How do you motivate yourself to wake up fifteen minutes early to make your breakfast fresh?

Tanya A.
Actually there's just me to cook or prepare the breakfast at home, my sisters are busy except me and also I like to do it to have a great breakfast in the morning and it's a good habit to make it by myself
Megan X.
I have to wait to eat breakfast at least 30 minutes after my medications. I could keep the medications by my bedside so I could eat earlier. Now that I am at home, I’ve been cooking breakfast daily. When I have to go back to the office I will work on meal prepping my breakfast.
Brianna R.
I leave my phone charging outside of my bedroom so when my alarm goes off I have to get up to turn it off. If I still feel like going back to bed after that I try to drink a glass of water next, and that usually helps wake me up. I also try to make a really easy low effort breakfast like a smoothie, and often I will even prepare it the night before.
Elias G.
I have been making a large fruit salad in the beginning of the week so that I always have fresh fruit ready for snacking and it also makes a great no. sugar added breakfast! Prepping fruits and veggies in the beginning of the week is also accompanied by a feeling of mindfulness.
Hans Ulrich T.
Try visualisation the night before. Imagine your fresh breakfast before you got to sleep so as to be more motivated in the morning
Kp N.
I bribe myself with expensive coffee creamer. I also have that in my house, so I feel motivated to get up. It’s my one treat. Find a small treat that helps you. Even if it’s a handful of candy corn at the end of the day lol
Irene X.
I do wake up very early but no for making breakfast.
I do fasting and I eat after 12 my first meal, so I try to be a healthy meal which includes a variety of foods
Tjasa F.
Your approach is not very motivating. You think as if breakfast will cut 15 min of your sleep. It is as if asking how do you motivate yourself to wake up early so that you can get dressed (you probably would not like to leave home in a pijama and so you should not leave it hungry).
Hannah O.
I get to bed a little earlier as I need longer to sleep, the main thing for me is to set everything out ready the night before. However, generally, I start the day with a handful of nuts and a banana so that I don't have to get up early 😉 small steps at a time, if you set something that feels unmanageable then it feels like much more of a task. So maybe start with improving the breakfast you already have in your current wake up routine.
Maddie N.
Recently I have enjoyed oatmeal which is really good when mixed with bananas and is healthy!! It has no added sugar and doesn’t take more than 10 minutes to make!!
Zacch S.
As soon as I wake up, I drink a glass of water and open a window for sunlight, I get on my feet as soon as possible, so it's less tempting to hit the snooze button. Then I'll wash my face with cold water and head to the kitchen. It is just easier then to have a breakfast than to return to bed