What’s your idea of a great breakfast?

Ana X.
My idea of a great breakfast is that, it should be nutritious and filling. It should be easy to digest. It should give me the energy to go about the days tasks.
Benedikt W.
In this routine I have every morning a cup of soy milk, a cup (or two) of long coffee, some biscuits or some bread with jam and a bit of fruit
Paulina Q.
A great breakfast is something that fills my stomach and gives me happiness. Breakfast is something that I look forward to. I always have eggs, a meal and some liquid for my breakfast.
Iole S.
A great breakfast have to include fruit, whole grain, tea or milk, a little bit of dark chocolate and nuts for an extra energy boost.
Luis B.
I think 2 cups of water are excellent, but not really Sure if 5 mins before breakfast are enough. For me, I drink 500 ml of water 15 mins at least before i get my breakfast. You can start the way you like and then by time you will find out the most suitable way for you. Good luck.
Lic Lia P.
I would say a GREAT breakfast is something that will have all the food groups. You know that plate they use to show kids how to eat a balanced meal? Just use that! Good luck on your journey! I hope this helps! 🤞🏾😁