What are some healthy and quick breakfasts?

Maëlia Renard
Eggs, whole grains, nuts and fruits. High protein is essential for breakfast, since it makes you feel full through the morning. Fibres, found in fruits, have a similar effect

Levi Rodriguez
Bananas /apples with peanut butter
Handful almonds, walnuts
Oatmeal etc
Kreszenz Matthias
Eggs and a vegetable, granola with yogurt and fruits, overnight oatmeal
Guntram Kampe
I work for a plant based food subscription service call Thistle that delivers premade amazing tasting healthy breakfasts to my door. The food tastes amazing, is really, and jam packed with macro nutrients
Terra Lewis
Cereal, toast, or a cereal bar or a piece of fruit.
Or really whatever food you want that’s healthy and convenient, it doesn’t really need to be restricted to breakfast foods.
Marisa Engelhard
I tend to go for scrambled eggs and green vegetables. Very healthy option, plus it keeps you full till lunch time.
Tonya Crawford
Eggs with grass fed ground beef, tomatoes, spinach, and turmeric. Side of fruits and natural peanut butter
Selma Johansen
Whole wheat/rye/seeds bread with hummus/ avocado/ricotta cheese/poached egg/baba ganoush + veggies and greens
Yogurt with muesli and nuts (and maybe fruit)
Almond/coconut milk with chia seeds, nuts&seeds, and dried fruit
Sandwich with cheese and ham/salami and veggies
Smoothie with almond/coconut milk/yogurt and fruits
Smoothie with fruits and greens
Fruit and greens juice
Lola Teixeira
Fruit and nuts. E.g. a banana and a handful of almonds, which is my quick breakfast go-to.
Rói Da conceição
Scrambled egg on 1 slice of toast, whole grain cereal with fruit & yogurt
Bernard Freeman
Bananas and peanut butter, plain oatmeal, eggs, or nuts. I think bananas and peanut butter are better, personally. They are the best tasting option and don't take any time to prepare.
Joshua Hecht
Well quick and easy is not the real way because if you prep ahead of time you can have marvelous things to enjoy breakfast burritos you make yourself and freeze another are egg cupcakes filled with lots of yummy ingredients also you can freeze my ultimate favorite is steel cut oats soaked overnight and put in small preserve mason jar if you nothing else fruit in the morning with a cup of yogurt plain is awesome too
Maxime Fleury
Fruits coupled with peanut butter or rice crackers are my usual go-to; I haven't tried some of the stuff they recommended because I'm waiting for my paycheck and hanging on to the stuff I bought from before.
Lærke Pedersen
Hot cereal oatmeal, toast with sesame spread, egg and cheese
Paula Rott
1/2 cup of oatmeal
2 boiled eggs
1 banana
Mixed veggies
2 tablespoons of baked beans
Werner Kemmer
I like plain nonfat yogurt with pumpkin seeds out of the shell or flax seeds, dried cranberries or raisins, and a drizzle of honey.
Annett Wohlfahrt
Lately I’ve been making chia pudding (chia seeds, ground flax seeds, and almond milk) with different fruit and nut toppings. Today’s toppings were a bit of honey, sliced almonds, blueberries, and coconut flakes. 🤗
Jesus Vargas
EGGS! Scrambled, over easy, anyway you like.
Oatmeal and fruit.
Hildeberto Ramos
Eggs with peanut butter & avocado and/or fruit, salmon, protein shakes.
Angelina Denis
Scrambled eggs & Ezekiel toast
Kroger's Simple Truth egg bites & Ezekiel toast
Overnight oats
Belvita breakfast cookies
Jimmy Dean Scrambles
Scrambled eggs with diced ham
Luis Lopez
Morning salad with raw veggies and a boiled egg. Scrambled egg on an English muffin. Peanut butter on toast with banana and honey.
Amélie Arnaud
My recent favorite is "breakfast bites" I found from eatrunlift.me . You need 12 pitted dates (cut up as much as you can), 1/2 cup applesauce (or 1/2 cup mashed banana), 1 tsp vanilla extract, 1/2 cup shredded oats (I just use Quick Oats or Old Fashion Oats) and a handful of frozen berries. I use raspberries unfrozen.. preheat the oven to 180 degrees. Line baking tray with aluminum foil or baking paper. Combine all ingredients in a bowl and stir well. Scoop out the mix and roll them into 5 balls. Press them on to the baking tray and cook for 10 -15 minutes. afterwards I put them in the fridge to cool for a little since I like them that way.. sorry for all the writing and I hope this all makes sense 😊
Alexandra Dumas
I make oatmeal with cauliflower and egg, drink my latte with almond milk, I also love peanut butter toast with berries or avocado toast with an egg.
Mads Jensen
I like eating egg for breakfast because it’s tasty and has protein in it, which is the main thing you need to refuel after waking up. I’ll suggest adding some vegetables or a fruit for the variety.
Aleksandra Kienzle
A healthy breakfast has to provide to you enough energy to start the day with the right foot! I use to eat some fruits, protein like eggs, turkey jam, healthy fat like avocado, and some pieces of bread! Maybe, I include a good coffe with milk. 😊
Jeanne Riviere
Berries, chia seeds, yogurt, cinnamon and granola.

