How can I increase my appetite in the morning?

Oceano Y.
I think you have to start with your favourite fruit, choose a nive place to sit and eat with love, and give yourself time💚
Honey O.
Drink plenty of water first thing you wake up. You could also squeeze some lemon into your water to give it some flavour. That will certainly increase your appetite.
Jovito Q.
I have worked on this by just eating. Even when I don’t feel super hungry I will eat something anyway. It kickstarts my body into being ready for the day. Drinking water right when I wake up has also helped with getting me on track for being hungry in the morning.
Zaide A.
Try not to eat something before going to bed. And start excercising in the morning, maybe go for a run? Since it will make you hungry. And make sure to eat something healthy and delicious.
Milan E.
Your body is already craving food as no food intake happened during the night, perhaps you just don’t notice this as you have skipped breakfast for a long time.
I would recommend you to do some exercise, so that your body could trigger louder alarms that you need to put some fuel to keep moving. You could start with small portions of power food that you may love, as a healthy avocado and then you could add other things like a boiled or poached egg. The important thing is for you allow yourself to enjoy your first and most most relevant meal for your mind and body. All the best, now I’m going to prepare myself a toasty with smashed avocado and a poached egg!!!
Rebecca O.
Have a glass of water when you first wake up and start by having a small breakfast if that’s all you can manage (eg a piece of fruit, a few nuts or a smoothie) and build that up over time. Plan to have some delicious ready the night before so you want to gobble it down in the morning – like strawberries, a mocha smoothie or a healthy muffin
William P.
I think it’s most important to get into the habit of it. Start by eating something small every morning for a few weeks. As your body gets used to this, it will expect food in the morning and you will start to feel hunger signals.
Naja N.
Eat a small dinner you will sleep better and wake with more appetite. Also you can choose an activity to do in the morning like running or dancing beside your bed to activate your body.
Shane C.
You can start by just eating something really small in the morning and be consistent with the time you eat. This routine will encourage your body to get accustom receiving some type of sustenance at this time. Eventually, you will notice yourself actually becoming hungry around that time as your body is now expecting to be filled.
Caitlin T.
I would say to avoid eating close to bedtime, and exercise first thing when you wake up? That may kickstart your metabolism?
Alana P.
Multiple answer options:)
A)Prepare a breakfast the night before. Smoothie or Bircher muesli. Small to start. If you prepare it, you're more likely to have it and then habits kick in.
B)Do you need to? Intermittent fasting does wonders. If you're not home in the morning try limiting your food to 8-10 hours of the day.
C)Start the day with exercise? Up early and do some tabata. Short high intensity workout. Short enough to fit in early:)
Luc Lio S.
Exercise before you prepare breakfast, it will make you hungry. And don't eat before going to bed. Eat breakfast as early as possible but try to do that every day at a similar time.
Ella N.
There are two things that you can do: First, don't eat as much before bed. If you wake up with a full stomach, you're probably eating too much at night. Second, start slowly increasing your morning meal, you will get used to eating more day by day!
Yazid Y.
It just takes getting into the habit I think, and starting with small meals like just one scrambled egg or a tiny bowl of granola. I'm not used to having breakfast either, but after a few days of small meals I noticed my appetite got better. Hope this helps 😊
G Lsen X.
Try eating food in small quantities having same routine every morning helps. Your body should eventually get use to it and be hungry if you don't provide it then increase slowly. Hope this helps!
Swantje U.
I believe that this is something you might have toget used to, specially if you've not yet. If you feel like eating nothing at all, start by eating something light, like an apple or a handful of almonds. I bet you that after some days eating a little bit every morning, your body will start considering this meal a need.
David W.
I would like to help but, I also struggle with this issue… and I looked it up on google, but the article was not related specifically to eating in the morning, it was about how you increase your appetite in general…. I can paste the link to that article possibly it can help in some way…
Colleen O.
it's highly likely that you will be more hungry in the morning if you have an early dinner and don't eat right before going to sleep!