around 10 as well.
Derek T.
Not for me, but I'm sure it can for some people. I know that protein bars are supposed to be filling, but they don't seem to be for me. If you're in a rush it would certainly be much better than skipping breakfast.
Letitia O.
A protein bar and a banana work as breakfast. Even though it's not a huge meal for your day, it's something. Grabbing a banana and a protein bar out of the door is better than skipping breakfast entirely.
Gretchen X.
I pre set my meals even breakfast and no processed as best as I can.
I use a muffin tray and make egg white and whole egg variations…
Linda Y.
Possibly. It really depends on the type of protein bar. I would give caution to grab and go breakfast because it doesn’t allow time to sit down and enjoy the meal as is experience when sitting for breakfast.
Kirk Y.
A high protein, low sugar breakfast bar (like a KIND brand peanut butter breakfast bar) and a banana for breakfast should provide sustained energy until lunch on a normal day for me. I have a sedentary "knowledge worker" job. If I have a particularly physical morning (e.g. hiking or cleaning my home) I would need to add a mid-morning snack, like a small apple or a small handful of nuts.
Wanda F.
That is a good combo if the protein ingredients are good. Some protein bars are similar to candy bars so aim for healthy less sugar options.
N I E.
Having a good protein with some fat and veggies works best for me. I feel the best that way and have energy throughout the AM and for the rest of the day. I would do whatever feels the best for you! I think everyone is different and listening to your own body is best.
Candice Z.
Going from someone who never ate breakfast I find a banana easily ties me over until about 11am where I’ll have some almonds and then lunch an hour and a half later
Sergio N.
Depends on what you mean by work. They give you an energy boost and they can satisfy your appetite, but they won't do all the work for you.
Ivan A.
Well to be honest , for me I don't buy protein bar here but I am 100% sure that a banana work , it just makes u so full and keep u energized during the day , u can always add other fruits or use oatmeal or anything that is available for u but of course has to be nutrition and healthy ,I hope this help
D Rthe U.
Protein bar and banana in a pinch… sure!
Just check the ingredients in the protein bar. They are often loaded with added sugars and chemicals including trans fats. The more natural – think nuts and seeds and fruits, and a short ingredient list are best.
The banana is great. The natural sugar in fresh whole fruits is health promoting, as opposed to the processed sugars found in processed foods, syrups, and table sugar that are detrimental to our health.