What’s your healthy grab and go breakfast?

Annita U.
A smoothie made from 1 x banana, 150ml x oat milk, ice, 1 tsp honey, 1 heaped tbsp of natural peanut butter and 1 tbsp of cacao powder

Janos U.
Slice of toast with a little creamed cheese and tuna. Can also be made into a sandwich by adding lettuce and another slice of bread.

Gregory E.
Apples are great for breakfast. They're low sugar and easy to wash and bring with you anywhere. It's easy to toss and not messy. It lasts all day and doesn't need to be refrigerated or heated up, so it's perfect in any season.

Jon N.
O meu pequeno almoço ideal, que para já não estou a conseguir fazer, seria um sumo de frutas, por exemplo de laranja, acompanhado de tostas de fibras com compotas de frutas e salgados, por exemplo queijo de barrar. Poderia ainda obrar por umas tostas mistas de queijo e fiambre. No final juntar algumas vitaminas para fortalecer o meu sistema. Acho neste momento para o meu caso séria o ideal e mais saudável, devido a algumas complicações de saúde.

Tina O.
Um.. Bananas is something that i aleays restore in refrigerator. They and other fruits like appl are my grab and go breakfast

Juliette I.
Well, I realize I love to eat eggs and avocado toasts, or smoothies, fruit with something more and to drink a good coffee. Although that coffee has lil bit of sugar, like I'm eating healthy foods, doesn't make diference.
But I feel I need to practise exercises to use all this good energy and nutrients/vitamins make a good job in my body ;).