I eat alone, any tips on making the experience more exciting so I stick to it?

Hor Cio N.
I eat alone also. Whenever I eat breakfast I either read a book or watch tv. If you don’t want to read a book because you don’t want to get anything on it you download app to play audiobooks and listen to it on your phone.
Elliot Z.
Try making smoothies. Go to the local farmer’s market or grocery store and buy a variety of fruits and other healthy ingredients. Allow yourself to get creative with new smoothie creations.
Emma U.
Think about the food you are eating. How it tastes, how it feels in your mouth and then how it make your stomach feel once swallowed. Tune into what your eating and how it makes your feel.
Kamila V.
I eat and meditate so the food would give me just the nutrients which are good to me and make a little spell like this food will bring me prosperity:)
Rosie U.
Eat something that excites you! Try experimenting with herbs and spices. Fill your plate with colour- red from tomatoes, yellow from peppers, green from courgettes, purple from onions. Put on music while you cook and eat. Try something you’ve never had before. The world is your oyster.
Ralph T.
Try to decorate your plate with simple touches that makes it eye catching (make it simple so it doesn't take much time and you get enjoy your meal!) and take a photo for the plates and for you eating these delicious meals to create your own meal photo journal! or you can share these photos on your social media where you might inspire others and even make friends who share the same goal you have and encourage each other too!
Marcella N.
Practice some new cooking techniques or recipes. Then when you find ones you really enjoy, host a dinner party to show off your new favorite healthy meals.
Alban C.
Have the radio gong on talkback and listen to other people's questions about the subject they are discussing. Wow down your own thoughts
Micheal P.
I love to eat alone. And read a book. I enjoy going to a restaurant eating by my self being served and having that time to myself!
Mira R.
Same here. What I do is I prepare/plan a healthy and my favorite breakfast, which leads to an exiting breakfast for me. Oh, also trying foods that you haven't tried or tasted yet would also increase your interest.
Sarah Y.
If you want, you can take the opportunity to think over what you're going to do that day. I eat alone, and I always plan out my day. In fact, now eating is one of my fav parts of the day.
Vanessa O.
Play some music, read a book. Try to stay away from technology while eating though because it tends to make us want to eat more and more unhealthy food. Good luck!
Deanna U.
I love eating alone actually. I take it as me time doing at least one of my favorite things (eating haha). I will often put on a show I’m trying to catch up on or a movie on my phone. I’ll open up a book and read. Or I’ll even catch up on reading and homework I need to do for school. I’m very comfortable being alone and I’ll even sometimes just sit there people watching while I eat. Doing this you discover really interesting things about people around (some you may know, some you don’t). Not sure if this will help, but this is typically what I do when I’m eating alone. Good luck!
Lya P.
I suggest to decorate your table by adding flowers , scented candle and of course your favourite healthy meal ,you can turn up the radio ,listen to a certain podcast or watch your fav tv show.Additionally,try inviting some friends so you can share a meal together.
Lana Z.
Be creative. Recipes are convenient and safe but it’s way more fun to play around with the creations you eat once you have the basics down. Besides, it’s not like they’ll be anyone there to judge you if it doesn’t work out, only an unsavory meal.
Dorothe U.
Distraction is key! I eat alone to. Putting something good on t.v or playing a game on my phone helps keep the mind distracted. Sometimes even putting music on helps.
Axel O.
I ear alone too so have just made sure ive bought simple foods I enjoy. Most mornings it is just a banana and a glass of water. But it counts.
Amy O.
You can watch a movie, listen to to a podcast or watch mukbangs on YouTube so you feel like there’s someone eating with you!
Stephanie W.
It's easier when eating alone to choose what you want to eat without any peer influence.

Always choose foods that you actually do enjoy that comes with health benefit. Avocadoes always makes for a good choice.

Emilie X.
Food is a necessity, but also a ritualistic experience. Making that experience special is showing your mind, body and soul respect. The energy around you while you eat is essential. Play music and have the lighting just the way you like it. Plate your food in a way that is aesthetically pleasing. Find your table. If it’s nice outside, dine al fresco. Make it special..for you!
Maxime C.
Well, I usually eat in front of the television. Which in all honesty is not that great.

Sometimes if I have the time, I will set a place at the table and make it fancy. I would light candles turn on music and put my phone away.
I may even just use this time to think on what I need to do for the day.

Rosa W.
A quiet morning Is a time for you. It is time to meet a new day and yourself in it.
Celebrate the start of a new day with a good breakfast, and good thoughts.
And it's such an easy and affordable way to support yourself.
When you need to prepare for work, the peace and quiet will remain with you and it will be easier to focus on your tasks, because you have given time to yourself earlier.
And the good food you ate for Breakfast will help to keep a good mood, because the blood received endorphins.
Tamela D.
When eating alone, sometimes it's a good idea to savor each bite. Think about each bite and how it tastes, smells, reminds you of. Ground yourself to your food and appreciate each bite. I also eat breakfast alone and use the time to listen to a podcast/audiobook and consider that my time.
Cameron T.
If there are any other members in your house you may want to involve them in your new venture. If one one is available at home, you can possible skype, or facetime other friends and family that can help make it more exciting.
Samy F.
Take pictures of your food. If you are alone, no one can judge you for it, and it is a good motivation to make it look pretty
Jon N.
I eat alone too! I make my surroundings suite my tastes to make it a better experience. Using a favourite mug, playing some lofi music in the background, and adding some foods that make me feel good to my dish (dark chocolate, nuts, lemons, etc) make breakfast great. Also enjoying this moment in the morning of blissful solitude helps. Think of it as your time to freely let your mind wander – whether you’re thinking about the weather, your goals for the day, a tv show you’re watching, a friend… Your mental free time!
Catarina O.
Enjoy the different tastes. And if it's you who cooked the food you will appreciate more (follow a recipe withouth changing steps he will end up good)
Don O.
I don’t know about making exciting, but I make it something I look forward to. For instance, I’ll go to a restaurant and read a book and sometimes listen to conversations. At home, I make a treat or play a game I like while I eat.