What is the best breakfast for me?

Chara F.
It depends on what you like. Any meal must be enjoyable and fun ,but it should also be energizing and nutritious. You should try to add things in your favorite meals to make them whole . For example if you enjoy cereal in the morning try adding some nuts ,dry fruit , milk or yogurt and maybe have an egg along with it for that extra protein!
Nedd Z.
Breakfast is a personal choice but a healthy selection of it can help you both in the short and long runs. I personally take a mixed fruit salad and tea. The fruits provide the required nutrients and some natural sugar required for the day. Their starch rich content also fills the hungry stomach. Tea without sugar and milk adds to the natural anti-oxidant intake and helps with my craving to have some liquid as I have long had this habit of waking to a coffee. I'm working on making it a routine so as to help my body know what to expect for breakfast. At times when I crave some solid food, I go for something light, steam cooked. Idly is one such dish that's traditional in the place where I live. Again, this is all a personal choice. The right one can be found by playing with different combinations and some research.
Carrington T.
Depending on what you like and don’t like or can and cannot have it will always depend. You do t want the same thing every morning. But you also don’t want to overwhelm yourself. Simple is always good but make sure you have plenty of fiber and protein for the day.
Khanyisa A.
I am not a nutritionist but protein and carbs sustain me and provide sufficient energy for me to get through my mornings
Lisa E.
Fruits/vegetables and something high in protein. Although if you're anything like me and have an immense appetite then I suggest adding toast.