What if you are not hungry in the morning? Should you force yourself to eat or just have a cup of coffee and wait for lunch time?

Fred E.
Eating a healthy meal will help you energize for the rest of the day. Start small, and grow your meal accordingly. Of you avoid a hefty meal on the evening, don't you think you'd wake up hungry? 🙂
Silke W.
Forcing yourself to eat can be detrimental, especially if you make yourself sick.

It would be better to have a light snack, like a piece of fruit or small bowl of granola, than to force yourself to eat a full meal if you are not hungry.

Do eat something, just eat small until you train your body to accept food in the morning.

Patrick E.
I would eat something small like a granola bar, some nuts, or cheese, or yogurt. Skipping a meal causes me to overeat at the next meal.
Gene O.
I believe that morning breakfast is not at all necessary if we eat more fibered dinner. I believe in intermittent fasting. So skipping morning breakfast is the best thing and it gives time to ur body to use up stored fat, which everyday expands it’s kingdom inside us.
Bartolomeu C.
In your video it sounded like you were suggesting you should eat anyway. But from my own research and experience i think the best gerneral rulr is to listen to your body. If you arent hungry, ask why (be curious) but dont eat. If you are hungry also ask why, be curious and make the best choice for your body. Also depends if you are trying to eat within a certain time window. If you are intermitant fasting then its better to wait for your ideal time window whether you are hungry or not.
M Rlon Y.
if you are fasting then you can check it off as complete. But if you are not fasting and you should try to eat something even if it is a banana or one egg that will give you some energy and protein for the day.
Ross O.
I usually dont like to force my self eating. If im not hungry in the morning i would skip breakfast that day. But for me its a routine i stick to it because its my natural eating cycle where my body gets really hungry.
Doris C.
you don't have to wait for lunch time just because you're not hungry first thing in the morning. just grab some snack like an apple or a protein bar and munch on it when you feel like it. try having some drink other than just water in the morning, thou. tea is better, but cup of coffee can be nice, too
Joy W.
You need the energy to last until lunch. At least eat a banana with you coffe. If you feel hungry before lunch, it is a sign that you could have eaten a bit more in the morning. Also, I think by eating the banana, in a couple of days you will start to get more hungry in the morning. Your body will love the energy. But on the other hand, don't force feed. Just eat a little bit.
Cassandre Q.
I have found it really hard to incorporate breakfast into my day. In the beginning I had to force myself to just eat. Else I would leave it till the end of the day. Which isn't very healthy. But now since it's been over 5 weeks of having breakfast. Even in the mornings when I'm not hungry I still eat regardless. Breakfasts shapes the entire day for me.
H L Na Y.
Eat something healthy like a apple or something delicious like toast with avocado and scrambled eggs breakfast is very important you have to eat or you will feel tired soon
Riley P.
Force yourself to eat! Even just a light snack like a banana, a granola bar or a piece of toast can help you have enough energy to last you throughout your day!
Amalia J.
Just wait to eat until you feel hungry. But I would not have coffee because that might be discouraging your appetite for a healthy breakfast.
Valentina O.
There are some real benefits to skipping breakfast if done in a thoughtful way. Google "intermittent fasting and autophagy". If you're not a breakfast person, it might make sense to substitute another behavior that help energize you for your day. The most important thing is consisttency and mindfulness.
Lo C N.
I generally force myself to eat something. Usually something small like a handful of nuts. This way I don’t feel yucky but I’m l reenforcing the habit I want to see.
Jordan Q.
It's not inherently dangerous to not have breakfast, or to have no or very few macronutrients at one meal and then 'enough of them for two meals' (as in, enough for what someone else might consider both breakfast and lunch). What's important is how many macronutrients you get in one day, not when. In other words, if you don't find yourself being sluggish until lunch rolls around, then it's perfectly alright to not eat breakfast.

There are a few possible scenarios for why I'd think someone wouldn't eat breakfast. Since you didn't specify your situation, I'm including a few.

Now let's say you do tend to be absolutely starving at lunchtime, maybe even hungry for a couple hours before (this is assuming you get up early in the morning, before 8). Then you may want to consider bringing a breakfast with you to eat at, let's say, 9. If you have a long transfer to work, maybe by train and you get up far too early (like around 5) to be hungry, but you get hungry later on, then I'd recommend bringing something you can eat during transfer, or immediately when you get to work/school (if you drive a car all the way to work you can't exactly eat while doing so).

Let's say you get up at 10-11 and are going to have lunch at 12-13. Then you can definitely skip breakfast altogether, if you wake up and are not especially hungry.

