How much do you plan for this breakfast the night before, and what do you do on the days that you wake up and realize that you haven’t done any planning the night before?

Kra N.
I'm not planning my breakfast the night before because I leave with my family. Sometimes they prepare the table and sometimes me.
And also If I haven't a plan for the day the night before, I do that in the morning after breakfast.
First, I do my planning for an entire week on Sunday evenings.
Than also I update this plan the night before.

Vanessa G.
I don't really think too hard about it.
I have 2-3 simple breakfast options that can be prepared in 5-10 minutes.
Scrambled eggs w. thawed frozen spinach on toast (stored in the freezer); microwaved oats w. cinnamon, fresh apple and peanut butter; cereal and (non-dairy) milk and a piece of fruit.
I rotate between them.
I usually have all the ingredients on hand to make them.
On days when I'm in a hurry, feeling lazy I just have toast with peanut butter and jam.
Occasionally on the weekend we go out for breakfast or do bacon and eggs.

Gladys N.
I don’t really plan anything the day before. I wake up and just go with the flow. But if I do have something important the next day I tend to plan light to give myself free time and not be burned out stressing about the little things

Conny P.
I make sure there's fruit in the house, and nuts too, if I haven't prepped anything I go for them. Otherwise always have some porridge oats around and some honey in the cupboard

Marilce T.
Most of the time I don’t plan the night before. I buy in bulk the foods that are ok for me to have and actually choose from the variety in the mornings. The Choices range from protein drinks to egg whites, turkey bacon, oatmeal, fresh fruit, or an occasional frozen egg white Turkey sausage sandwich that I simply pop in the microwave. Sometimes it feels good knowing that the choices I have are good. I can say that there really isn’t a time that I did not have anything healthy to choose from.

Jeanne T.
I don’t often think to much on it I usually just make what I’m feeling in the mood for. But i have recently started to change the food items I shop for so there is a larger variety for me to choose from so even if it’s not really planned out I know most things I choose from will be healthier choices.

Vannessa W.
I didn't plan for this breakfast. I just go with gut. I had the chicken broth in the rice cooker for slow cooker effect and just thought that it would made a great breakfast noodle soup. I did make some for ji gkung first before I made some for myself. Gotta work on that

Reinhild X.
I don’t usually prep
breakfast for the next day, mostly because I don’t feel good after eating early in the morning. But I try to stay consistent with drinking water and eating something to at least keep me energized. Usually a breakfast burrito or a cereal bar.

Paige W.
Most days i dont rly plan breakfast but i made a ready-mix of porridge & dried fruit that i can just pour water on & its basically ready. I guess if i havent made any plans the night before i try to find a moment to plan out some stuff for my day during the morning routine

Dimitris Z.
I do not plan that much. I have a standard variety of food that is easy to prepare. I have three completely different or varying choices and I make the call in the morning according to my fancy.

Alexis C.
Great question! I have actually been intermittent fasting regularly for a while now and been really enjoying it. However, when I was eating breakfast earlier in the morning, I had an arsenal of healthy meals that I had planned and could choose from, which made my options more automated and easily accessible. I would normally have a fruit smoothie, peanut butter toast, or oatmeal, and before I would go to the grocery store for the week, I made sure that I had the necessary ingredients on hand. That way it would make my mornings faster to know I had everything I needed. If I didn’t plan, it would make things more complicated, and so I would have to be more creative with what I ate, and I would use it as a gentle reminder to make sure I planned better in the future.

Jessica N.
I try everyday to plan my breakfast for the next day. It is something that just comes to my mind when I am doing nothing or just not that focused on what I am doing. When I forget to plan it I just try to look for the things I have in the refrigerator and see what can I do for breakfast.

Storm X.
I don't plan that much for breakfast. I only make sure I have eggs in the fridge. This means sometimes I skip breakfast if I wake up later

Sohan Y.
I don't really plan a lot in the evening even if it would then be easier in the morning not to think about what I should eat. So I kinda eat the first thing that comes to my mind since I'm starving. I should do better.

Rudinele P.
I have planned them since i bought the groceries. If everything's finished i order a cereal bar and a cappuccino with almond milk

Carmen Q.
I was supposed to plan the night prior but I rarely do. I generally either make it as soon as I get up or after I go for a walk. It's be nice if I booked eggs the bought before.

Kashfia N.
I actually don’t cook for myself. I am in school and I live with my parents. But a good idea is to keep some emergency oats or protein bars

Michelle O.
I eat a very small breakfast. Usually just a bagel or a bowl of cereal, not much planning. I love smoothies though so I usually like to plan out ahead of time the fresh fruit, or frozen fruit, yogurt, etc.

Macey R.
Well I try so hard to have something healthy, but you don’t realise how hard it is to not eat junk. This morning I was tired and in a hurry for school so I had a chocolate crissont

Lulla O.
Currently i am not planning or preparing much on evenings. I sometimes check what i have at home and think about which breakfast i might eat next day. But i plan to try soaking oats next week like a friend of mine is doing. I want to prepare them in the evening and let them soak overnight, so they dont last so long when cooking next day in the morning. I like to eat them warm thats why i will also heat them up although they would be also ready to eat cold. If it must be quickly and i dobt have time to sit down like yesterday, then i take a banana with me

Sentient F.
Before I go to sleep I think a little bit about what I’ll do the next morning. I’m the kind of person who would just skip breakfast altogether so my breakfast is really light. I usually eat a banana, yogurt, cereal, or a granola bar. The only planning I do is buying the snacks.

