I need fast and simply breakfast ideas for a vegetarian?

Sarah Y.
Every morning I go on walks on an empty belly. After I am finished, I make a smoothie with applesauce, almond milk, avocado, dates and hemp seeds

Cris Z.
I eat oatmeal with honey and nuts. I just put oatmeal with water into a microwave for one minute and than flavor it with honey and nuts (sometime dark chocolate and banana, jam, apples, some seeds,…).

Bogdan U.
Breakfast burritos! Make with egg whites, beans, veggies, salsa. Put in a wrap and toast the wrap on a skillet and enjoy!

Nursarah F.
overnight oats! the night before, get a jar and cook your oats. you can add protein powder or mash up some bananas (overripe is fine too) if you like a thicker consistency, add milk for something more fluid. chocolate/matcha/etc powder for flavour, honey to sweeten. chuck it in the fridge overnight and voila! overnight oats! add fruits or toppings as you wish 😁

Ritthy O.
Have Chopped up onions, peppers, mushrooms and spinach on hand. Make an omlette with all that in the am. Or make egg “cupcakes” in the oven.

Sarah Z.
I'm a vegetarian too. I have porridge oats that I cook in the microwave. I top my porridge with frozen mixed berries, a little honey and a flax seed blend with omega 3 (I dont get enough through my diet). Or some days I have apple and peanut butter instead of porridge & I make sure my peanut butter is sugar and added oil free!

Niamh O.
What I eat every morning is oats, with raspberries, pour milk over and stick it in the microwave for one minute, eat with sugar to taste.

Brianna T.
Smoothies or overnight oats are a great way to go! Smoothies can be loaded with fruits and veggies, plus you can add protein powder, chia seeds, and so much more! Overnight oats are a great grab and go solution, you can also add chia seeds to this as well!

N Jela P.
My favorite is an egg and avocado breakfast sandwich. Just toast some bread and spread it with half an avocado. Cook an egg in the microwave by putting it in a microwave-safe dish/bowl (I use my Pyrex 1-cup measuring cup) mixed with some butter, salt, and pepper. Microwave 30 seconds on high, then stir and microwave another 30 seconds. Stick it between the pieces of avocado-spread bread, and it's ready to eat!

Dominika B.
One of the best breakfast ideas I have discovered just recently are toasts with minced avocadoes and fried/boiled eggs on top.
I can also suggest banana-oatmeal pancakes (recommended with maple syrup).
Finally, a simple porridge. There are many varieties to choose here: oatmeal, semolina, buckweat or even couscous on a milk base (because why not?). Hope this helps!

Emma E.
I like to make fruit and yogurt parfaits and smoothies in the morning. Boiled eggs are also a great source of protein in the morning.

Esraa N.
A smoothie, oatmeal with fruit, energy bar, or you can check https://itdoesnttastelikechicken.com/30-vegan-breakfast-recipes-that-arent-smoothies-oatmeal-or-energy-bars/

Betony J.
If you eat eggs, try making a frittata ahead of time & either eat it cold or warm it up. I like to pair mine with some fresh fruit & a small salad or leftover veggies from dinner. If you don’t eat eggs consider opening up your ideas about breakfast. Are there meals you really enjoy that you could eat in the morning? Nobody said veggies & tofu couldn’t be a morning meal!