This all depends on your personal health and circadian rhythm (biological clock, has your daily sleeping + eating 'schedule'). Please note that if your doctor has told you you need to have breakfast in the morning, due to some medical reason, then that advice should be taken before mine.

Suggestions on breakfast items to bring with you: sandwiches; yoghurt and granola in one of those reusable cups for this purpose; fruit salad; smoothie. You can of course buy some of these items in stores, in single portions, but it's usually best to make your own, both nutritionally and economically.

I hope my very long answer helped you out somehow and good luck figuring out what works best for you!

Eleut Rio Y.
YOu should always have breakfast. Perhaps have your shower first so you feel fresh or try something lighter than eggs or oats like fruit and yogurt.
Isabella U.
Yes. Eat something in any case. You will be thankful in 2 hours. Don't over do it tho, if you can't eat don't push too much.
Marina Q.
If you're not hungry then wait to eat. I do intermittent fasting 3 days a week so I don't eat my breakfast until noon but I do have tea and coffee. I'm not usually hungry in the morning but on days I'm not fasting I do try to eat a small breakfast so I don't over eat later
Nadine F.
I have heard that you should never consume tea or coffee on an empty stomach and therefore a small snack with tea or coffee when not too hungry in the morning could work in my opinion
Bertram W.
Don't drink coffe as breakfast. Wait until after your first meal until you drink your first coffe. Also. Coffe is a bad habit. If you're not hungry, wait until lunch.
Leana Q.
I usually have a glass of water then do what I have to do on a morning, which is usually busy as I have 3 children. I then eat brunch at 10am
Virgil Z.
I probably should try to have something to eat anyway, maybe at least a boiled egg or a light smoothie. That way I won't be too hungry at lunch time and it will be easier to control my habits through the whole day.
Alessio Q.
Some food in the morning is best even if it is only a piece of toast. Food gives you genuine energy and nutrients as long as the food that is being consumed isn’t only sugar and empty carbs.
Coline N.
Definitely make sure to eat something. Usually when I don’t feel hungry in the morning, it’s not because I’m full, it’s because I feel a little nauseous. Food will make that better, and it will also make it so I’m not super hungry for lunch. It makes me feel better in the mornings and curbs my appetite for the rest of the day! If you really aren’t hungry, stick to a banana and cup of tea or a piece of toast.
Lena O.
I would have a cup of coffee and wait for lunch time, because If I eat to soon after I wake up, then either a. It upsets my stomach, B. I'm hungry consistently through out the day. Or both. And also if I force myself to do something, I'm more likely to fall of the wagon of being healthy. However, as a compromise, instead of worrying about actually eating a breakfast, I use the Breakfast Essentials Powder mix in my coffee. Two birds with one stone, and that seems to be working for me. So I'm getting the "Breakfast Essentials" (pun intended) without having to actually eat breakfast, which I can't do
Antonio W.
Usually in 20 min after a glass of water you will feel a bit hungry, because your digestive system starts working.
If you don’t feel hungry even after drinking water then don’t force yourself but be ready to get hungry 1-2 hours later so you should take healthy snacks with you
Zeleida P.
Forcing yourself to do something is never the answer, but also remember that you have stayed around 8 hours sleeping and your body needs food to re-energize and to start a brand new day. So, I segest that don't force yourself to eat a big meal, but to try to eat something small, but something that has enough nutrition to give you that push you need to start your day. For example, some fruits with mixed nuts ( or no mixed nuts if you are allergic to it.)
M Lissa C.
I'm on the keto diet so every morning I eat two eggs and four slices of bacon. I never skip breakfast . Wrap fruit or something.
Marilce P.
Some say "if you start eating a good breakfast, even though you're not hungy, you'll get used to it and your body will absolutely need it" but that sounds crazy. I always say listen to your body.
Heidi O.
You probably shouldn’t eat if you aren’t hungry because what if you are feeling bad or have an user stomach it’s probably better not to drink coffee either but do drink a cup of water in the morning so you are hydrated and have something in your stomach to get you through to lunch.
Rasmus C.
I would recommend having something really light and that you enjoy. Maybe it’s an apple and almond butter, one hard boiled egg, or a smoothie
Gordon E.
Well, I feel it's okay not to have breakfast sometimes if you don't feel to. Eating forcefully makes body and mind heavy. But this shouldn't be usual practice. Once in a while it's ok.what you feel ?
Elias F.
I've been in that situation. Question: Are you really not hungry or it's just a dorce of habit? My hunch is you've got to still eat something more than just coffee. Maybe try small portions at first. Or eat less in the evening. Overeating in the evening may be the reason why you don't feel hungry in the morning. Small steps. Good luck!
