Do you need caffeine to wake you up? What works instead?

Brooklynn T.
AN APPLE! And water of course. Apples work better than coffee. If you like to drink your wake up call, matcha is a great coffee substitute.
Anadir Q.
I work shifts as a nurse so my alarm goes off at different times. To really feel awake I shower, followed by a cup of tea.
Lea N.
Normally i would say yes, because i drink it every day but if you drink a whole glass of water when u first get up like first thing u do. It will naturally wake you up.
Olena U.
I not always have a chance to drink coffee at morning.
I would say, breakfast. Even to chewing something waking me up. Or brushing my teeth and drinking sour juice after 🙂
Gregory J.
I don't usually go for caffeine until around 9am. A good two hours after waking up.water works fine to get the body going.
Fane G.
Drinking water is a great way to feel more awake. Everything in excess is bad, caffeine included, so only drink it if it doesn't cause you greatly issues, like anxiety, Jitters or sleeplessness. A child shower is very invigorating if you're up for it, is not a miracle cure for anything, but definitely invigorating.
Hope that helps.
Marcus Z.
I do not need caffeine to get out of bed—chugging a glass of water is typically sufficient to get me up and at them. I do use caffeine as a way to stay sharp during the day, but that is a bit later
Ces Rio Y.
No, I don't really have anything to wake me up in the morning, I just need time. And I'm not a morningperson, so it take some time
Rienne Y.
I NEEEEEEED coffee, or I don’t feel like myself. But on days when my anxiety is really bad and I know caffeine is going to make it worse, I do avoid coffee. What helps me wake up on those days is a complex skin-care routine. Mindfully cleansing, moisturizing, and protecting my skin wakes up my mind and body.
Louanne Q.
Caffeine 😕 I wish I liked coffee but I usually end up drinking a diet soda or Bang energy drink. I am challenging myself to only drink water or tea this week. Yesterday was rough lol.
Tan T.
I do not need caffeine but I drink it as a ritual to get me ready for the day ahead. It feels active and not passive, like drinking tea can feel. Taking care of my animals that need me is also part of my waking up process.
Rosinete O.
I am used to chai in the morning from a long time. But i wouldn't recommend it. Instead wash your face with cold water and get out for a run or do some intense workout . That will definitely wake you up.
Berend C.
I do need coffee when I wake up. Not just for the boost, but because I like the taste of it and feel like it is an important part of my morning routine that I really look forward to.
Kiara T.
No I don't. I wake up energetic because I'm not used to drinking caffeine in the morning. When I get sleepy around noon, I snooze for 15-20 minutes and continue on with my day. The power nap works like magic.
Penny U.
I never have relied on coffee or caffeine for that matter. I eat a good breakfast with quick energy to wake me up and long energy to keep me moving till lunch. Drinking water while you get ready and washing your face with cold water are apart of waking me up:)
Rose A.
I don't need caffeine. It's more that I like the taste than it's properties. What works better for me is cold water. A glass of it and some splashes in my face.
Janice O.
What works to wake me up is having good rest the night before and having a reason. Like "I have to do this today". I also drink COLD water right when I get up along with making my bed because in a way it's exercise for me. Some. Mornings I drink Orange Juice that helps me wake up.
Annamaria Z.
In the last period, I used to have a coffee every morning, so my body gets used to it and it doesn't wake me up anymore. Now, I prefer to have a cup of tee or juice and take coffee only in case of necessity, when I don't sleep enough or I need to be awake driving. In this way, I fell caffeine's effect, if I get used regularly it doesn't work.
Ernest O.
I don't need it but I enjoy caffeine. Before caffeine, a tall glass of water always helps start to wake me up. I love stretching as well
Randall P.
I don’t need caffeine to wake me up! I used to, but I realized that the dependency was actually making it harder to get up in the morning rather than easier. Waking up at the same time every day and sleeping with the curtains open so the sun will help me wake up naturally have really helped. A morning walk to and from breakfast or my coworking space is great too!
Sandy Z.
I enjoy one cup of coffee in the morning to start my day. After that I'll have a chai tea. I'm not sure if I really need it but it is such a big part of my morning routine that I'd probably feel tired or "off" without it.
Suzanne T.
No one needs caffeine, but it helps if you wake up at your regular time and have enough sleep. Alternatives to caffeine could include a cold shower, exercise and eating a good breakfast.
Chloe T.
caffeine would interfere with my sleep so I would rather set an alarm to wake me up. However, if I want to stay awake all night cos of work, caffeine will be just fine provided it is not going to be on a regular basis.