How has eating first thing in the morning (rather than 10 am, for example) benefitted you?

Johan C.
It made me feel in charge of my life. Organised. Prioritising myself. That's an amazing feeling, worth to beat my laziness for!
Nica C.
It gives me enough energy for the day and all the nutrients that are in the food are important for my body. Especially in the morning I need the nutrients in my body.
Jay X.
I am feeling more energized because I have healthy breakfast like peanut butter and banana toast, oatmeal porridge , fruit salad , smoothies and more . And i am not a morning person and i will be lazy in the morning , but now I am ready to start my day
Richard C.
Usually it doesn’t, I tend to eat later in the morning because it makes me feel a little bit sluggish after a hearty breakfast, so I prefer to do eat about 1:00-1:30 after I wake up
Johnny J.
I find that when I eat earlier in the morning I feel more energized and ready to start my day but it’s different for everyone!
Sukanya F.
Eating first thing in the morning has amazing benefits… When I wake up after drinking water I just eat some healthy breakfast even before brushing my teeth.. eating a healthy protein diet early in the morning helps me get energetic the whole day and my most favourite part is that when i have my breakfast early in the morning I am very less likely to sleep in the afternoon and still feel energetic until and unless i eat something unhealthy and heavy for lunch or i am ill. It has other benefits too if I write them down here it will be too long ..
Margret Q.
I feel more energetic and feel less of a need to eat things that are unhealthy later in the day . It keeps you going through the day😊