How do you get motivated to eat a great breakfast when you are feeling too tired?

Felix G.
I get up at 4 most mornings so I can exercise before my young kids are awake and have time to focus on myself and my health. I know getting up so early and excercising before eating doesn't sound like a solutiin to this question, but excercise works better than coffee for energizing your day, and then I'm more likely to take time to make a healthy breakfast that will work with the workout I just did rather than work against it. If you're so tired you can't imagine waking up early enough to excercise before breakfast, there are healthy preworkout options, including ones without caffeine for those with health issues that can't use stimulants.
Gordon F.
Make some breakfast then go on a walk eat ur breakfasts on a walk not only does this make you want to eat walking and fresh air is so good for your mental health and motivation
L Rke Y.
I go for microwave sachet porridge. It’s fast, and I don’t get distracted while making it.
While it’s heating in the microwave I drink green tea and think about my day ahead.
Clean up is easy as it’s only one bowl, as opposed to cooking which usually takes me ages as I get carried away and use an excessive number of utensils and dishes.
Alternatively left over steamed veges with dip or relish! Breakfast doesn’t have to be conventional. As long as it’s healthy and you enjoy it, it’s all good!
Aleu E.
Well my mom every morning boils me an egg and right after I finish online school (around 10-11 am) and I just take a plate and put some olives, cheese and olive oil, 2 small pieces of bread and that’s it… it doesn’t take too much time to get prepared that’s why I stay motivated… after that I just eat it and it will be finished in 10-20 min 🙂
Nanna W.
Eat a piece of fruit, do some squads (or whatever excersize) to wake up. Stretch a bit or just chill untill you feel ready to eat a proper breakfast.
Pamela F.
I get motivated to eat breakfast when I'm feeling tired by telling myself that eating a breakfast will make me not hungry so I won't have to eat snacks all day because I'm hungry