Kefir and kombucha. Should I drink these with breakfast?

Paul S.
I would stay off kefir, but just for personal reasons, because it’s made of cows milk and I eat vegan. But Kombucha is a great way to heat your probiotics in.
Hans Ulrich J.
I think kombucha is not the best choice for breakfast. But you can drink kefir after you eat your breakfast, probably after 30-60 minutes
Landon C.
Hi there! Yes, you totally could have these for breakfast! It should fill you up and I hear kombucha does a lot of good like lower your anxiety/depression rates and so on! Have a good day!
Alicia O.
These drinks are filled with multiple nutrients and good bacteria which are great for your health. With regards to whether these drinks should pair with breakfast, I don’t have an answer or personal preference. However, I believe they make a great sofa substitute and would be perfectly paired with a lunch or just a refreshing afternoon beverage.
Ben C.
Depends on what your drink in mind is. The healthiest option in water but not everyone like water. With kombucha my aunt actually makes it. As long as your drink doesn’t effect the rest of your day you should be fine. As for kefir I don’t know much about so I’m sorry I can’t help there. Have a good rest of your day!
Horst Peter Q.
Eventhough both are healthy and good alternatives to ease and improve digestion, I think Kefir is better to have in the morning than kombucha as it is too acid for a morning breakfast. Ask a doctor or try it out and see how your body feels.
Livio E.
You can drink these with breakfast if you want to. Kombucha does tend to be very expensive. If you like tea regular or herbal can be a good option in the morning too. Fruit juice contains a lot of sugar so it’s not always the best option. If you do drink fruit juice choose low sugar options and or 100% juice options. It’s always a good idea to drink a glass of water in the morning after getting up.
Gertrud O.
I really don’t have kombucha. So I believe yogurt is more or less likely to be kefir. So I will drink kefir with breakfast
Tim W.
They’re both really good for you! However, I feel that Kefir is more breakfast-y then kombucha, but that’s just me. Some people like soda in the the morning and kombucha is more like soda. There are no hard and fast rules. You can drink either anytime of the day! But they are both liquids with probiotics so you probably don’t want to have them both in one meal. Plus, they’re both sweetened, so I think it’s important to make sure you’re not consuming too much sugar in one meal.
Ricky Z.
Kombucha is a sparkly way to start the day ( Wow I mad rhyming this morning 😶)
I’d follow up with some kefir and walnuts when flying out that door
Isabella E.
I personally have not had either of these. I’ve heard great things about kefir and kombucha. If it were me and had to make a decision of which the try 1st I probably would try Kefir with my breakfast instead of yogurt.
Kim Z.
I think having it in the morning would be better for the gut on an empty stomach but I’m sure it has its ups and downs.
Sohan O.
Any probiotic food or drink is good for your overall health. Doesn't necessarily need to be kombucha or kefir and doesn't necessarily need to be at breakfast time.
L Rke U.
Those are healthy drink options. Just be careful with the sugar content if the Kefir: sometimes packaged options at the store put in a bunch of added sugar to mask the sourness.
Darlene X.
Yes, i think one or the other is a great start of the day. The two of them together introduces to much for bacteria at once, we only need to balance out intestinal Flora a little at a time to give our own local good bacteria the time to accept the new introduced cultures
Ladislaus C.
Kefir would be more recommendable, it can lay a lining on your stomach and make you feel better during the day. Kombucha is acidic and it may upset your empty stomach first thing in the morning.
Ann P.
Sure. Kefir is great anytime. Kombucha too, but I usually treat kombucha as a tonic drink. Nevertheless, both will make you feel elevated and energized. 🙂
Henny Z.
I’m not sure of what Kefir is ; however I am a fan of Kombucha. I find it more resourceful by drinking it after breakfast to allow your food to settle before stirring it up.
Lu S Z.
I personally go with coffee. Counts as fluid intake and gives you a great hit of caffeine! Perfect way to start every day!
Valerie O.
Every person is different. You need to experiment a lot to get to know the best way to “break your fast”. It’s not because someone says you should have eggs/a smoothie etc that you should really have it. Try the different options to find the best fit for your body.
Folker B.
