What do you do to vary your breakfast options?

Abigail E.
i always make sure to have something green on my plate for every meal, either that or fruit. but some stones it’s okay to treat yourself to something a bit more unhealthy
Diego Q.
Right now I'm thinking about what proteins I like and working around that. High protein yogurt with some fruits and nuts is tasty and quick. I love peanut butter so a crepe or toast with that and some jam (does that count? I hope?!). Eggs take a long time but Fabulous recommends them so im looking at casseroles and repeatable breakfast tacos as some ways to prep them in advance 🙂
Hannah T.
I write a list of all of the things I like to have for breakfast and then each day I try to choose a different one from the day before!
Enora S.
I try to understand what my body needs and wants. I do not want to restrict, so I choose healthy, but also tasty meals that I like.
Loli N.
I buy a different assortment of things every week so I’m not eating the same things. I also alternate between sweet and savory I’ll do chia pudding or eggs on toast oats or rice pudding and then fried rice or a quesadilla.
Kalyssa Z.
I usually have two pieces of toast with avocado and eggs or peanut butter and banana which ever one I have or am in the mood for . Or sometimes I have waffles with eggs and bacon it really depends on with I am in the mood for also usually have a protein bar with my breakfast even though I try not to
Asta C.
I buy different fruits and proteins because I know I want my foods to be varied from the start. Because I have more options I choose different foods.
Ava V.
I try to search up healthy and tasty breakfast options time to time to keep the excitement of creating my own breakfast up.
Susie C.
I have a smoothie and toast every other day. I vary the type of smoothies I have. My favorites are peach cobbler and blueberry pie.
The other days I have omelettes or protein pancakes.
Also Pinterest is great for ideas.