Sacha Q.
I really depends on your fitness and dietary goals. Generally, it is better to eat a small, balanced meal early (within an hour of waking), than to wait until lunchtime. Usually this habit will help to give one's metabolism a jumpstart. Continuing throughout the day with smaller, but evenly spaced out meals (about 4 to 6) will continue the body's natural process of keeping the metabolism operating at a higher level. However, there are reasons for delaying one's first meal. I always recommend working with a nutritionist, if you have tried everyone's recommendations, as our bodies are not all identical.
Eleanor Y.
Hi, in my experience, it’s better to start with small portions even if you aren’t hungry, try with cereals, almonds or nuts, and step by step your body is gonna request you more and big portions
Louanne T.
Suggest water and small breakfast, e.g. just some fruit n an egg. If there is persistently no appetite in the morning I would seek advice from GP. May be sign of something wrong physically / psychology.
Alvin J.
Always eat breakfast. If you skip breakfast a lot, your body is used to that. In a few weeks your body will get used to eating breakfast and it will be a nice experience every morning. Eating breakfast has its benefits, it's good to keep this habit.
Karla W.
You could try a protein shake, its very practical if you dont have time or arent hungry. Or maybe just grab a handful of almonds, I think its important to do it even if youre not hungry the first few times, trust me, after a couple of days, youll start to get hungry in the morning.
Nanna E.
it's important to eat anyway. if i cant bring myself to eat much, just some toast or something else small and filling will work for the time being.
Thomas C.
I'm also not all that hungry for breakfast. So I usually eat something small that's more of a snack than a meal. I usually eat it when I drink my morning glass of water. Mainly because i noticed that i dont drink any liquid if I'm not eating something with it. So try like a granola bar or a piece of toast with your water. Call it breakfast.
Jessie T.
I guess I would not wait till lunch time but eat some fruit and nuts and then if I felt like it a little while later I d eat a light breakfast.
Hugo S.
It's better to eat when you are still not hungry. Eating when hungry makes you eat fast and thus, makes you eat more. If you skip your breakfast , you might feel sluggish the whole morning. I suggest eating small serving of foods that are packed with protein and nutrients such as eggs, broccoli or fruits.
Ken Z.
Try not to force an habit. Plan your hole day so you know you'll be hungry at breafast. If you still not hungry try starting with small amounts of food that take time to chew. Your braind actually calculate if you are satiated by how many time you've spent chewing.
H Ber N.
Eat when you’re hungry, that’s the general rule. But if you feel tired before lunch you can try to eat a little breakfast to see if that helps you.
Timothy N.
Yes, i need learn my body to eat healthy and nutritious breakfast. If I'm not hungry i try to eat something light. Don’t drink only caffe without breakfast.
Aureliano N.
Even if you are not hungry, you should eat. I think that you might not be hungry because you body has not fully woken up yet. Just try to have something light, like a banana or something.
Sofia P.
I don’t think ‘force’ is the right word because it comes off too strongly. I’d say you should always motivate yourself to eat something, even if it’s a good protein shake with vitamins and minerals. Then if you’re up for it grab some oat bran or a banana and cashew butter and call it good. Healthy fuel is better than sugary, caffeinated fuel.
Sasha O.
no not really… I Drink and then i love coffee so i nvr skip that ….and i do lunch at 1 pm .. at that i feel hungry… So basically no
Owen O.
Well, I will not say that it is right or wrong to force yourself to eat if you are not hungry. It happens to me too, sometimes I just wake up and I don't feel hungry at all, but somedays I feel like I could eat an elephant. What I realized is that, at least for myself, there is a strong correlation to what I have had for dinner the day before, how much food I ate and at what time I had dinner. So, to stick to a routine to regularly have breakfast every morning, I felt easier to start balancing my dinner too. Eventhough, the day I don't feel hungry I just drink water and wait it to come, by the time I arrive at work I will feel hungry way too soon for lunch.
Megan F.
If your not hungry then maybe have a small piece of fruit and then when you get hungry have a proper breakfast. You need breakfast for you body to have energy so make sure you don’t wait for lunch, but also don’t have a coffee instead because it just gives you a short boost of energy and doesn’t last for long.
Madison U.
I try to eat something small, like a piece of fruit, a handful of nuts or a small protein shake, otherwise by lunchtime I'm starving!
Liliosa Z.
