Do you still have snacks during the day?

Maria E.
Yes, but maybe once or twice a day. And my snacks are usually nuts, maybe bread or rice cakes and occasionally a fruit. I do eat chocolate or chips during the day sometimes too, but that's mostly when my roommate leaves them lying around. I also didn't eat that unhealthily to begin with and am not that far into fabulous, so I'm not in the same position as someone who struggles with eating or is very far along fabulous

Katie A.
Unfortunately, yes. Sort of. I don't usually eat breakfast but then I graze from lunch until it's time to start fasting again. I do intermittent fasting. But thank you for the gentle reminder not to snack today!

Daniel W.
Sure. But I try to keep them healthy. I usually eat a few nuts or drink a protein shake. Sometimes (one time a week) I have a little cheat snack which usually is a cookie – you know, the delicious ones you can also get at Subway.

Judy Z.
Yes, possibly a combination of boredom and not eating breakfast or a proper lunch. It is always unhealthy snacks because the healthy ones often go out of date.

Lizzie U.
It totally depends on the day. What I'm doing. How I feel as this has a guide for me. But if I'm hungry then yes. But I take a mouthful of water to see first

Erin F.
Sure. Otherwise I find I tend to over eat on my normal meals. I have two snacks per day of measured out fruit, such as a grape fruit or a cup of grapes. It's Lent right now so in my religion I'm technically not supposed to be having snacks, but I figure as I'm trying to lose weight I need to take care of my body, so I leave it at those two snacks and no more. On a non Lent day I might have a small tea biscuit with a cup of tea in the afternoon, or some jello after dinner as a dessert. Just make sure that your potions are correct and keep the sugar as low as possible and you should be fine ☺️

Elizabeth U.
Generally I eat fruit if I feel hungry between meals, which at least doesn't make me feel bad for snacking because they are still healthy.

Allan S.
Yes there is nothing wrong with snacks as long as your not only sugaring up all your snack throughout the day try and switch it up with some fruit or vegetables and mix that with something sweet like peanut butter

Maddison X.
Yes! I usually eat fruit that I love, like grapes or orange and sometimes a bit of bread and vegan cheese. Usually I drink coffee or a cappuccino. When I'm at work I tend to eat more sugar and fast food but I'm trying to avoid it at any cost.

Ad Le Q.
It depends- sometimes I have a big breakfast and then fruit & cheese for a snack lunch. I'm not really a snacker though.

Evandra O.
Yes – snacks are my kryptonite. Afternoon munches on snacks in the office, or my absolute nemesis, evening/bedtime snacks. Especially sweets.

Na U.
Thrilled to say that I don't anymore! Surely occasionally I feel lethargic and find it hard to concentrate. At times like that, I snack on fruits, berries and nuts, some much healthier choices than sugar-loaded biscuits or milk chocolate. Also, I haven't been drinking instant mix coffee for over a month after eating great breakfasts as suggested by Fabulous. Despite so, my energy level has never plummeted so much as to induce sleepiness. Thank you, Fabulous!

Sarah A.
Yes I need to eat something when I'm hungry! I'm not giving up snacking just trying to choose healthy snacks and allowing occasional treat, since I'm not overweight or unhealthy.

Noah F.
No I try not to, I only drink my Ensure Plus and that usually curbs my boredom hunger. Also there are no snacks in the house, none of the unhealthy ones anyway so I can't even be tempted to eat them.

Everett T.
Yes, but try to prep healthier snacks. Like celery with peanut butter, carrots and hummus, a little bowl of mixed nuts with dried cranberries.

Dyana W.
Working out is good for the heart and your overall well-being. Experts I’ve read say 30 minutes is best, and eating more whole foods really does help, I know that from experience. Just remember results don’t happen overnight, be patient. You can do this! 🤛🏻

Cl Mentine T.
Sometimes I do. I often forget to eat snacks. Sometimes I'll have a yogurt or fruit. Sometimes I opt for something sweet, I'm working towards not having those sweets.

L O O.
Yes. I love popcorn and keep a bag of skinny pop going at all times. It’s relatively low cal, and I love the taste and it’s filling.

Matt U.
Absolutely! Eating, small, healthy snacks helps keep me fueled throughout the day and helps me to make better food choices when eating larger meals such as dinner.

Erin T.
Absolutely! I find having lots of healthy snacks on hand gives me the energy I need to tackle the day – especially when it comes to running after my 13 month old!

Storm Z.
Most of the time. I need to eat something between lunch and my exercise routine. I do try to eat healthy and am mindful of the quantity.

Lonnie S.
If I go into a shop to buy a drink, I'll often buy a drink and an ice-cream.

Sometimes more than once a day…

I don't snack much at home (where I am most of the time), and if I do, it is almost always fruit

But, in the spirit of the exercise: Since I don't buy snacks for home, when I smoke a bit of weed (every few weeks), the munchies can resort to cheddar sticks dipped in mustard, if that's what's left. Or oats, etc.

