What do you make when you are in a rush to work but you still need to eat well?

Monica X.
I have found that eating healthy has made breakfast quicker and easier. I have found that a banana and a handful of walnuts has given me great energy for work and also keeps me full until lunch time. If I am hungrier, I will add some oatmeal or fresh fruit with it. Berries are great! Apples with peanut butter. Also, if you like hard boiled eggs, they are nice because you can boil enough for the whole week that way all you have to do is peel and maybe heat up if you prefer them hot. Hope this helps!

Leslie G.
always keep a stack of nuts or healty bars in my office so if one morning I am in a rush I know there's something healthy I can grab.

Ismet E.
I have mixes for breakfast prepped in advance in case I'm in a rush. It's usually something quick like some assorted nuts and a bit of fruit. I also have some more filling breakfasts like a mason jar meal that I can prep ahead of time and grab before I leave.

Maddie T.
I try to always have a large bottle of a store bought (100% fruit) smoothie in the fridge (not juice, a smoothie) that I’ll pour into a travel mug. That’s not enough to sustain me till lunch so I’ll pair it with a protein bar, protein shake, or hard boiled egg if I have them made. Just always make sure the protein bars/ shakes have 5g grams of sugar or less because companies like to turn them into the equivalent of a candy bar.

Jeffery E.
Toast and egg sandwich with some sauerkraut works really well for me as it takes little time to make but eating while moving is not the one.

C Cilia F.
I try to plan ahead and make leftovers from a nutritious meal the night before. That way I have a warm and nutritious lunch with no extra work in the morning. I also pack my dinner to take with me sometimes if I’m going to be out all evening. If I haven’t cooked leftovers then a packet of grains or curried couscous from Aldi works as a protein filled lunchtime meal.

Elias B.
I have been preparing "grab bags" on the weekend for my week ahead. I add a variety of different healthy foods..boiled eggs, mixed nuts, fruits, cut up veggies and put them in little snack baggies so I can grab and go. Since healthy foods seem to expire quickly, I only do a week at a time. Hope this helps and works for you! 👍

Stephanie A.
I make protein shakes. Using vanilla or chocolate protein powder, water and ice as a base, I will then add things like chai tea and vanilla syrup (both sugar free) to the vanilla, or banana pudding mix and peanut butter to the chocolate. Gives me 30g of protein and I’m good to go for my morning! There are some great recipes on Pinterest. But I keep mine simple.

Cl Mence Z.
I take a snack and when I reach the office I find a good breakfast. But this is the exception, I regularly prioritize my breakfast to the work and try to give the right time for each task.

Carter T.
Buckwheat is fast to boil as i make it at the same time as i wash myself. Can also pan fry eggs but it requires more clean up later. Throwing together a quick smoothie with oatmeal in it is probably fastest.

Madiha Z.
I usually put frozen berries in a cup and top it with plain yogurt so I can eat it on my way to work..or when I get to my desk.

Necati U.
A protein bar and an apple. Whole-wheat bread and almond butter with a glass of milk. A piece of low-fat cheese and some crackers. Baby carrots.

Mary O.
I prepare my lunches for the week on Sunday so I don’t have to think about it during the week. My current favorite is chickpea salad with seed bread.

Guadalberto C.
When I’m in a rush, I like to make two pieces of toast spread with Nutella. It’s something I can eat while working or on the go.

Kayla F.
So far, homemade granola. I want to keep my breakfast calories low because I'd like to lose weight. So I make granola at home with oats, nuts, quinoa etc. It has less sugar and about 6grams of protein for 200 calories.

Louisa Z.
Overnight oats. I put 1/2 cup of oats (not instant) in a jar with 3/4 cup milk.(your choice). I add a little cinnamon. Sometimes blueberries or a chopped apple. You can put in any fruit. I also put a little canned pumpkin. Leave it overnight in the fridge. In the morning you can have it cold. I out mine in the microwave for one minute and it's ready. You can also put it in a thermos and take it with you. I like mine thick. Just add a little more liquid, up to one cup when preparing. Good to go.

Ismet E.
I am now retired. On Sundays I used to make salad and put it in 5 containers. As long as you bring the dressing separately and, if you want tomato or avocado they also need to be taken separately. Also, as long as you don’t use mayonnaise you can make sandwiches and freeze them.

Fadime Q.
I am planning my time in advance. I usually cook my meals in advance. I spend my Saturdays cooking for the entire week so that I will not end my hectic day with fast food. And I try to treat myself every time with little goodies.