Do fruit juices have too much sugar?

Terry I.
Fruit juices have natural sweetness. When they go through the factory process, other ingredients are added which means sugar will need to be added. I like natural fruit juice.
Camila N.
Depends on the fruit but generally no. They do have sugar but there are things that have much more sugar and that do not have as much vitamins as a fruit has.
Leu V.
Fruit juices have more sugar than fruit smoothies. By squeezing the fruit, we eliminate the healthiest part of the fruit: the pulp. We are thus left with the juice full of sugar that the fruit usually contains. By making a fruit smoothie you have sugar in equal measure with the vitamins and minerals of the fruit, so you're basically drinking a liquid fruit.
Greg U.
Some of them do but if it’s juice that’s 100% out of fruit and doesn’t have additional sugar it’s actually pretty healthy and just because the fruits contain sugar doesn’t mean it’s unhealthy.
Sander U.
I don't think juices have to much sugar because I really like juices but ones without preservatives. If it have preservative then it will be harmful for your health
Angel Z.
Fruit juices have natural sugars which are better for your body than processed sugars. However, fruit juices contain a lot more sugars and a lot less fibers than just eating a piece of fruit, and so its usually best to opt for a fresh piece of fruit rather than a glass of fruit juice.
Dwight P.
Depends. If it contains added sugar, I personally wouldn't recommend it (or consuming much of it), but I believe that a 100% orange juice wouldn't cause any damage.
I think it's also worth considering how much sugar your meal itself contains, and deciding to drink it or not based on that.