Kefir is great with breakfast, but it isn’t a meal. You can get many flavors, so you won’t get bored. It’s filling and nutritious, but make sure you get some solid food to go along with it. Also, be prepared to have some gut adjustments as you get started, because of the probiotics. (That doesn’t mean upset or bloated, just different.)
Daphn T.
I believe Kombucha is good for gut health. I’m personally not sure if it would be too acidic for first thing in the morning.
Lauren B.
Is this for me? Or for you? Oh, and by the way who are you? Anyway I think kombucha is great but you don’t have to drink it with breakfast- you could have any time of the day. Btw I have no idea what kefir is.
Heraldo E.
To my mind definitely yes. It starts your metabolism if you drink it before food. It is very good for detox and finally it’s refreshing. Since I drink kefir every morning I feel much more comfortable in my body and I don’t have bloated belly anymore.
Inguelore C.
Kombucha is great for digestion but it can cause a little nausea. I have mine with dinner because I have a sensitive stomach but really any time is good.
Joerg Y.
Kefir. I like kefir and it's a healthy choice for the morning, since it has probiotics in it. As for Kombucha, I have no idea about it for now, but it sounds healthy and delicious too.
Joann F.
I’m not an nutritionist but according to my life experience kefir is not the best choice for breakfast, coz it fills your stomach n you’re satisfied at that moment, but it’s not nutritious enough and you will hungry again like in one hour again. This is cool thing for the night i think: when it’s time to go sleep but you are starving 🙂 can’t say anything about kombucha, I’ve tried it only once and it seems like alternative to fizzy drinks
Bruce P.
I think you shouldn’t drink them together. Personally I don’t like kombucha. But on the internet i read that it helps to lose some weight. So, my answer is-maybe; you have to try, maybe at first your organism won’t be able to get used to. So, you should try. And yes, please share with results 😊
Oscar X.
Personally I don't because I do not like either of these. However they are both great choices and will give you a lot of good probiotics and I believe kefir will also be a good source of protein. The most important thing is to find something you enjoy and will actually eat, because the most have food that isn't eaten doesn't do any good.
Ramon E.
Yes. Fermented foods are great for your gut flora, which is great for your metabolism. This in turn boosts your hormonal balance and helps you achieve physical and emotional balance.
Barry E.
Kefir is a very healthy drink but you may not like it if you drink it in the morning. It is a little heavy, oily for breakfast. But some people like it
Valentine E.
I don’t know abt these. I prefer cereal with milk and some fruit and few almonds. It energises me for whole day. Good luck 🙂
Rene E.
I’ve never heard of Kefir & only just learned of Kombucha in the past year or so, but after looking up kefir, it appears to me that it’s like the milk version of kombucha, and has many health benefits because of their potent probiotics. I think I would drink these for breakfast if I had them!
Susanna Z.
Если ты чувствуешь себя после их употребления полным сил и энергии человеком, то да, если сонливость, то лучше пить их с 30 минутной паузой.
Walter O.
Definitely. These probiotic drinks improve your overall gut microbiota, offer different types of nutrients, assist on the daily peristaltism, and help sustaining your health.
Beth R.
I think so because they are both filled with probiotics that are good for my gut. I do think that kefir might be gentler to the stomach since the consistency is like yogurt. Kombucha on the other hand is fizzy so maybe I can consume it after a brunch or like a pick me up drink in the afternoon instead of drinking my usual tea.
Marie C.
Fermented foods are great for your body! I like to put kefir in my smoothies. Kombucha is a great drink during the day – if you can’t handle the taste you can put that in your smoothies too! If you’re new to fermented foods, start slow or you may have some digestive effects while your body adjusts. Enjoy!
Sean E.
I have never tried this before, so i do not know. But I do not mind trying. However, i also do not know where to look for it.
Levi J.
I don’t drink either for breakfast but I generally have one in the early afternoon. I do add apple cider vinegar to my smoothie and detox morning drinks.
Milo Z.
Well I never tried that and I don’t really know, but you can go on internet and search a bit. I think you can, but I’m not sure.
Giani A.
Kefir should probably be fine as long as you don't overdo it and combine it with something that has low fat and sugar. Thought I am not a specialist in this regard.