Do you have any easy breakfast recipes that can be prepped over the weekend so they can be grabbed on the go during the week?

Tila N.
I like to make breakfast burritos and store them in the freezer (up to a month). The ingredients are:
1lb breakfast sausage/meatless crumbles
2 avocados (diced)
8 eggs (scrambled)
1 16oz beans
Assemble all and ingredients on a burrito-sized tortilla. Wrap tortilla into a burrito.
Wrap burrito with plastic wrap or aluminum foil.
Reheat in microwave for 2-3 minutes. Make sure to flip around 1.5 minutes to make sure everything is heat up nicely.
Capucine Q.
Overnight oats are a great healthy quick breakfast prepared the night before. Have a look online for recipie ingredients.
Milena S.
Yes i cook on sundays a high protein vegetarian that i put in containers n eat tge same thing three times a day for five days
Melinda Y.
Overnight oats are a great breakfast that you can prep ahead of time and grab on the go! Add any fruits or spices you like and try out different flavours.
Hana S.
Try "Overnight Oats" or Chia pudding. These are great for premade breakfast because you make them at least one night before required, they sit in fridge until you are ready, and you can put in what you like, measure portions or macros if you like. Make by layering oats or chia into a jar with fresh or dried chopped fruits, nuts and seeds, can add powders such as protein powder, maca, acai, cacao, etc… and then top off with a nut or soy milk. Pop the lid on and leave it in the fridge at least overnight. The chia or oats will soften in the moisture and when eating is like a delicious but nutritious dessert.
Janet J.
1- Turkey ham sandwich. It tastes great and very nutritious. It wouldn't be ideal to prepare it over the weekend and eat it Thursday or Friday but Monday and Tuesday should be fine.
2- Peanut butter sandwich. Peanuts are one of the best protein source (contains 25 gram protein in 100 gram) and zero mess.
Wera U.
I just make porridge with nuts and raisins, with nut milk, my standard breakfast – cook it the night before 😁
Occasionally granola. Bacon and egg if I'm feeling rough! So not much prep required – keep it simple 😎
Juan C.
Make frittatas using a muffin tins. The shape fits perfectly on an English muffin and since you're making them individually, you can make each one different.
Lucy O.
Making a batch of chia pudding on a Sunday so you can split into smaller containers, then too with fruit, can be a great breakfast! Also, boiling a batch of eggs (I like mine soft boiled), peeling them, and keeping them in a container to grab is also excellent. These are nice with some spinach, a bit of olive oil, and some salt and pepper
Sarah S.
Smoothies are probably your best bet for. They’re quick and easy to make and you can make a big quantity and keep it in a pitcher in the fridge.
Eberhardt R.
I liike making smoothies. Just cut fruits into pieces, add jogurt, use the machine to turn it into a smooth drink. Also easy to take away and drink on the road.
Louella F.
Maybe fritattas, I think that's what they are called. I used to make them in muffin trays. Egg, ham, tomato etc (whatever you would like in an omlete I suppose. I cooked them in the oven popped them out then froze them.
Manja F.
Yes I do actually! I normally do a big batch of over night oats on a Sunday and leave them in the fridge! So I can grab and go! The recipe is online, you can do all sorts to flavour them up!
Bradley P.
Overnight oats: 50g oats, 140g low fat fruit yogurt. Mix together and keep in the fridge overnight. Add berries in the morning.

You can also make an omelette in advance and eat that cold. 3 eggs, 2 smoked turkey rashers and spring onions & tomatoes.

Patrick C.
I usually like preparing breakfast every day. It's a moment of the day that helps me relax with my family, so i dont prepare meals in advance. But if you want to be more efficient in your morning processes, i would recomend egg muffins. There are a lot of easy recipes or you can just add anything you have in your fridge, they are healthy and nutritious, and you can bake more in advance and freeze them for the rest of the week.
Viktoria Y.
I do. Please let me share it. I make a healthy egg bake. It’s 8 eggs blended with half a box of arugula, a handful of tomatoes, half of a sweet onion and a bell pepper. Then I add that mixture into a square baking pan (8×8 I believe). To that I add turkey sausage and cover with a few punches of shredded cheese. I cover and cook at 425F for 40 minutes, then uncover and cook for another 10. The batch makes breakfast for 6 days and it’s DELICIOUS.
Maciel I.
My go to breakfast on week days is overnight oats. Super easy to prepare and you can mix up the flavors. I use old fashioned oats, chia seeds, maple syrup, oat milk, then whatever flavors I’m craving. Berries, peanut/almond butter, apples and cinnamon, coconut and almonds, etc. My friend loves egg muffins. She mixes eggs or egg whites with veggies and sometimes turkey bacon and bakes them in a muffin tin.
C Cero Z.
I always make sure there's eggs and packets of oatmeal so I never miss out on the opportunity to have a healthy breakfast and get the energy I need to start my day.
Victor O.
I like to keep yogurt and frozen fruit around as an easy quick thing to throw together for lunch or breakfast when I get to class. By the time I get there the fruit is thawed and easy to eat
Ryan Z.
I usually do something simple like avocado toast or overnight oats. Both are easy to make and doesn't require a lot of ingredients.