I personally don't force myself to eat as soon as I wake up. I am I would say 98% of the time ready to eat within an hour of waking up. I don't usually have a large breakfast though. Some fruit, a toast with PB, the odd time some smoothies or eggs.
Michail S.
i think breakfast is the most important thing to start your day even though you are not hungry you should force yourself maybe take a small portions of food that can help to energize you like oatmeal, cereal,fruits and etc
Chris T.
You can try eat a light breakfast, like a handful of mixed nuts. It might help you create the habit of eating breakfast)
Ka S E.
The morning routine is possible mostly on how u spend your day. When you have started to concentrate on your breakfast, as time passes, it will become a routine. Instead of forcing an heavy breakfast on yourself, start small from day one and continue it. That is how we can change our habits and be fabulous.
Aubrey X.
I think at some point forcing too much it's not going to do any good. In the same time though, You should at least eat a slice of bread or anything so maybe forcing just on a small scale.
Tomothy O.
It’s important to have a healthy breakfast as it provides you with the energy you need and also prevents nibbling and binging on unhealthy snacks when you do get hungry mid morning.
Segismundo P.
I try to be active – wash myself, do some excercise, "trim myself" and get ready for the day. By the time I'm finished, hunger comes. 😉 That's my trick, hope it's useful. Have a great dat.
Ethan T.
Well I think that if u aren’t hungry right when u wake up you should wait till u r hungry or just till lunch. Or what I like to do it just drink Emmy water then exercise then normally by then I’m hungry.
Lawrence O.
I believe at least have something for the morning, like a glass of milk or yogurt. Something healthy, it will get through the day.
Melchior A.
It is true, breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
I used to skip breakfast everyday for most of my life. I know the temptation to keep it up.
I started having something simple in the mornings, toast with butter, toast with jam, toast with peanut butter. I love coffee, of course have your coffee.
Upgrade after a while, when your ready, plain Greek yogurt with berries or banana, add granola or a handful of nuts.
Try cottage cheese with fruit, granola and/or nuts.
Upgrade again after a while, try a quiche.
You'll feel more energized for the day, you'll be more focused with fuel in your body to feed your brain and fuel your body for the day.
Caroline A.
I think that even if you're not hungry, your body and mind still need sustenance to function properly as be your day starts. A coffee will give you a burst of energy, but it won't actually power your brain—that requires carbs. Even if you don't think you need a large protein-rich meal to last you until lunch, you at least need something like a banana or an apple to feed your brain. Who knows, maybe once you've eaten a little your body will decide a real breakfast sounds good after all!
Malthe B.
You should eat anyway. You might not be hungry now, but food is fuel, and you body needs it to stay alert and productive throughout the day
Martha U.
a cup of coffee would make me feel extremely weak at lunch time and you don't want to get to that level. eating is never a problem for me because i always strive to feel the lasting effects it has on my day. eat something small if you're not in the mood. your future self will thank you.
Maria E.
Never happen to me. Must I think most have a little snack because come from a long period (sleep) without eat and gonna have another period until lunch time.
Irma T.
Intermittent fasting is good for your digestive system. Twelve hours without food can boost your metabolism. Drink water first thing to enhance this process. I am not a breakfast person either , so I make myself a plant based smoothie around 10:00. Good luck!
Arthur Z.
Hello! First you drink water in the morning and do some exercise you will get hungry but if you don't still, you can prepare something fresh like a bowl with oatmeal with fruits it makes you to your body wakes up and be energetic I think
Horst Dieter R.
When I'm not feeling hungry in the morning, I typically eat something a small snack , such as an apple, yogurt, or a piece of toast with peanut butter, banana, and chia seeds. That way when lunch time comes, I'm not unbearably hungry, and reaching for the first, less healthy meal.
Liliana X.
The stomach can be trained to start seeking food in the morning. Start eating breakfast which might seem forced at first, but eventually will become a habit, which your older self would thank you for building.
Lisa Y.
I struggle to eat first thing in the morning because of a chronic health condition. Rather than forcing myself to eat, I prefer to have a glass of water. I bring a breakfast snack with me to work and usually by mid-morning I'm ready to eat. Other times I take a larger, healthy lunch to work. I find that for me it's much better to listen to my body than force myself to do something that would otherwise make me ill.
Elmer Y.
If you don't feel very much like eating and chewing, you can try something semi-liquid, like a delicious Greek yogurt (maybe coffee flavored!) or a fruit smoothie.