Am I getting the same benefit from my vitamins if I put them in my smoothie vs just swallowing them?

Tina C.
I am not a certified doctor or nutritionist, but I am pretty sure you would get a similar benefits. You would have to make sure to drink the whole smoothie and I would also make sure that what you are putting in the smoothie will not cause the vitamins properties to decrease like dairy can decrease iron’s benefits. You can probably read what materials possibly could decrease your vitamins benefits. If you have a hard time taking vitamins straight another great way to do it is to put it in yogurt ( it kinda sounds weird, but it works)!

Sancharini Z.
Ideally vitamin supplements should be swallowed cuz if you blend them into your smoothie, the chemical composition of the supplement may change, and might not do what it is supposed to. Hope this helps! 🙂

Ava O.
I think it would work the same, unless there is a vitamin that has some sort of reaction to air or the smoothie's contents that makes it lose potency. But I haven't heard of that occuring with vitamins.