What are some of the benefits you find from eating a great breakfast?

Zehra S.
It helps to set my mind set for the day. I’ve set off on the right foot. If I don’t have a good breakfast, mentally, I can talk myself out of eating well and making good choices for the rest of the day!!!
Alice T.
I feel accomplished in that I have devoted energy to maintaining my physical and mental health. I find I am more productive at work and generally happier that day.
Johnni U.
I can’t function without breakfast. Even in college is at least grab a yogurt. Just the way I grew up. No one left my house without breakfast and no one does now, either.
Vida L S.
Eating breakfast in the morning helps me from being starved at the end of the day and eating twice or 3 times the amount that I normally would. Also eating breakfast keeps my energy up during the day. Eating breakfast in the morning prevents me from getting hunger headaches.
R Pio Z.
I felt more enegetic in the morning. I feel that i am successful since ive done something good for my body. I can eat earlier since i already know what am i going to eat for breakfast.
Julian P.
I get eating out of the way and can do other stuff for a few hours. It helps me wake up and it helps me be braver.
Dawn I.
The differences are subtle but definitely noticeable when a reflection on own self is taken.

The most significant difference is the amount of food munched in between meals. Lesser pantry trip or the convenience store for that Sneakers Bar.

Then the energy became consistent throughout most part of the day, feels lighter and is more willing to get moving or be a little more active.

Also, as awkward as it is but bowel discharge is definitely less of a problem too.

Finally, since I enjoyed cooking, the excitement of getting up to whip up that self-crafted power breakfast is really the best morning call to wake up to!

Nikolaj F.
I feel good about myself for having achieved this goal. My body feels a sense of satisfaction and gratefulness. I don't feel hungry for a long time. I usually feel nausea in the mornings but eating breakfast seems to help that.
Ren A.
Starting the day with a healthy breakfast after doing exercise makes me feel like I have started the day well and that I have the energy to do anything. I've taken care of my health and now I should be in the best condition to do anything in the day. A great breakfast for me has all the right ingredients to be healthy, tasty and that will allow release energy to sustain me until lunchtime.
Emily F.
So far, not much, but the ability to pick up a new adult habit is kinda surprising and nice. Also, I think I'm less prone to sudden involuntarily naps
Sara W.
Changes from eating a good breakfast is mostly energy focused for me. When I eat sugary items for breakfast like pancakes or a donut/muffin, I crash and burn midmorning. My energy levels plummet and I mess up my flow. When I have some form of protein and vegetables, with some fruit in the morning, my energy seems boundless. Couple that with water first thing in the morning and you can tackle your day steadily.
Ronnie T.
Breakfast time is a ritual for me. It’s a moment of the day where I can sit alone, take time to wake up, and enjoy the view of nature outside my window before all the business begins.
Roderich T.
I’m not hungry until lunch and I find I have more energy in the morning if I do eat breakfast.
Storm W.
I don't get so hungry midday. I think if I keep my breakfast light it's better. If I eat heavy meals it actually inhibits my productivity.
Sander P.
One of the benefits that I most appreciate from a GREAT breakfast is not being "hangry" even when I do get hungry later in the day, because come on, nobody needs to suffer from "hangry" me!
Janis G.
More energy throughout my morning. I used to only be really productive in the afternoon. Now it's extended into the morning as well
Victor X.
I have more energy throughout the day if I eat a good breakfast. I am also able to focus more in the morning and accomplish more tasks.
S Vio N.
My breakfast has no sugar at all nor carbs maybe 20g to 25 grams carb. Mainly will contain high protein high fat since am doing keto.

What I noticed that I can fast long periods 10 to 18 hours easily with enough energy.

I eat breakfast everyday because it makes me feel so good.

Ven Q.
I feel full longer, and so I don't snack all morning. If I make healthy choices I feel really good about that, too.
Alexis S.
A great breakfast keeps me more energetic and full.I don't feel hungry and tired during my work.
Alicia O.
I have a lot more energy! I feel like I can make it through the morning feeling good, as well as not being hungry! I eat overnight oats, as this is not a sugary breakfast and it won’t make me crash. It is also very filling.
Ion T.
I usually get energized after having something to eat and drink in the mornings.

Most importantly, I am not hungry. There's nothing worse than starting my day on an empty stomach.

Sina S.
I feel better about myself with less guilt. I feel fulfilled in doing something good for myself. It doesn’t weigh me down and it’s an easy habit to follow.
Gabriel E.
When I eat a great breakfast I don't over eat at lunch. I also don't crave snacks ad often. I have more energy and I feel calmer.
Sofia S.
I feel better, when I have my breakfast I enjoy taking the time to have a warm tea and food so I can start my day.
Erdal T.
-better mood
-better metabolism
-better choices the rest of the day
-no mid morning crash
Noah E.
I look forward to breakfast because it fills me up and gives me the energy I need to get things done. I feel happier after I've eaten because I know I've eaten the right foods, ones that are tasty and healthy.