How do you deal with exceptional situations like a waffle truck on your buisness trip hotel?

Jihan N.
If you want to be more healthy and stop with the unhealthy food, this is your answer. Just think that you’re doing this to your future you. The more you stop yourself going on a trap, the more easier it will tomorrow. Then you know that you have done a good thing, and that your future you will thank you. Yesterday I stopped myself by eating a brownie, when my whole family was eating it. This morning I ate fruits to breakfast, and now I’m feeling more stronger. If I’d eat that brownie yesterday, I would eat pizza this day. So every single change you make, can make your whole life different.
Sara E.
Can you do anything about a waffle truck on your business trip hotel? Does it affect the outcome of your goal there? I don't really understand the situation, so I would either check in with someone about it or shrug it off.
Sally J.
Well first I dont think so but ill still come for a bit and I think I did really well as i wont go anywhere compared to something else you can get to go on sunrise each other day. So we can play with the golf mk4 service coming up with his last assignment and ollie away in style like a totally tubular and radical brody chad.
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