Is bacon bad for breakfast? I know it contains lots of fat.

Mark N.
It's not necessarily bad but I would highly suggest a more nutrient-full meal for your breakfast. Maybe add some eggs and some vegetables next to it. Or check out healthy bacon breakfast recipes online! All points considered, if you really like it you can just compensate by eating leaner meals along the day. Fat isn't all that bad anyways!
Myyisti P.
It’s not the best choice for breakfast – it wouldn’t keep you full (not much protein) and has indeed, quite a lot of fat, and in general not a lot of nutrients. Better options would be, of course, something like fruits if you’re in a hurry.
Ariango G.
I don’t actually think so, if you need to burn your calories and you want to eat it then just eat it then go running. :)) hope this helped you:))
Harold X.
In general bacon is bad it doesn't only cointain loads of fat it cointains a lot of disease that's why you don't see it in diets as it's bar in my opinion abandon it completely
Abby J.
Bacon is definitely bad for breakfast, even health. It is a processed food and it contains a lot of salt and fat. Take in too much salt and fat is bad for health. I recommend you to have more healthier breakfast such as egg, toast, etc.
Laura W.
Bacon like all food is good in moderation, but it's also case dependant. Bacon is great for me because I struggle to get enough fat in my diet, but if you are watching your cholesterol I'd avoid it
Rachael N.
Yes. It is processed meat, which is carcinogenic (cancer-causing). It is high in saturated fat and salt. It doesn’t contain any fibre. If you want a cooked breakfast, try leaving out meat or replacing it with vegetarian substitutes. There are loads of delicious plant-based breakfast ideas online!
Shy T.
It depends on the rest of your diet whether or not bacon is bad. If you have few saturated fats in your diet then bacon is fine in small amounts. If you already eat a lot of fatty meats then it's probably better to forgo bacon for veggies or whole grains. If you're keto then bacon is likely exactly what you're looking for.
Lucy O.
i think bacon is great for breakfast! it adds more protien for energy and production. although it does contain fat, dont worry. there is no food that is bad for you, but some foods can be harmful in large quantities. so dont be afraid to eat fat, but dont eat too much in one day 🙂