What’s the best food in the morning? For a woman :)

Samira N.
I would say Avocado toast with tomato’s and cooked mini potato’s that’s what I have at least oh and some vitamin water try it!
Lea S.
Straight out of the shell fresh egg,nutrition bars,water to wake up your organs,and coffee to relax your mind for a new beginning
Rabs N.
hmmmmmmm… i love smoothie bowls. if you make them with fruit and little water and milk to blend it, then add seeds and nuts on top, then you get all the food groups. :)))
Tracy U.
I dont really know tho im not a woman and idk what difference should be there between a man and woman's food in the morning lol , just eat healthy thats all
Ma Ly O.
A balanced heavy diet gives a super energy in order to start a day and go for rest of the day. The breakfast should contain fruits, egg or any source of proteins and any source of carbohydrates and a glass of milk. The breakfast should be heavier than the rest of the meals taken in the day
Matilde Q.
The one that makes you want to eat ; )
(Sorry i'm not a doctor and i dont know your needs in terms of nutrition, so that's the only tip i can give you)