Do you have an option to help with time restricted eating?

Angelina T.
When short on time, I wake up drink water and put on a pot if water to boil my egg. Then grab a slice of toast, a banana and yogurt. I’m good for a great morning.

Myriam F.
Prepare food the day before for all 3-4 courses. It helps to just grab-and-go, spend less time on cooking food, and helps not to overeat.

Ella P.
Select intermittent fasting in morning routine. Create another Routine option for when you have breakfast and create the routine you have around eating. Take time to develop your habit arc, so you can group your habits around eating in meaningful and flowing clusters.

Marilene N.
I have faced those challenges in the past. I am the type of person that eats frequent small meals so being forced into time restricted eating has been challenging. I worked to focus on changing what I was eating to ensure I was giving my body and brain the fuel it needed. Something that gave me energy but sustained blood sugar over the time period where I didn’t have access to food (inside a lab where food was an OSHA violation). Things that are slow released proteins are key because they provide fuel over a long time. I also focused on eating well in my other meals so that my body wasn’t running on fumes fro the day before or the meal before.

Danny Z.
What I’ve found that is helpful is using a fasting timer app. The one I use is free and it is called Zero. Also, I find when I eat a healthy and filling meal as my last meal, I don’t feel as hungry around the time my eating window opens. Finally, I’ve learned to recognize hunger as a gentle reminder that is time to eat soon. I don’t let it demand immediate attention or dictate when I eat.

Tommy J.
I do. I keep frozen smoothies bagged in the freezer, instant oatmeal, cereal, nuts, and fruit. All of these are a handy go-to when in a hurry.

Louanne Z.
Eat breakfast at the same time frame between when you wake up every day, eat lunch at noonish every day, eat dinner at 6:30 or a selected time frame every day, let your body get used to that flow

Frances Z.
I am not really a breakfast person so none of the options given really had me excited. Was choosing to have a protein shake in the morning an acceptable alternative?

Armando O.
There is some evidence that time restricted eating has some positive effects on body composition. There's also evidence that calorie restriction can help you live longer. But neither one matter if you don't have the discipline to follow through. First concentrate on building health habits over time, i.e.: eat regularly and eat healthy. You may find you naturally end up falling within the parameters of restricted time\calories. If you don't have the basic habits, you won't succeed. Good luck

Kyle O.
I haven’t been able to do the time restricted diet because I love my coffee in the morning, but I have read up on it and it helps me to not snack at night after dinner, and we are eating dinner earlier. It usually takes me forever to make dinner, and I’m making an effort to get it out sooner for my family. That also helps with any diet.

Fl Vio S.
I always have 1 or 2 extra meal options in my backpack (college student) for situations where I’m just to rushed to throw somthing together!

Katarina F.
Hi. If im reading your question correctly, you restricted to a time you’re supposed to be eating?
If that’s so, you really just have to adjust. You may not be totally hungry when you get that time. I’d suggest eating something at that time maybe not a lot.

Now if this is a short window of time you’re getting and that’s the issue. You are better off just bring lunch to your work. Then all you have to do is enjoy it and get back to work.
Yup. It might just suck once in a while. You have to do what you have to do in order to make things work. Work is work. It takes real effort and focus. That includes how and when you use your break time.

I’m an entrepreneur. It means I don’t get paid for my breaks. I always have to use the time wisely so I don’t spend too much time or money on food during breaks. My breaks are almost always 10 minutes or less. Often eating at my desk. Although I’m see much less of a benefit from that.

Also. Last morning I’m now back to eating a piece of whole fruit. Often a small red apple or small banana. If I do that about 11:00am. I then get lunch about 1pm or so. Usually a small turkey or ham sandwich with lettuce and tomato. Always on high fibre multigrain bread. No mayonnaise. Natural cheese. Not processed. Glass of water. 250ml. Basically it’s all about planning it. As I am relearning and readjusting my self to these habits as well.

But your food and prepare it for the next day. Old school ways will help you in the long run. Otherwise your wasting time and money trying to find out what you want.

