What are some great easy preperations of eggs for a nutritious breakfast?

Natasha G.
Eggs can be boiled, fried and added to eggs and plantain with ground beef( we call it Pastelon) Its the perfect mix between savory and sweet
Deborah N.
Omelette is the best and easiest way to eat eggs for breakfast. You can put whatever you want, tomatoes and spinach is my favorite.
Althea Z.
If you are preparing for one you can bake eggs with a cast-iron skillet or even a mw safe ceramic bowl. Set oven to 350 and 15 or 20 mins later you have soft cooked to hard cooked eggs.
Rubim O.
My favourite is scrambled eggs. Very easy to make and goes variety of ways: on toast, with beans, or luxury eggs and smoke salmon, topped with hollandaise sauce of course
Winona P.
Scramble eggs in a bowl. Heat and oil pan. Pour in eggs. When the eggs start to set, add low-fat cream cheese and mix in until melted. Delicious!
April Z.
I like to boil eggs ahead of time to keep about six always ready to eat. Mini quiches, no crust, and sous vides egg bites can be made ahead of time as well.
Herman F.
I typically use my Tupperware Breakfast Maker on most mornings. That way I can have them poached, in an omelet or as french toast in mere minutes. The convenience makes it far more likely I will take time to eat.
Emma S.
Scrambled eggs with baked beans or French toast are fab, eggs are so versatile, an omelette in the morning is very filling too, or fried eggs on toast
Jakob P.
I like to make fried eggs, sometimes with spring onion, or pepper, along with a couple slices of toasted bread, and occasionally baked beans, with a dip to go with it all.
I either have that, or a large bowl of porridge with flaxseed
Bertram Y.
Scrambled eggs are the easiest breakfast to make! I put some canned tuna into the pan too with the eggs when I want to make them extra protein packed or I just mix in some diced tomato/onions and it gives the eggs great flavor. When I'm in a rush, I just add ketchup to my eggs.

And if you're really open minded, try putting a single raw egg into a banana milk shake, it will make your shake fluffy and you'll get the protein from the egg. The egg is undetectable to your taste palate, but your body gets the benefit.

Samantha Y.
a great and easy way to prepare eggs for a nutritious breakfast would be to devil them, meaning boil for 10 minutes ,peel , cut in half , yolk mixed with mayo and s&p back into the center … boiled with mayo and salt , scrambled , sunny side up , vegan eggs , poached eggs , french toast , quiche , Omelette …
Clara Y.
i like boiling them with a medium runny yolk and then eat it with a bit of sriracha on it. really gives some taste. otherwise something that isn’t too bad that i like is just frying it but with very little ghee and putting on a small piece of toast with w little mayo on it. and then there’s always the scrambled egg.
Sally W.
I heat up a non-stick skillet on medium-low heat with some kerrygold, or another type of real, butter. While this happens I heat up an everything bagel. I crack 2 eggs and heat them up in the skillet, adding a bit of garlic powder and either a bit of hot sauce or pepper. I use a rubber spatula to try to keep the edges to form one bigger oval(about the size of the bagel open face. Then I flip the eggs and kill the heat and let it set for a couple minutes while I spread some avacado on my bagel, mix some beet powder into my orange juice and get a small bowl of blueberries, strawberries, and grapes. Then I fold the egg in half and complete my egg, avacado, bagel. A few times a week I eat a plain yogurt with my berries.
Jan R.
Avocado on toast with a poached egg on top and sprinkled sesame seeds. Egg omelette with spinach and cheese. Hard boiled eggs. Soft boiled eggs 🙂 . Or you could mix one egg with some flour and a tiny splash of milk and make some crepes , enjoy!
Erika G.
Eggs are essential, so I try to keep it interesting for my daughter. Besides the basic preperation such as scrambled, over easy, over medium, and over well, my daughters favorite is the salsa scrambled just a little shredded cheese and salsa and you have a brand new breakfast. As well as this is avocado scrambled, and egg toast where we cut out the center of the bread put it in the pan, and then add the egg. A family favorite!