do you know any quick yummy recipes for when you in a rush in the mornings? thanks!

Suzana B.
Yes, but it depends on your taste:
1. Some yogurt with granola & your fav fruit
2. A quick toast with any cheese u got & pastrami
3. If you actually got the time for it mash some avocado eat with some bread or even make an egg with it.
These are quick meals you can make while doin other things to save up time 🙂
Kelsie J.
If you tend to be in a rush in the mornings, I recommend prepping something ahead of time! I love to make a breakfast casserole, which I can use throughout the week for breakfast.

I also recommend stocking up on fruit! They are quick and easy, plus I love smoothies. Try adding fruit and granola to some Greek yogurt for an easy yogurt parfait. I also add fruit to my Cheerios to give it some variety.

If you have a little bit of time to cook, my go-to meal is a scrambled egg bowl. I add whatever I have laying around the kitchen! Typically, I will add bell peppers, mushrooms, or tomatoes. A little salsa or hot sauce doesn’t hurt either! I love this meal because it’s so versatile and it uses up what I have in the fridge!

Lawrence F.
Simple oatmeal with a banana and clsome strawberries is what i eat when i need it quick. Add to the tase by experimenting with natural peanut butter, honey and Cinnamon powder.
Wendy Z.
Yes, I have few yummy breakfast recipes and I hardly rushing in the mornings. When I do, quick bite of peanut butter toast and cheese usually do the trick. Egg sandwiches. Cereals or oats. Try download this app called yummly, plenty of breakfast ideas. You might also want to plan your day properly so you wont always be rushing.
Tracey F.
I really like to make toast. Then I just add of peanut butter and it’s good! Another good option is a toasted bagel with whatever cream cheese you want. Personally I like an everything bagel with herb cream cheese. A last resort is cereal. This one is pretty straight forward. However you can bring a bagel and toast with you to work but not cereal.
Brayden T.
I like yogurt parfait. You can just throw some plain yogurt, your favorite fruit, a little cinnamon, and some granola sprinkled on top. Fast and delicious!
Todd O.
Hard boiled eggs, you put a pan of water with a tbs of vinegar and egg on the burner (eggs go in right away dont boil water first) once the water is boiling you turn off the heat, leave it on the burner for seven minutes and boom done. I start it with my morning face ritual then the seven minutes when I get dressed and my bags together. Pair with a banana and perfect for high protein and quick.
Tommy S.
Mason jar oatmeal. You make it the night before and it's ready to go on the morning. You can make it with fruit or chocolate for extra flavor. Pinterest has lots of recipes
Emma W.
I make scrambled eggs on toast in 10minutes – put some oil in a frypan over low heat, put the toast in the toaster, while its toasting crack 2-3eggs into a bowl and mix with a dash of milk and salt and pepper, pour into the pan and break into small pieces. Put the scrambled eggs on the toast and it's done in 10minutes or less!! Delicious,easy and healthy
Nicolas Y.
Oats with soy milk in the microwave for 1 minute. Add whatever fruit you like. Chia seeds or flax seeds are great add ins too. Honey or stevia if you’re craving a bit of sweetness
Roger X.
Put Butter on a pan and 1 or 2 slice of bread, when it is toasted as you like slice a banana and put cinnamon on it. Mixed it well so every slice of banana has cinammon on it, put white cheese if you like. 10 min and it's ready.
Kay X.
I'm a single mum so breakfast for me is a quick cup of coffee early morning whilst making the 1st bottle of the day. I don't eat breakfast till nap time around 12.. can I call this breakfast?
Vernon E.
I freeze alot of fruit (berries, bananas, etc.) and then I can just throw it in a bowl with yoghurt, chia seeds, flaxseeds, ground cinnamon and ground ginger for a delicious and filling breakfast!
Bertha T.
My go-to’s are overnight oats (Pinterest has so many variations so you’ll never get tired) and some loaded yoghurt. They’re both extremely customizable and healthy as you need! I suggest checking Pinterest, there’s a huge variety on there as well as Buzzfeed Tasty. Both huge sources of inspiration for me 🙂
Antonio E.
I like a half bagel (or whole bagel if I'm really hungry) with peanut butter and an apple. The peanut butter is much better than cream cheese to keep you feeling full and energized.
Tracey Y.
Oats with fruits, or make omelet with vegies the day before and eat with or without bread. Healthy mugcakes can be an option as well. You can could make it the night before. Hope this gives you some ideas.