English muffin with cheese and grape tomatoes on top, and a kiwi or clementine on the side.
Oatmeal with maple syrup and blueberries in it.

Elias Mortensen
Fruit salad with waffles eggs and bacon
Parfaits with fruit and yogurt
Egg omelette with spinach bacon or sausage
Oatmeal fresh fruit and berries and nuts
Always have a glass of water or a glass of milk in the morning to help wake your mind up that works for me
Hartmuth Bönisch
Firstly, it should have a good amount of fiber, protein, and energt. But not have too many sugar in it.
Andreas Larsen
Things that are great in protein so you can have consistent energy. Things that have high fiber to keep you full all day. Processed sugar is not your best friend in the morning, work don't go for the office doughnuts at 7am. If your a coffee drinker try more natural sweetners or less sugar. You could also try milk or milk alternative instead of cream or half and half.
Siegried Franken
cereals and soy yogourt, with fruits and nuts or what you have on hand (I put agave syrup and raisins this morning). also I regularly eat just slices of bread with butter and jam
Eddie Hall
Bananas are always great, or a piece of fruit in general. The past few days I've had a banana and then a cup of nonfat Greek yogurt, a tbsp of honey, and a 1/2 serving of Go Lean Crunch. And I have two of those bowls. Otherwise, I would recommend prep cooking breakfast or making something like a quiche ahead of time.
Don Nguyen
Sometimes fasting is best for me during the week. Our bodies have already rallied up enough energy to wake us up using our stored energy that eating breakfast for energy isn't necessary. On the weekends I eat low carb in the morning to keep my insulin from spiking too bad.
Sasha Lucas
Fruits and nuts, or over overnight oatmeal – these are great grab and go options!
Eléna Perez
A muffin or granola bar and a piece of fresh fruit (running out the door to work/school/appointment). Leftovers warmed up, cooked like hash browns (sweet potato hash, corned beef hash, etc.), and served with fruit and yogurt. Oatmeal, grits, polenta, etc. with nuts, fruit, maybe a little honey or maple syrup (or polenta/rice/grits served with cheese + chopped veggies).
Allan Mitchell
EGGS: scrambled or omelette with a bit of cheese on top fills up the most, add some bacon or ham – even tastier. Skip the toast – a small salad dressed in olive oil is best
Elsbeth Birk
200ml Almond Milk
1 scoop chocolate protein powder
2 tbsp Horlicks powder
50g rolled oats

