What are the best cereals for breakfast, either hot or cold?

L Onie Z.
Hot cereals are best as most cold cereals have a high sugar content while with hot cereal it has all the fiber and nutrients it hasn't been refined, you control the sugar content and can add fruits you desire.

Delores C.
I guess it depends on what type of cereal you like best .Most high fiber cereals are best wheather hot or cold . Best to have a nutrious breakfast

Ana P.
Cold so they stay nice and crispy. But at the same time if they are cold I'd rather choose other options in winter time.

Gr Cio P.
I personally like to have a small, but good breakfast. Most times I just have a bowl of oat mixed together with some fruit and nuts or whatever flavour I like. Top it all with a spoon (or two) of yoghurt or milk and you're done. (Thats a the most common breakfast here in Germany.)

Heather O.
I prefer to eat hot porridge in the cooler months and cereal in the warmer months. There is no right or wrong answer to this question; it's just personal preference!

Sean F.
Rice crispies I'd say they taste nice and are healthy to some degree with no chocolate or honey or added sugar and flavours

Inga R.
I prepare the night before 50gr of oats and mix 150ml of milk with 15gr of protein powder and pour it over the oats. Put them in the fridge till morning and eat them cold. The oats will soak the protein shake so they gonna be nice and soft and will not lose any good things cuz of cooking

Soonha N.
I usually prefer muesli with non-dairy milkfor my breakfast cereal. The usual dairy milk also works sometimes. I take it with cold milk. Among the hot cereals I prefer porridge oats with milk and honey, and sometimes seasonal fruits.

Branko Q.
Oatmeal is a good warm cereal, with things like peanut butter or honey. Good cold cereals are granola with yogurt, or thinks that are more whole grain based, like cheerios (not honey-nut).

Annabelle Y.
The go to answer has to be oats, but are they considered a cereal ? Plain are great, adding apple and cinnamon too, otherwise Krave are an elite choice and any kind of granola in some nice and cold almond milk.

Kevin W.
I feel hot cereals are the best for breakfast. It warms your body up first thing in the morning to get you ready for the day ahead of you.

Monica N.
Cereals are not very nutritious, most of them are made out from corn which in US are mostly full of GMOs, they also have a lot of gluten, but I know that sometimes you’re just craving for something crunchy in the morning, or just to eat a little bite before going to the gym as to not to be so hungry and dizzy etc so,
I have had a very good experience with Kashi products. My favorite one is the Peanut Butter Crunch, is absolutely delicious, not very sweet and healthy.

Asta C.
Well for me it really depends on what sort of energy I need during the day, so depending on how I feel I will make myself something with eggs or I will have a bowl of cereal. When it comes to cereal I will always recommend cold as it can feel more refreshing.

Deniz F.
I think, it depends on the person like for example if you like to drink color milk when you wake up then you can eat you cereal with cold milk. For me the most important thing is that a cereal should not be so sweet, because after you have eaten you could need more sugar during the day. I would also highly recommend to you add some fruits to your cereal bowl, which would give you freshness, energy with natural sugar.