What is everyone’s favorite breakfast that is quick?

Enora U.
I love all bran or weetabix with banana honey and a milk alternative most days.
If I'm treating myself, eggs Benedict. With a hangover a cheeky McDonalds or something with bacon 😁

Gabriella X.
Eggs and frozen sausage are easy to have on low in a non-stick pan while finishing getting ready. Enough fat and protein to stick thru the morning. Definitely low starch is best (ie not bread/pastry/etc), cuz starchy things, for me, burn off in 1 hour or less, making me hangry by the time I get to work. If you have eggs regularly, important to use good quality organic, free range ones which tend to lower cholesterol, as opposed to "conventional" cheap eggs, which are notorious for raising it. #WorthIt. If cooking in the morning won't work, then a high fiber food like Flax for Life muffins works well. The amount of flax fiber in these keeps me full for a really long time. They're delicious too. (I'm not a rep, just been eating them for years).

Alzira I.
Nopea lemppari lienee jugurtti, mut itse tykkään puurosta. Siihen voi lisätä mitä hedelmää vaan. Nopein on valmiiksi kaapissa odottava tuorepuuro. Pidän kaurasta, ja siitä olosta minkä puuro antaa.

Diana Y.
My breakfast normally come with boil egg, bread with jam or butter, and a cup of coffee. Sometimes will have oat with milk or porridge.

Medha N.
1) avocado toast – easiest and fastest
2) french toast – just egg on bread – v easy
3) fried/boiled vegetables – broccoli, carrots, etc