Lili Q.
I always eat the same exact thing for breakfast, first because I'm on a very strict diet, second because it's something I never get tired of. So there isn't much planning on my part, except realize if I'm running out of ingredients!

Lucia O.
I mostly just try to buy and make sure I have supplies for breakfast. I don't keep easy breakfast like cereal in the house so I'm forced to really cook something. Sometimes I do make a weeks worth of overnight oats on the weekend

Marshall Z.
I don't plan anything the night before, I usually buy groceries once or twice a week. I make sure that my blender is clean, which helps. If I don't have good I go to the bakery to eat croissants… Not great I know.

Monja M.
Stack up with healthy food, if you haven't planned something in the morning you can always have fruits and vegetables for breakfast. Go find some quick and healthy breakfast recipes and put them somewhere you will see in the morning just in case you have'nt planned your breakfast.

Petra N.
I try to plan while grocery shopping and make sure I have supplies for breakfast. Sometimes time and preferences will effect what I want for breakfast

Uhtred J.
I eat the same thing every morning, oats, berries and dark chocolate, everything is in the same place and it's my only option for breakfast. I don't have any distractions and the ingredients are right where I need them when I wake up. I don't need to plan at night as I've built my breakfast into my life so deeply that it's natural

Anthony W.
I actually plan and prepare my breakfast the night before, it takes about 5mins to do so. When I realize I forgot to plan and prepare, I would prob simply skip my breakfast.

Ca E.
I don't plan the night before as I usually like to decide what I eat depending on my craving at that moment. However I plan my weekly grocery shopping in a way to have mostly healthyish stuff to eat. For the mornings I am on a rush for example, I always have banana (if hungry toast peanut butter with banana on top) and always have hard boiled eggs. That's a quick healthy brekkie

Gabi P.
Atualmente, não planejo. Mas parece uma ótima ideia, inclusive vai de encontro com um antigo plano meu de organizar meu cardápio da semana, pra que assim eu coma bem.

Evelyn Z.
I don't plan my breakfasts at all. I have many options so it's more about what I feel like eating for instance oatmeal, boiled eggs, egg sandwich, mixed fruit, etc

Nascimento Z.
I eat the same thing every day so there isn't much additional planning to do. I just need to make sure I have all my ingredients.

Eliza T.
I bought bananas and apples so it’s easy grab and go most days but when I have time I make eggs and eat it with the fruit 🙂 and then I grab a bottle of water.

Suzana R.
I like bread and eggs for breakfast, but sometimes I eat cereal or yogurt. Every day I also have a cup of coffee with chocolate milk. So my planning is to buy those things in advance. On the days that I couldn't provide bread, I just eat one egg or I combine the egg with tapioca flour, coconut flour or oat flour for a pancake-like dish. Most of what I eat doesn't require much planning ahead.

Emese N.
Fortunately this is an older routin for me as a dietitian. I plan my shopping with an application (shopping list) so in this way that is sure I have healthy foodstuff in my fridge. It takes about 5-10 minutes to pack things in my bag and in the office I have 30-40 minutes to prepare and eat that.
If I have not planned, prepared anything I try to make the best choice

Jackson U.
I have been spending about 2-5 mins before I go to bed just planning out what I generally want to eat the next morning. Last night I wanted to make eggs and toast, and I also did put a glass of water next to my bed to prepare. However, this morning I ran out of time so I made a protein shake. I think that I need to spend about 30 mins on Sundays planning out my meals for the week, and then also meal prepping some ingredients (like peeled potatoes), that way I am better prepared for each day on what I am going to eat.

Aaron S.
Good question. I am doing an intermittent fasting routine so I have a coffee when I get up then I have something ready to put together for when I am at work and need something easy. I am actually cooking some steel cut oats right now so I have it in the fridge for the morning. I put a few scoops of that in a jar with a scoop of chia seeds and I chop up whatever fruit I have (banana and apple today) and then I add some oat milk and bring it to work with a spoon. The chia seeds expand by the time I eat and it’s easy, healthy and enough to hold me until later. I also always have some brown rice made in the fridge and beans so that I can whip that together in a Tupperware container, or in a burrito, with some avocado and maybe some tuna or sardines for lunch as another option. The key is making batches of certain items that can be thrown together easily. I am off of meat for a while (except fish and eggs) and I am also trying to eat as little empty carbs as possible – all challenges thru this app – so I make sure I have rice, beans, oats, etc ready to fill my hunger. Vegetables alone won’t hold me. Then I have a lot of veggies at dinner. Good luck! Hope it goes well for you! 🙏🏼

Sofiya J.
When I plan my breakfast I usually do something like “breakfast in a mason jar” type thing. My go to is overnight oats! If you use Greek yogurt and chia seeds you can get 20g of protein in the morning! When I forget I usually make sure to eat something, either cereal, fruit, or some yogurt. 🙂