What breakfasts are you eating?

Tony A.
Usually: a slice of bread (often toasted), a whole tomato or more fresh veggies to make a salad, some light natural cheese, and either chicken ham or an egg. Sometimes I have some avocado and no cheese.
Brenda R.
When I first started I committed to eating the same thing every morning. I felt this would make it easier for me to stay on track with the habit & help with using the supply of food I already had. For the first four days I enjoyed a breakfast burrito. Using flour tortilla, grilled chicken, hummus, a little bit of cheese & chopped-blanched broccoli stems. Today I changed things up because I was feeling the need to eat something smaller. I whipped a quick-peaches&cream-instant oatmeal with 2% milk and 1/2 fresh chopped apple.
Florent T.
Usually fruits: an orange, kiwi, and pear. Sometimes with carrots. Sometimes with a PB&J… Today was brussel sprouts with rice and then homemade salsa and chips. – been hungry from period
Julie Z.
Every morning I start with a bottle of water. Then, I get up, stretch, and head to the kitchen. Continuing there, I make over easy eggs with wyole wheat bread and a coffee with almond milk.
Lorraine I.
2 slices of toast with scrambled eggs and spinach on the side with a cup or more of fruit. Sometimes cherries, watermelon, peaches, or an orange.
Ernest U.
Mostly is a cup of coffee and a small bread with cheese. Sometimes is bread with jam. Sometimes is yogurt with fruit and muesly cereals.
Attila X.
I'm eating smoothies or smoothie bowls. Mostly it's oatmeal, strawberries, almond milk, peanut butter, flax seeds, hemp seeds, walnuts, chia seeds, maple syrup, and a banana.
Jeremiah J.
I typically try to have a healthy and simple breakfast after my morning runs. Yesterday I had a smoothie and some scrambled eggs along with a protein bar. Today I had a breakfast sandwich with egg and veggie sausage!
Marie W.
I usually eat two eggs and have a cup of coffee. Or a shake and a coffee. Or if it’s a coffee shops day, coffee and a pastry!
Luna E.
Currently I'm going on a detox so the only thing I drink for the whole day is a smoothie,
It's light and I feel a lot healthier than I was.
Roberto F.
I'm allergic to milk and find milk alternatives disgusting on regular cereals. I also don't have time to prepare something more than cereal! So I opt for a coffee, a juice, breakfast biscuits and a piece of fruit.
Jocelin Q.
For breakfast, I like to eat a variety of things. Most mornings I’ll have yogurt with fruit and coffee. I’ll also have oatmeal, with peanut butter and yogurt.
Tamara Z.
Depends on how much time I have ahead of me. If I don’t have much time I’d take a big cup of coffee/Nescafé/chocolate and something quick to eat like a fruit or cereal bar and if I have time I made myself a semi-english breakfast (all my making)
Abby H.
I’m eating apple slices and peanut butter along side a homemade chai tea latte. I try to add some cashews along with it but I’m not that hungry i. The longing these days
Ine Z.
I have been eating breakfasts that are fast and healthy like apples and bananas for the past few days. Sometimes I eat Weetabix I’m not sure what else I should be eating and I’m still trying to figure it out
Suzie N.
Just cereal (rice krispies or Cheerios) with either almond or oat milk. I start with a glass of water, then cereal, then some fruit and tea!
Trevor R.
Sometimes I have something as simple as a warmed up croissant or a yogurt with granola. Other times I'll scramble an egg with onions, fresh spinach and feta or goat cheese and wrap it in a flour tortilla. I'm not a breakfast eater normally but I have gotten into the habit now of having something before i start the day. And, I'm not cranky and starving by noon so it's been a good change 🙂
Hannah Q.
Avacado and egg on wholegrain seeded toast with black coffee and if really hungry have a bowl of strawberries and yoghurt
Edwin S.
I normally alternate between porridge (rolled oats) and something more protein-filled.
Lean turkey burgers are a recent favourite, I oven bake them with no additional oil, and season with chilli/garlic. They cook while I exercise then I eat 🙂
Scrambled eggs w wilted spinach and mushrooms is also a good one when I have a bit more time to prep
Jason E.
Either scrambled Tofu om toast, vegan Sausages and beans on toast, avocado on toast or porridge with Bananas and nuts on top.
Misty Z.
Honey Greek yogurt with granola and blueberries// scrambled eggs and fresh fruit//banana nut muffin and fresh fruit// cottage cheese & pineapple

Focusing on protein and my carb is fruit. Reducing dairy intake and drastically reducing to almost eliminating gluten