Blend and drink

Juergen König
Oatmeal with fruits – Boiled eggs witha avocado on toast – beans with veggies.
Luke Vargas
I've been enjoying Lara bars when I don't have time to cook. Overnight steel cut oats are great if you plan ahead. I love them toasted
Abbie Flores
A healthy and quick breakfast we normally have is a fried egg, with bacon and cheddar. I like to add avocado and tomato to my plate as well as chia seeds. Coffee is also a must! I'm doing the keto diet, so for me, this is healthy.
Irene Ryan
For breakfast I typically recommend ones with eggs, fruit, and maybe a bit of bread if you're still hungry. There are recipes online that have things like breakfast muffins that make things quick and easy. Plus, on some days you can add a pieces of bacon or ham to top it off. If you save it for special occasions, it can make a bad morning a great day since it feels like a treat.
Joris Gauthier
I made avocado and fried egg sandwich today. I thought it would take too much time but in fact it took only 10 minutes. When I'm in a real pinch I'll grab a banana on my way out the door. Leaving them on the counter reminds me to eat breakfast every morning.
Marcus Hale
Eggs and kale, eggs and Brussels, salmon and whole grain toast, salmon and eggs
Martin Morel
Take two slices of bread and put them in the toster after the toaster toast them take penut butter and but it all over the bread then cut slices of banana and then enjoy
Priscilla Day
2 boiled eggs and two toast
Light cheese and two toast
Yogurt and two toast
3 fruits (apples, oranges, pears)
Oatmeal and skimmed milk
Nanna Petersen
A yogurt with fruit and some granola. Or a quick egg white omlet with salmon and tea. Or if were really short on time tea with bread
Angèle Renaud
I use overnight oatmeal – oatmeal mixed with yogurt, almond milk, maple syrup a banana and some cocoa powder.

Eggs are good too (fast and easy)

Gislinde Spieß
Oats, mashed banana, cinnamon, allspice, milk of your choice. Mix it all, put in In the microwave. Done! Deliciously easy breakfast
Mathéo Roussel
Toast with avocado and turkey or maybe oat meal with almond milk
Enora Berger
Smoothy with fruit to add vitamins, yogurt and milk to add proteins and cereals to add carbs. A Full Meal in a bottle!
Ken Richards
Avocado on toast and half-boiled eggs are my staple breakfast. And a cup of warm oat milk chilly mornings
Hilda Morgan
Protein smoothie with banana and peanut butter. Microwave breakfast sandwich with fruit. Eggs and toast with fruit and/or yogurt.
Mille Olsen
A protein shake, boiled eggs that u can boil while you get ready, oatmeal,
Jacob Rodriquez
I usually eat oatmeal with blue berries and a boiled egg with two pieces of toast. I think I would be better off eating a healthy cereal and toast and peanut butter when I'm in a rush.
Reni Prause
One of my favorites is mini egg frittatas loaded with fresh chopped veggies that I’ve prepared ahead of time. Paired with a orange or coconut juice.
Rebecca Mitchelle
I like oatmeal with Ezekial grains, granola, agave sweetener, and chia seeds. Not only is it filling, but it's also delicious! I also like to slice bananas and top them with peanut butter and granola. So good! And of course, scrambled eggs with cheese and chopped turkey sausage is an easy favorite.
Willard Obrien
I tend to boil a bigger patch of oatmeal porridge upfront and then every morning take some and add ingredients to that. That way I always have an easy breakfast option and can mix it up depending on what I feel I want or need to eat.
Milos Rupprecht
Sliced banana or apples. Boil egg the night before. Or protein shake. Protein shake is easiest one. Fruit is better but I get hungry quick afterwards.
Gail Coleman
Egg sandwich with avocado, oatmeal, fruit bowl, yogurt, and any type of eggs.
Stephen Weaver
I usually hardboil a few eggs and if I have time, make a smoothie with frozen mixed berries, plain yogurt, spinach, vanilla, cinnamon, stevia, and water or milk. Other times, I make oatmeal using steel cut oats.
Adam Rasmussen
Scrambled eggs are healthy and super quick – I've been mixing 3 eggs in a bowl and then putting them in the microwave for about 90 seconds – healthy and quick!
Tim Williams
It's not exactly quick but my favorite breakfast is congee, rice soup/porridge. You just put leftover rice in a pot with lots of water and whatever you like to flavour it, and boil it until becomes a thick soup. My favourite is minced ginger and garlic (i keep jarred versions in the fridge) with black bean sauce, braggs (or soy sauce), and then whatever i have left over, maybe some chicken, some carrots, an egg, etc. Don't forget some fat!
It's also great sweet like porridge, with milk, apples, cinnamon, etc

It's not quick, it should take at least 20 minutes to cook down, but you can put it on medium-low and go about your morning routine while it's cooking.