But there's no way I'm going to stop the MJ; the cognitive, creative, concepts, explorations, and insights, are truly one of the best parts of my existence.

But it'd be nice to reduce the binge snacking that frequently comes with it.

Lisa G.
Yes, I allow myself to have snacks between meals if I am hungry because I have learnt that ignoring my body (hunger signals) leads to issues later on in the day (e.g. eating more/too quickly due hunger or bingeing).

Although my aim is to only snack if I am hungry, this doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I still end up snacking out of habit or not being able to tell for sure if I am actually hungry or if the feeling is just a craving (related to things other than hunger).

Naela U.
I used to. But now it's kinds different. I eat three times a day. I don't actually maintain that level of strict diet. But I try my best. And there's always a cheat day. Like once in a week or twice in a month, whatever suits you. Sometimes, your peers will encourage you to eat outside or invite you to certain gatherings. You can say yes to that and go enjoy your time with them too. But, it depends on you.

Am Lie O.
Of course, the only difference they're now calculated. Instead of a whole bag if chips, I eat 10 peanuts. But if I had already eaten a lot of fat (from other foods like avocado, cashew… etc) then I switch it for something like tiny tuna cucumber sandwiches.

Lara S.
Sometimes I really feel like i need to eat cookies or something so I just let myself eat one so I don’t keep fighting the urges and eat a lot. It takes a little self control but I feel better this way. I don’t forbid myself to eat any food and that way I can control myself better.

Shaye Y.
I think I snack a lot less than I used to. In the past I had an addiction to snacking. I found that if I didn't eat some chips, I would be craving them and thinking about them constantly. That made me think I had an unhealthy relationship with junk food. I made the decision to cut junk food entirely for the month of October, which was difficult at first, but then I lost the cravings.

Now if I ever feel like snacking between meals, it's on something like sunflower seeds or chopped beets with cilantro, and other energizing things that are satisfying, but I don't have that addictive response to. Also, I only do this a few times a week! It's not that I restrict myself, I just get the urge to snack less. That's what I would have to share if you are starting to think about your snacking habits!

Malou P.
Yes, definitely. I snack a lot, I snack when I'm bored, and also when I'm the slightest bit hungry, instead of using the energy to make a meal

Palma E.
No, I don't. I follow a ketogenic diet, which has stabilized my blood sugar levels. I am no longer am hungry in between meals, and I am working on finding ways other than snacking to deal with feelings, boredom or celebration.

Mariechen F.
Yes. I personally need snacks to re-energize me throughout the day, and i think having a snack is actually very important for your health! Of course, i dont mean a snack as in a bag of potato chips, or a snickers bar etc. For it to count as a good, healthy snack, it needs to contain something to give you energy to complete the day. Foods like nuts, fruits, a handful of cherry tomatoes, celery sticks, kale chips, even dark chocolate! All of those contribute greatly to your healthy body and mind and make it easier for you to get beack into focus for the tasks ahead.
Happy Snacking~

Lauren O.
It’s gotta be a little of both, right? Like living long and being healthy are awesome but they’re words that are so untethered to my actual life. The moments I enjoy fitness the most are when I can carry lots of groceries with no problem, or when I catch myself naked in the mirror and like what I see. The long term benefits are awesome but it’s the little things that keep me motivated.

Ton I N.
The intermittent fasting helped me to control overeating and snacking. I'm circulating eating windows (16:8,20:4,14:10…). When in eating window, I allow me some snack but with a meal. And try to make it as healthy as possible: handfull of nuts with 99% dark chocolate, or apple, or some other fruit.
Or even half of cake when I feel I need it.
But I don't eat between the meals

Genesis U.
Set your timer for 20-30 minutes and focus completely. Finish one portion of the task. Do this each day til you are done.

M Nica F.
Yes. I like fresh fruit. Specially bananas. When I need more energy or I am hungry I like to add peanut or sunflower seed butter.

Cec Lio F.
Yes, once to thrice in a day, I eat snacks in morning, afternoon, sometimes I eat snacks for lunch. I barely eat a whole meal for lunch. As for the type of snacks, mostky are junk foods, but sometimes I eat breads or chocolate porridge which both contains carbohydrates

Jen E.
Yes, I do have snacks. I try and set myself up for success by pre-positioning healthy snacks at work and at home, like fruit and nuts, so that in have something easy to reach for rather than crisps and sweets.

Logan Y.
Yep, I eat crackers and dip and they are a double hit combo! There are sometimes I eat a granola bar and have crackers with lunch meat. And I also like to eat cookies or a donut 🍩 with my coffee.

Frida Y.
Yes. I try to follow the 60/40 rule. Eat 60% healthy and 40% non. So it may chips here or craisins and almonds there. Some trail mix. etc. Hope this helps! Good luck. 😺🤙🏾

Grace U.
Yes, of course! If you are hungry, don’t force yourself to wait until mealtime! If the snack is healthy, that’s a plus, as well.

Laura W.
Actually if I think about it not really. Having this app and having a friend to do this with helps. No snacking for me anymore!