What if you don’t feel comfy with breakfast?

Travis E.
Do you mean if you don’t feel hungry or you’re feeling nauseous? I often wake up not hungry, but really thirsty, so I just have a glass of water and then don’t eat until I feel hungry. I don’t think it’s bad to eat breakfast later on, cuz my stomach needs a few hours of me being awake and doing some gentle activity before it feels ready to eat something. I’ve embraced it actually; I try to intermittently fast a few days a week starting at 7pm and ending the next morning at 11am. However, I have to force myself to eat breakfast before if I want to do a lot of physical exertion like go for a run first thing. I try to eat a breakfast with at least 20g of protein, an egg (a single egg supplies your body with all of the essential amino acids it needs) and some dark leafy greens (sounds gross but try tossing some breakfast sausages and an egg on top of a bed of spinach!! Soo good)
Annaliese P.
I'm not sure what you mean by "comfy," but for me, I make sure to eat whatever it us that I want to eat. It could be sonething as simple as a 1/2 cup if yogurt with some granola & fresh berries or something more complex like a Denver omelet with hasbrowns and a chilled cranbery juice smoothie with some buttered wheat toast. Or perhaps a Switzerland or German style breakfast. The point is yiu learn ti make si that it's to your liking. Just my honest opinion.
Mathias E.
It's OK to skip breakfast if you feel like it doesn't agree with you. Just make sure you drink a big glass of water as soon as you wake up because your body is dehydrated from last night's sleep. As soon as you feel you're hungry you can break your fast, preferably with a healthy, nutritious meal.
Camila F.
Try finding out your favorite type of meal, cold or warm or even sometimes hot. Then try to make similar meals and start with a small portion of you don’t feel hungry. This actually helps with slowly letting your body know you’ll provide it with energy in the morning.
Natalija F.
It has to become a routine. For me it was simple because I am doing this since I was a kid, with almost no interruption – except moments when was quite impossible to have it. So, if it was hard, I don’t remember, all I know is that for me is impossible to start the day without breakfast.
Dan G.
For me, breakfast is about getting used to it. 10 years ago I usually had a latte and small snack for breakfast; I was usually hungry by noon and lunch was totally unbalanced (I made bad choices).
By slowly introducing fruits, whole grain bread, cheese, it felt better and nowadays I crave for the breakfast.
Evel Sio S.
ultimately, it’s up to you whether you eat breakfast. just be aware of how important it is to fuel your body at the start of the day. maybe baby steps would help, like granola bars or smoothies.
Danilo F.
If you want to start a breakfast eating habit, you can start with something really small first! Try eating a piece of fruit, like a banana or an apple. Or if you want something with more protein, maybe a handful of almonds or cashews. Soon your body will start to crave food in the morning and it’ll get easier and easier every day to eat breakfast.
Adonias S.
Actually there can be a couple of reasons for this. Öne is full stomach. Just be aware of What kind of good you Eat at the night before. İf you Eat something heavy like mixed of lira of carb and far and protein then your stomach will be not able to digest all so it will cause a full stomach in the morning. Secondly it can be because of lack of sleep during the night as well. Jeep track of your sleep and go to beş early like 10:00 pm everday. Lastly,you just do not like to haber breakfast and just akıp it then and make a note how you feel as psyxhological and if you are ok then make a Kate breakfast and that is all. Good day…
Kleianne N.
Have it anyway. Keep it light. Have it everyday. And you’ll get used to it soon enough. Believe me it’s done wonders for me
Lucille P.
I’ve never really been a fan of breakfast as I’m just not that hungry when I wake up. But I know from past experience that forcing yourself to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning kickstarts your metabolism and actually helps you to lose weight, while also giving you energy and setting you up for the day.
Molly P.
I would skip my breakfast and just drink a glass of water. It would eventually make me feel tired and inactive for the whole day.

Amandine Y.
Start with something small. An apple, a glass of tea, half a bagel. Eating in the morning is so important. It fuels you for the day.
Tony T.
If breakfast isn't comfortable for you, there has to be a reason why. Make breakfast comfortable. I know sometimes it feels terrible to eat in the morning and there's just that weird, vomity feeling you get in the morning but once you eat breakfast and develop a habit, like eating breakfast 3 times in a week, you'll start to like it. Think of your favorite breakfast foods and learn how to make them so you'll be more motivated to eat it. If possible, have someone make breakfast for you. Other people's cooking always taste better. Make sure you have enough sleep so you don't feel groggy. Set aside enough time to even have a proper breakfast and wake up at a reasonable hour, before noon.
Terrance J.
Maybe you’re just not comfy with the idea of breakfast *as you know it.* Maybe you can reimagine breakfast to be something that works for you. Maybe a few snacks to munch on throughout the morning, a cup of tea/coffee and a piece of fruit, or simply breaking another fast that makes sense to you. While sleeping, you fasted from mindfulness and movement. Maybe breakfast is a time to welcome something like that back into your waking hours.
Horst G.
I know exactly how that feels. I used to get nauseous if I ate too early in the morning. And by too early, I mean before 10 AM. But not eating anything in the morning meant I was starving by lunch. So I started eating small, light, healthy things as early as I could stand it, and eventually I found I could eat earlier in the day without nausea. Now I make myself breakfast almost every day as early as 6 and no later than 9. It really helps to sustain my energy levels throughout the day.
Stella O.
Everyone is different. Some people can go without breakfast whilst others can't. Make sure you're at least we'll hydrated if you don't feel like eating in the mornings
Am S Z.
There are plenty of people who dont eat breakfast or dinner and only stick with 2 meals during the height of the day. This is a form of fasting called intermittent fasting. The basic principle is that you dont eat for 16+ hours and then push all your daily caloric intake into that 8- hour
time window that's left.
This is supposed to promote cell regeneration and energy levels as well as combat binge eating
Cl Lia N.
You can start slowly and make something light e.g. a fruit smoothie.
I was not a breakfast person for many years and when I managed to get a little something in me in the morning I started to feel a lot better for the rest of the day. I hope you get to experience the same thing.
Dwayne E.
As the first meal of the day, I think of breakfast as breaking fast, rather than the type of food I eat or the time of day. Usually, I don't eat breakfast til 10am (when I wake up at 6am); today I was awake at 9am, and made my breakfast smoothie at 1:30pm. I drink lots of water to keep myself hydrated and coffee for energy.
Kurt T.
I guess that depends on why you aren't comfy. For example, is it because you aren't hungry? Don't like chewing food that early? Maybe try pushing back breakfast to more of a "brunch" time, after you've had the morning to hydrate and wake up. Smoothies might be a good option if you want something less "chewie" to start the day.