Do you include vegetables in your breakfast?

Sander Z.
No I do not. I don’t know how I could include vegetables in breakfast but I could start including more fruit would be best
Jules O.
No, i like a sweet or savoury breakfast.. but that either includes some meat or fruit, smoothies or protein shakes. I would reccomend it though, i do love vegetables. Once my garden grows some peas, ill be having those 😌
Areta C.
I have fruits and sandwiches with veggies, eggs and cheese for a breakfast. but what elsecan I have as morning meal? please share your ideas with me
Milo Q.
Sometimes if the food is home-cooked. My food is always canned or processed and the only time I eat "real" food is lunch time or there is money.
Dawn C.
No. My breakfast currently consists of oats, milk and protein powder. I might start adding some berries and seeds to improve this nutritional value.