Do you meal prep any breakfast ahead of time?

Isavella G.
No I don’t. But I do have ideas of what I want to have in my mind. So when I wake up in the morning to have breakfast, I don’t waste any time because I already know what I want.
Naomi O.
I do not, but I do also think that meal prepping breakfast ahead of time is important. This can help you plan out what would be best for you to fuel yourself for the morning, and for meals in general throughout the week, rather than you scurrying to get a good breakfast in as soon as you wake up. Remember to take your time and assess what needs to be if you do end up doing this. Planning is great and important, take advantage of what you can prep before hand!
Leonhard S.
No I don’t because i noticed that when I do, often it’s not what I want in the morning.. so I just go with the flow and the “what’s gonna make me happy”
Miriam Z.
No, not yet. I am slightly unorganized in the morning, and I like to cook a lot of my breakfasts fresh first thing in the morning, especially with the huge block of time that I give myself to eat and make food.
Rena N.
Not really. I mostly just look around and make something at the moment.
I usually run late at morning s and its always a rush .Even though I always make sure that have my tummy filled in the morning. Breakfast is the most important meal of the and I always try to not skip it.