Focus on the real goals. And how you’re going to do it.

You can do it. LC.

Lutero S.
I find that granola bars and baby food packets are amazing on the go snacks to at least get a little something to eat when you don't have time for anything more.

Mercedes O.
not sure what you mean .
if your time is restricted .
eat finger foods .heathly ones of coarse .
veggies and dip .
allready cut up fruits .

N Rio N.
Ummmmm i think i do have an option , my parents but if I’m living independently I feel that I do not have an option because I can’t set up limits for myself and keep myself accountable, other than that I need help !!

Nino T.
When I’m in a situation where I know I have a short amount of time for a meal I plan ahead and pack things that are quick and easy. I also always have snacks in my purse and car and desk so I can nibble wham I have small breaks.

Ondino Q.
Green vegetables in your salad make for a great filling meal that will let you feel fuller, thereby helping you better cope with the time restrictions. Protein usually makes you feel fuller as well and takes longer to breakdown. So something like a chicken salad would be amazing. Since it's got veggies and a protein source, plus you can add your favourite dressings to make it taste to your liking, since the macros would be great.

Danielle F.
The best way i can help here is to raise awareness of what one is experiencing during hunger. Look up the chemical “ghrelin” and it’s purpose. It is essentially the bodies natural “hunger hormone” and is released by the body in anticipation of food. However, it begins to wear off after a period of time. Therefore hunger is temporary and knowing that hunger will fade without eating to relieve this uncomfortable feeling is helpful in my view. Also, knowing that when one fasts they are allowing the body to repair damaged cells and consume other badly damaged or aged cells is helpful too. By fasting we allow our body to stop working on breaking down food and heal itself. Reducing inflammation and getting rid of waste. Fasting is normal and natural for humans.

Johan C.
I do believe I have the option to help. Whether I’m willing to take that option is another matter. I would need courage and self control of which I need to exercise more and focus on to bring to the forefront of my mind so they can go to work for me.

Reinald J.
My husband and I make a smoothie the night before so we can just wake up and enjoy for breakfast. We put bananas, blueberries, oats, honey and almond milk. It keeps us full for hours and takes less than 1 minute in the morning 😊

Kent W.
Try microwavable egg poachers or have eggs boiled and peeled the night before to pack with lunch and allow yourself to buy low sugared protein shakes or juices, you can find some store brands for a good price at WinCo, Walmart and Trader Joe's as well as RiteAid, Vons, and Vallarta supermarkets. Hope this helps. Also stop by some farmers markets in your area for fresher produce.

April F.
When I am busy with a project, I don’t take time to eat, so I “schedule” big projects on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. And I make sure to plan something great to eat at noon, when I am “breaking my fast.” I also have a pitcher of filtered water to “see” the water level go down as I drink water every time I walk by.

Abdul U.
If you mean that you need to prep food and eat quickly, then for breakfast- the night before I used to get a small jar, put eggs, a bit of cheese, sliced ham (chopped up), sometimes fried courgette/zuccini (chopped up), then in the morning put in the microwave for a few minutes, but keep an eye on it as the egg mixture will overflow and pop out if left unattended. There are all sorts of ideas for quick "microwave mug meals" on Google 🙂 I used be so short on time in the mornings that I took the jar and a fork with me on the bus. As I work late afternoon till late evening I plan ahead what quick lunch I can cook on the day or pre cook the night before or have left-overs and eat it before I go to work. And dinners I usually prep the night before and take it to work alongside a few healthy snacks like fruit, nuts and quick cook noodles in a pot (maybe not so healthy) 🙂 another fantastic option is to use a slow cooker, there are so many recipes you can use and it cooks itself, you don't need to be present once you set it on. It can take as quick as 2 hours and as long as 8-10, whichever suits your needs best. Hope that helps 🙂

Beth R.
I try to always have granola bars and almonds at my desk for breakfast and a few Thai Kitchen meals that dont need to be refrigerated. They might not be the healthiest but if my only alternative is eating out then they are a much better option.