Do you have some vegan ideas for a great breakfast?

Mattia N.
You could make some oatmeal pudding. You put oatmeal soaking in water overnight. In the morning you put them in a pan with coconut milk and let it cook until it reaches a sticky-like consistency. Then you put it in a dish adding agave syrup and raisins.
You could also get some chia seeds, soak them in coconut milk with some agave syrup and vanilla, leave it in the fridge for a few hours and then add some mango or banana cut into pieces.
I hope these are a couple of good ideas for a great vegan breakfast.
Aisha N.
Fava beans and Taameya (aka green burgers) are one of Egypt’s most popular AND vegan breakfasts. We use all kinds of spices to make them extra delicious and they’re very fulfilling as they’re full of proteins!

Bonus point : they’re really not that expensive to purchase/make.

Bri Z.
At your local grocery store there are vegan waffles that I think are delicious! There tasty simple and affordable.Smothies are also really great and filling. I don't have a specific recipe but experimenting can be fun to.
Ortwin S.
Try this ideas!
Fiorella V.
Nuts, almonds and fruits are always a great option. Also wholemeal bread and jam, tea, coffee, cereals. I think the options are limitless. Just try and see what works Best for You.