My dude, what’s a good quick breakfast to eat?!

Al Sia C.
Anything packed with protein because that will help you stay satisfied longer so you won’t be starving by lunch or whenever your next meal is.
Jean S.
I love to eat some eggs! You can combine with some other things in there. Even veggies! Of course combine with fresh fruit juice
Alexandra F.
A banana when I forgot to prepare and am short on time. Boiled peas or oatmeal when I forgot to prepare but have time. Almonds when i prepared but didn't have time. Sprouts or sandwich when i prepared and also have time.
Maja E.
I like eating berries as a quick breakfast, but if I’m about to have a long day ahead, then I would eat a banana and an apple to get some energy going on in the body .
C Lia U.
Bananas and apples will work well. If you can spend 5 minutes, you can make an omlet with less oil, with onions, minched meat in it. I tried it one day with spinach leaves. You can make smoothies at night to keep them in freezer to have in the morning. Try these things.
Alexandra F.
I have three different go-to breakfasts, depending on my time and mood. Scrambled eggs, oatmeal with a bit of peanut butter, or for something super quick, a slice of toast topped with whatever I have in the fridge.
Edeolinda Q.
Honestly, I love eating cereal with some fruit on the side, I'm not sure if you would call it healthy or not but it's easy and tastes great!
Georgia Y.
Porridge Oats! They are super quick on the stove or microwave and you can top it with anything. I like fruit and Peanut butter. They are really tasty and fill you fot a long time. You can also do overnight oats if you need to have something ready in the morning!