What do you like to eat for breakfast to feel energized and able to concentrate?

Nicolle E.
When I prepared my breakfast, I fell that I'm more focused in myself. Although it takes more time, I realize that I start my day doing something to me.
Teena U.
Eggs! They're quick to make, they help you feel fuller, longer, and they're packed with protein. I've made it a habit to keep chopped onions, peppers, etc handy to throw in a microwavable egg cooker with a couple scrambled eggs and some cheese. Super quick & too easy!
V H N.
Well I personally suggest I eat a healthy breakfast. For example oats with a banana on the side and a glass of orange juice. Anything healthy and something that gets you going. Everyone is different some may say fast good gets them going, but nothing can top a healthy breakfast.
Irmtraut S.
For breakfast, I usually enjoy some coffee, or fruit juice, vegan biscuits, bread and jam, Maine a vegan banana bread, or pure seasonal fruit. Things like that.
Daniel A.
I start my day with a glass of warm water, sometimes I just squeeze a lemon into it. Then I have a cup of green tea/ coffee to feel energised.
Then I eat some cheakpea, some nut and almonds soaked for a whole night. And a raw turmeric because I have some Allergy problems.
That's it 🙂
Peter W.
I started with bananas and a couple of hard boiled eggs today and it feels great.

As an African, especially a cameroonian, I like to have real food. With my new found habits I want to integrate vegitables and tubers and roots to my breakfast

Tanushree X.
I make a quick breakfast from the groceries available at home at the moment. I don't have many opinion due to the lockdown. But try to make the best out of the available.
Maliha U.
I have two best options for a healthy breakfast ; (i) a glass of milk with an apple plus one anothe fruit (ii) one fried egg with two slices of bran bread and a cup of tea.
Noah P.
I have a quote on my phone that says “be addicted to your passion instead of your distractions” I also focus on micro goals like getting out of bed, changing, brushing my teeth, weighing myself, and checking the weather. Once I have completed all the micro goals, it appears easier to just complete the exercise as opposed to getting back into bed.

Having proper gear for all weather has also helped me be successful when I need to exercise in poor conditions.

Matthew C.
I like to eat fruits or some nuts. I like easy breakfast. With milk or jogurt. I eat my brekfast before go to school so i am feel energized and prepear for classes
Alexis E.
An ideal breakfast for me would be a bowl of porridge with a banana or even a fruit salad. I’d then have that with a bottle of water and maybe a cup of honey and lemon.
Kordula F.
my favorite light breakfast is oatmeal with almonds and cinnamon and a hard-boiled egg, easy-to-make not a lot of mess Down the Hatch
Leo Q.
Masser af frugt. Har fundet ud af at peanutbutter smager rigtig godt sammen med, og så føler jeg ikke så stort behov for sirup. Pandekager (lavet af bananer, hørfrø, havregryn, blåbær). Havregryn og plantemælk. Måske ville det være lækkert med en smoothie, men det har jeg ikke prøvet endnu. Men så ville det være nemmere at spise grøntsager, fordi man bare kan blende det i. Tænker også at jeg vil prøve at lave nogle pandekager med grønkål i og måske spinat.
Lena I.
– Omelet with mushrooms & spinach
– Oatmeal with coconut milk and banana, cinnamon & shredded coconut
– Crackers with cream cheese, tomato and cucumber and a hint of pepper and salt
– Freshly baked raisin and walnut sour dough bread with butter
Bru N.
I like having coffee. Always. Unless I want to feel some comfort then hot chocolate it is. I like to have avocado in the mornings, sometimes on toast with egg or I make a sandwich which has the avocado and some other veggies which change regularly.
Oscar G.
I love to eat a piece of keto toast with one fried egg, half an avocado, and one slice of tomato with a pinch of salt on top. It’s a perfect fat-protein breakfast that will fuel your body for a great, and healthy start to any morning.
Policarpo A.
Living in a nordic country, my favourite breakfast is full-rye bread with ham, cheese and egg on top. Lots of fiber from rye bread to keep hunger away, egg giving protein for same reason. Low-fat ham (or turkey) slice and cheese are for taste. Then oatmeal with lots of blueberries to remind sunny days picking the berries in the forest with family. And coffee of course!
Bria P.
For breakfast I alternate between complex carbs with protein and fats with protein. I never mix carbs with fats for the first meal of the day to avoid a blood sugar spike followed by a hard crash in mid morning or early afternoon. An example for fats with protein are two eggs fried or scrambled with a tablespoon of olive oil with two or three slices of turkey bacon with a side of green leafy vegetable, usually spinach. An option for carbs with protein can be fruit such as bananas and an apple. Sometimes I'll even have beans such as pinto or black eyed peas for breakfast if I need an extra serving of carbs after a morning workout. These are usually the foods that work for me in order to stay energized until lunch time.
Nicholas T.
I make myself some overnight oats the night before. You can add any fruit and nut that you like, and there's plenty of recipes out there to get you started
Fimma N.
I eat oatmeal with hazelnutmilk, banana slices, blueberries and a handful of roaster nuts almost everyday for breakfast. It gives me certainty that I ate well and healthy and have a good start of the day.
Andrea A.
I like cereal or toast, I’m not fond of big breakfasts and yk that. I don’t eat at school tho so I should try and eat more breakfast to get me through the annoying day
Taher T.
High energy (eggs) or high fiber foods (oats, fruits) and hydration (natural fruit juice, and lots of water), and dairy products
L Onie A.
I like to eat a coffee. Not because of the caffeine, but because it makes me happy and I love the taste of it. I also eat a fruitbowl or maybe some oatmeal, which makes me feel proud of myself, because it is healthy.
Ruth Z.
I often switch between oatmeal, smoothie bowl and bread & eggs

Oats: I top it with nut butter, coconut shavings/flakes, dark chocolate bits/cacao nibs , chia seeds and blueberries sometimes banana slices

Smoothie bowl: I vary my smoothies (with half a tsp of macha powder) and use plant based milk: fav is almond milk. I top it with the same toppings as my oatmeal

Bread and eggs with spinach

Bobbie O.
I make porridge with water and PhD salted caramel protein powder 😋 I mix in a banana, some sultanas and some dried cherries. Then on top I sprinkle linseed. Add a dash of 🍁 syrup and a dollop of Almond butter. Et voilà!
Erin X.
I often eat oatmeal with some fruit and sometimes I also add some nuts. It gives me a lot of energy that lasts long so I won't feel hungry before lunch. You can also add other things to it if you want
Jess I.
I've been doing protein shakes in the morning after my workout! They're quick and easy to make, and they keep me feeling full. Plus, there's the bonus that they help me keep the gains from my workout.
Bernard W.
Well now that I'm getting in the habit of have something healthy with protein I have that but usually with it to help feel more energized I throw in a little clementine orange. Or what I call, a baby orange! 🍊 😋
Bridget J.
I like to eat a light but nutritious breakfast and try to incorporate protein, carbs and fresh fruit. Lately I have been having rice cakes with protein yogurt and fruit on top, with a little bit of sugar free maple syrup and chia seeds. I have a coffee too, and then will have morning tea a few hours later. I feel much better eating fresh food in the morning rather than greasy foods with lots of simple carbs. 🙂
Marijke T.
For breakfast I usualy have some Greek Yoghurt mixed with frozen fruits (mango, berry's, banana,…). Sometimes I eat bacon and eggs or a slice of bread with som cheese. I drink a cup of coffee with my breakfast.
Eric U.
I usually eat one egg on toast, with Japanese rice seasoning. The egg is always easy-medium. With this I have a cup of coffee.