For a real quick breakfast, a hearty smoothie is my favorite. Yogurt, hemp protein powder or cashews/hemp hearts, berries, coconut milk, frozen bananas, with a touch of maple syrup or honey. Yum yum.

Clesisniara Carvalho
I love to eat a slice of whole wheat bread which definetely tastes better than the white foour bread, with a slice of cheece and a slice of smoked turkey. Also, in the morning I always drink a glass of semi-skimmed milk. Some other times, I make a smoothie with just three ingredients, milk, banana, and honey.
Alcindo Mendes
I make my own variation on Bulletproof Coffee that serves two personalized needs- 1. I need my breakfast to serve my muscle building needs, and 2. I don’t like coffee.

So my recipe is:

1 scoop MCT oil powder
1 heaping tbsp raw cacao
1 scoop vanilla whey protein
1/6cup simple carbs (mass gainer)
1 tbsp Kerrygold unsalted butter

Mix with water in the blender, all set! Takes 5 minutes to make and sets me up physically AND cognitively for the day.

Tyrone Carroll
Plain Greek yogurt, two eggs fried in a little coconut oil (it’s actually really good), a salad with some kind of meat or protein that I prepare the night before, a protein shake
Evan James
Almond flour pancakes, turkey sausage, applesauce/jam, squash hash browns.
Josephine Laube
Make quiche cups in a muffin tray ahead of time; overnight buckwheat parfait with chia seeds and almond milk.
Gerhild Brugger
I think its more healthier to eat a variety of fruits every morning and proteins.
Charlotte Lambert
Muesli with milk. And, 5 almonds plus 5 walnuts. This could be the menu for 1 day.
Terra Burke
Fruit with a protein is a good one I go to. Like apple with peanut butter. Oatmeal is also a good one because it has a slow burn bod energy.
Elliot Meyer
Protein shakes are great because you can even have them to go. Be careful what brand you buy and that no sugar is added to it. Eggs with spinach and other veggies is great too and fast to make.
Aparecida Lopes
Avacado and toast with sprinkled salt and pepper, maybe try a splash of lemon? Another breakfast idea is slices of cheese and meat with a handful of mixed nuts, three spoonfuls of plain yogurt, and a green tea.
Carl Ryan
Smoothies with protein powder, hemp, chia and super greens powder. Hard boiled eggs.
Jill Barnett
Boiled eggs are easy and healthy. Oatmeal (the steel cut kind) w/ fruit added. PB toast w/ fruit (apples, grapefruit, oranges), bananas w/a protein. A warm beverage to go with (coffee, black tea, green tea) as it helps with digestion.
August Pedersen
Overnight oats. On Sunday I make a week’s worth of breakfasts in mason jars. Grab and go with my joe.
Ava Lee
Instant oatmeal is a tasty and quick one. You just turn the kettle on, heat up some water and you’re all set!
Nathan Mason
I like to have fruit as a breakfast! Have apple slices with peanut butter or grab a banana to go.
Zoe Jenkins
I’ve been scrambling a couple eggs each morning and rotating shredded cheddar, oregano and pepper to change it up each morning. I’ve also started to eat a banana each morning. It satisfies my sweet tooth.
Andre Jackson
I quite enjoy egg white omelettes with a side of mushrooms, wilted spinach and tomatoes, which has a bucket load of nutrients, otherwise my other go-to healthy breakfast option is avocado or cottage cheese on rice cakes with sliced tomato on top.
Cílio Melo
Oatmeal with soy milk a d raisins, vegetables scrambled with eggs or tofu.