What are the best types of food to have to start off the day?

Arif U.
A good breakfast is high in protein and healthy fats. Complex carbs like whole grains are best because they are converted to energy slower. This keeps your energy levels up longer and keep your blood sugar from spiking.

An example of a meal like this might be a couple of eggs, some bacon, whole milk and whole grain cereal or toast. Animals that have been pasture raised out in the sun have higher Omega-3 present in their fat and meat and pasture-raised chicken eggs are darker in color and higher in nutrition.

Elsa S.
For me personally, I need a whole meal. Eggs, scrambled so I can have the serving size but wont feel like too much. A tall cold glass of milk or a superfood fruit and veggie smoothie to drink. And a small chicken salad with low or no-fat bacon dressing.

Quit Ria Y.
I prefer high protein and fat breakfasts. My body doesn’t respond well to high amounts of carbs. Eggs are my go to, along with cottage cheese, chicken apple sausage, and I love having fresh tomato and cucumber in the mornings.

Teresa J.
I think starting the day off with complex carbs yo keep you fueled with energy throughout the day. Like oatmeal and quinoa! Also, I like protein on the side as well. For instance, mixing a tablespoon of peanut butter into my oatmeal makes it super delicious!

Elizabeth C.
You should have a breakfast that is rich with protein.
You can have:
Eggs boiled or scrambled.
Banana with a spoon of peanutbutter.
Natural yogurt.

Tracy Y.
I like to eat two scrambled eggs every morning along with apple slices that I smear peanut butter onto. Scrambled eggs are easy enough and provide a low-calorie source of protein that keeps me full. An apple is also low calorie and provides the simple carbohydrates necessary for quick energy. The peanut butter helps make that energy release more gradual. Ultimately though, you should eat what makes you feel most energized.

Mia O.
Lots of fruit and a nice cup of coffee. Add some toast with either avocado or an egg and I think I'm good for a few hours after!

Rebecca F.
I like to have oats and fruit in the morning. The oats sustain me for a long time and the fruit supplies sugar for an extra boost in the morning. I also have my oats with a breakfast tea to wake me up and start my day well

Lucille P.
Something filling that isn't sugary and empty calories. I often like to have some sort of fruit and carbohydrates that are gluten free and vegan.

Barry Q.
Many people prefer to have cereal for breakfast but for a healthier version you can have oatmeal with fruits or veggies, whichever way you like. Having a cup of green tea in the morning is also very beneficial for health.

Eva Maria X.
Cereales, frutas, carnes y derivados, pescado, huevos, frutos secos, lácteos, etc… Depende del contexto, pero cualquier alimento que se pueda incluir en una alimentación saludable es una buena opción.

Danielle C.
Nuts, fruit, and a healthy fat! Sagento makes a pack called Balanced Breaks which have cheese, nuts, and dried fruit in them. They taste good and they make you feel good.
Other good foods for breakfast are avacado (salt and pepper the slices for taste), blueberries or strawberries, and bacon or eggs.

Maelya N.
Short answer is protein. Long answer is more complicated. Good foods to start off the day will provide long lasting energy and lift your mood, to start the day out on the right foot. So, go for something healthy but don't force yourself to eat something that you don't like.

Alison E.
It's best to have protein in some form. Eggs are great for this, but powder will work in your smoothie, or peanut butter on your toast.

Louisa P.
Light carbs, light sugar, good protein. My schedule makes it difficult to prepare breakfast at home so most days I stop at the store and get a chicken and egg on toast. Biscuits tend to be too much carb for me. I always select a cut meat, chicken, beef, or pork. The ground meats (sausage) don't contain enough protein. Ham will do in a pinch but usually need two slices. Fried foods are off the list too.

Elvira U.
Fruits and proteins. You want to be more carbohydrate dense in the morning with fruits and slowly migrate to vegetables in the afternoon. You should aim for a balanced amount of protein throughout the day. A good breakfast food filled with complete proteins are eggs.

Lina Y.
For me, the option is an oatmeal supported by a banana or walnut. Eggs are also great source of protein, so it's another great option for a great day.

Deanna G.
Fresh Fruit. Either while or juiced. A good idea is to have a glass of Juice and then a bowl of fruit.
Avoid any other food/drinks (specially coffee/tea, in the next 2 hours.

Sergei F.
Foods that keep you full for a long time such as avocado, oatmeal, peanut butter, eggs or other foods rich on protein and good fats

Sofia C.
Something that can be made or had quickly so that I can have breakfast and not something too heavy otherwise I'll feel sleepy and distracted as soon as I start the day.

Mathilde N.
In order to receive extended energy delivery from the food I eat proteins, eggs, avocado, hummus, oatmeal and other wholegrain foods. When I eat fast sugars (muffin, candy, waffles, etc.) they spike the energy fast but also the sugar levels. The problem is that this energy boost we received is not prolonged but for a short period after which we feel drained and the brain is tricked to want more of it even though it doesn't need.

Rene Z.
A good breakfast contains: 1. Protein – for example, eggs. 2. Starchy Carbohydrates – for example, old fashioned oats (1/2 cup measured dry). 3. One small serving of fruit – like 7 cherries, 1 cup of strawberries, or 3 apricots etc.