Kelsey P.
I am a fan of having an egg (usually hard boiled), a couple slices of cheese, and a quarter of an apple. It gives me the energy I need for the day and keeps me satisfied until lunch.
Jose F.
While on vacation I have been eating whatever I want to eat for breakfast. Bagel and cream cheese one day, sous vide eggs bites, breakfast burritos. I need to go shopping today but breakfast will be before. Think I will do a scramble
Mabely O.
I've been experimenting with while food plant based options like white bean toast with kale and sun dried tomatoes. But I usually go for something simple like an egg white omelette with salsa and some avocado or peanut butter toast with sliced bananas and walnuts and chia seeds.
Willy C.
I eat eggs with tomatoes and onoons together with no bread or cheese or anything else. It's healthy, fast and keeps you full!
Jessica I.
Let's see, yesterday my hunny made me a few over easy eggs with a healthy dose of chopped garlic and a pat of butter, sprinkled with s&p and a side of Dave's killer grain and seed toasted and buttered bread. Today I'm doing a parfait with nonfat, plain, Greek yogurt, salted caramel Naked brand granola, raspberries, blueberries and a drizzle of honey. And I was covering an early shift for a coworker driving taxi the other day so I treated myself to a sausage, egg biscuit from McDonald's for breakfast that morning.
Fridolin E.
i’ve been consistently drinking protein shakes in the morning because the first thing i do after i brush my teeth and wash my face is get a workout in then i drink my protein shake.
Carlos F.
Well, ideally a toasted english muffin with peanut butter and a cup of coffee with cream. Maybe some slices of apple with it.
Skye Y.
I've been eating bacon and eggs alot recently! Sometimes with toast sometimes not. Also have a soy milk tea with some fruit on the side ♡ I do this nearly every morning, its a great motivator to get out of bed and have a delicious breakfast!!
Constance C.
Some days I drink a smoothie made with oat milk, ice, banana, protein powder, fiber powder, and peanut butter powder. Other days I have peanut butter toast
Lily Z.
I've been trying to stick with quick, shorter breakfasts so that it's a routine I know I can maintain. Oatmeal has been my choice recently, but I'd love to get some Greek yogurt, fruits (bananas, berries) and eggs too, which I'll save for the weekend as a looser / cheat day. Except it's not a cheat day just a reward for keeping up the great work 🙂
Amanda O.
It really depends on my mood and what I have laying around. Usually something with eggs, though today was a Kind breakfast bar I bought recently as it was on sale.
Kayla X.
Honestly I’m not much of a breakfast eater, until about ten am. Even then it’s usually something small like a pepper jack cheese stick, and English muffin with butter. I start the morning off with water, then coffee, then water, then breakfast. Between 6am and 10am. Spread it out.
Alexander W.
I frequently eat tomato toast. A piece of sourdough toast topped with tabouli hummus, sliced tomatoes, lemon juice, kosher salt, and red pepper flakes. A glass of cold brew with oat milk. & A big glass of water! If I have the time for a bigger breakfast usually some kind of veggie scramble with eggs sunny side up. I love mushroom, kale, onion, and zucchini with some fresh garlic. An egg on top to crack open and let the yolk seep out.
Sara O.
Sometimes is a milk Kefir smoothie with fruit, others vegetable soup with egg, and some others is steamed greens with pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds. Occasionally, old school porridge with overnight oats, milk and walnuts
Basile Z.
Big fan of a boiled egg. Just on its own with a little salt and maybe some carrot sticks or, peeled and with thick yogurt and a garlic and chilli butter and fresh dill. Also big fan of porridge – adding cinnamon makes it slightly sweeter without adding sugar. Also like some stewed apple on top. Happy breakfasting!
Dolores O.
Usually Greek yogurt with granola, sometimes a protein shake. Sometimes peanut butter old fashioned oatmeal with added peanut butter protein, flax seeds, cinnamon, nutmeg, a little honey
Lawrence O.
I am eating fruits. Fruits such as bananas, blueberries, strawberries and soya milk. I am planning to add yogurt to my daily morning repertoire and also eat mixed nuts and granola, maybe even muesli
Samantha U.
I will take an apple sauce pack in my purse on the way to work. Then I also will put frozen fruit into my water for work. It will keep my water cold then by the time i finish my water, the frozen mango will be thawed for me to eat.
Derek S.
Paleo chicken sausages with mustard. Or oatmeal and flax seed. No juice. Coffee. Fresh fruits. Sometimes a treat vanilla and black cherry nounos yogurt.
Karisa T.
I switch it up. Yesterday was half avocado on gf toast with cucumbers. Sometimes an egg and a slice of turkey. Also, nonfat yogurt with berries and a crumble of honey nut chex.
Annette Q.
1/2 cup of egg whites
1 egg
2 slices of bacon
1 toast with almond butter
1 banana
1 coffee with stevia and 1% milk with no lactose
Susie Q.
Some of the breakfast items I'm eating are yogurt and toast and peanut butter with jam. I want to eat cereal every morning. It's hard for me to eat protein in the morning.
Maria C.
Typically just some toast, eggs and beans if I can, I'm vegetarian which means I have to pack as much protein as I can in a day. I'll also sometimes have a protein shake on days where I might not have as much time
Dominique Z.
I usually eat eggs, an orange with coffee and a glass of milk. Today I enjoyed two nectarines with a bowl of golden puff cereal. Today was a busy start so I tried to balance with a quick meal.
Marie F.
Fruit. Occasionally I'll stop by Dunkin Donuts and grab some hashbrowns and a beyond sausage sandwich (no egg, no cheese).