Where do you find inspiration to get up and make yourself try every day?

Laura W.
I struggle with motivation a lot so I'm not one to talk about inspiration as I depend on the occasional random bursts of energy I get to accomplish things. These days though, I try to remember that I'm lucky and fortunate to get to "try". Each minute feels like a gift and you can't waste a gift you know? It's okay to not feel like trying though, don't beat yourself up for that. But instead of thinking of each day as a punishment or just being indifferent, think of each day as a gift. An opportunity. Of course, you cannot automatically change how you feel but I believe in fake it till you make it. You don't feel like doing something? You go "Aaah I can't wait to do this thing", you're unable to do it? Don't beat yourself up, try again tomorrow. That's literally what trying is.